Without a Heartbeat

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  1. It has been two weeks since school has started at Faith City Private High School. Junior Zack Rogers a transfer student from out of state tries to keep to himself like he did previously. The atmosphere here to him is unsettling the people are strange, the weather always seems to happen at night. He feels watched by his peeps. Then he over hears a story being told in class. A story about the previous school building having a hellgate for the land of the dead. Talk of ghosts and demons haunting the school murdering anyone who is foolish enough to enter. Zack dismisses the local superstition but the building itself sparks his interest the next day he finds himself standing in front of it. The location well off the beaten path and very secluded.

    The school was dark, unnaturally voided of light. But this was an old building the windows were had long been caked with dirt and grime. Zack would have to come back with a flashlight to go deeper Perhaps it was pointless to come here, after all it was only just a rumor. But this massive unused building deserved to be explored maybe there was something of value. This place obviously had history but without looking you wouldn't learn it. The halls were trashed either everyone left in a hurry like the story was told or countless people had ravaged the place after it was closed down.

    The danger seemed more of a fear of being caught here than what supposed to have made this place unsafe. Still he had stepped through the front doors. Time didn't seem to have weakened the structure any and there seemed to be a faint smell but it wasn't a cause for alarm. He had previously snuck into his other high school before he moved. Raided the girl's locker room because of his fascination with their clothes.

    He could have easily been called a pervert or freak. He had been called a freak before but it was because he simply didn't fit in. Here it seemed to be worse. He felt almost threatened by his peers not just isolated. He wouldn't be raiding any dressing rooms or lockers of girls he liked here. This was a ruin basicly, he could do that at the school he was going to now. The one that used to be here.

    He didn't understand why he was like this he liked girls alot. The clothes they wore hugging their hips, their waists, it was just as attractive at their eyes and lips. Surely he wasn't the only one who thought this.

    This bugged him as he looked through the room. He then spotted the chalkboard chills ran down his spine he wasn't scared but he saw dozens of claw marks from someone who has repeatedly racked their nails on it. There were so many that the chalkboard was practicly useless now. The thought of nails on a chalkboard always made him get chills.
  2. Amy walks through the halls. She's the one they talked about, the one who died. A new boy came into the school. Zach. He was strange, but something caught her eye about him. She followed him, watched, waited. "I hope he likes the gift I made him!" she says, referring to how she carved his name into a chalkboard. " He can't wait any longer..."
  3. Zack turned his head to leave out but something else about the board caught his eye. He stepped closer and followed a series of scratches that appeared to spell something. He slowly stepped back away from it his eyes wide. What my name?.. he shook his head. This place was old it couldn't. He just moved here a month ago. It had to be someone else a different Zack, not him. He smiled in relief and turned to walk out of the classroom.
  4. "Come back, Zack! Can you hear me?" She says, smashing a vase to the ground. "You... smell sweet. I hope you will be as pretty bleeding from your mouth!"
  5. Zack jumps and looks around for the sound of shattered pottery. He then look around having swore he heard someone's voice. Looking out the doorway Zack checked both ways. He saw no one, he was already nervous maybe he just imagined it. Zack then headed back into the classroom in search for whatever it was that fell.
  6. Amy hides in the janitor's closet. " I need... a weapon. I won't give up. He won't see me? Pfft. He's ignoring me. He needs to focus on me, he can't feel another!" she says, pulling out something sharp.
  7. Zack found the vase easily and for a minute studying it and where it had fallen from. It had to have been a rat there wasn't anything else here. After coming to that conclusion he stepped out into the hallway looking deeper into the building. It seemed creepy but he wanted to see where it went. So hugging the wall Zack began to follow the it into the darkness.
  8. Amy mumbled to herself, "I finally have a way to make him notice me!" She juts the sharp object out at poor Zack. "You haven't been noticing me!" she yells. "All I want is you!" the demon girl stabs him again with the glass.
  9. Zack feels a sharp pain in his side then another. The second one hurt more, this time he could clearly hear someone's voice over his own screams of pain. Zack slumped to the floor.
  10. "you're mine now... I am dearly sorry I had to resort to such unlady-like manners, but you would not notice me!" Amy said when the screaming died down. "Take this and blot up the blood. It's clean glass, yous hould be fine."
  11. Zack tried to shove whoever it was away. "Get the fuck away from me!" He yelled. Zack tried to stand up as the sound of doors opening echoed through the hallway. "Help! I'm being attacked!" Zack screamed. Several footsteps were running down the hall.
  12. "It wasn't my intent to hurt you. I just wanted you to know I'm here. I'm the girl who was killed. I'm Amy. Are you okay?"
  13. Zack looked up at his attacker. He couldn't see her face it was concealed in the dark but her eyes were glowing. The foot falls were growing louder. Zack didn't understand. She had attacked him but now she was trying to aplogize? "We have a live one in the building she has attacked him." Zack eyes slid shut as he passed out from loosing blood. The men who were dressed in black quickly grabbed him carrying him out of the building.
  14. Amy rushes over to the stretcher where Zach lays. "Zach? If you can hear me... I love you."