Within the whispering walls

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  1. Basic idea:

    You are a typical High schooler in a normal high school, however it has one rule that is weirder then the rest...it clearly states that there is a certain hallway no one should go in, if possible avoid it. There are a lot of strange things going on in that specific area... mainly voices and people disappearing, the latest case was of a new janitor who's first day on the job took a terrible turn, something unexplainable happened and he disappeared, never to be seen again... What exactly happened there? was it just some stupid prank?
    Or is there more to it then that?
  2. Sally pulled up her sleeves, the left one kept falling on her fragile body. She was like a doll, if you used all your efforts to break her, you would most likely succeed. Her mother mostly cared for her, because the girl herself was too weak to tend for herself.

    Today was another day for the young high schooler, and her strange physical condition. Most times, she entered the room before everyone else, because she lived in anxiety that she might teased for being weak.

    "Good morning," she muttered to herself, as she walked down the hallway towards her 10th grade class.
  3. A young high schooler with the name of Kyrin walks into the 10th grade class. He had a weird feeling that has been stirring inside of him like nothing he felt before. He was the new student he knew nothing but the rules of the school, nothing more. He had no friends whatsoever, he felt lonely in the huge school of this.

    He was greeted by the teacher and introduced himself. "I'm Kyrin and you must be Mrs. Chatterson, nice to meet you... mind if I call you Mrs. C?" the high schooler said with a smile and the teacher sighed. "of course, if it's any easier for you, I understand it's your first day, today will go faster then you think" she said and Kyrin walked to his desk.
  4. Sally always put her head on her desk, as she waited for her classmates to settle in and the teacher to begin class. Closing her eyes, she thought of what she would do, if she weren't as weak as she was right now.
    'I would have a girl friend, and we would watch horrible movies! Then we would talk about everything, and fall asleep while talking!'
    Her dreams couldn't become reality, because there was a barrier between her and the girls in her class. Plus, she had seen some of the things those girls had done; pushed someone into the swimming pool, steal one's lunch money.
    'Ah,' she thought. 'It's scary!'
    As she was thinking, she heard a male voice talk about being a transfer student.
    Sally shifted her head position, and looked up at the boy.
  5. Cory ran into the room of Mrs Chatterson just before the bell rang, as always. Taking a deep breath, having ran nearly the whole length of the school on his way to class, he sat down in his desk. It didn't take him long to notice the conspicuously new student sitting next to him. After his heart rate returned to normal, he leaned over, so that the new student noticed him. "I'm Cory. Probably the coolest person you'll meet in this school." As if he hasn't said anything, he straightened, brushing back his curly lavender hair, freshy dyed the night before.

    Sitting up straight, he took out his notebook, turning to a page covered in writing. He grabbed his favorite pen before beginning to write, his green eyes focused on the writing while he ignored Mrs Chatterson.
  6. "I'm Kyrin" The new kid said with a smile. He never liked two kinds of people. Popular girls and boys thinking they are so much better then the others and those who are the "coolest" But Cory seemed like a nice guy, besides that. "Nice to meet you Cory" he said after going through his options and ideas. He decided not to judge a book by it's cover, He grabbed his social studies binder that he had in his bag, all the binders he had in his bag were in eclectic order based on what classes he has in order.

    Mrs. Chatterson sighed, shaking her head at Cory. "don't teach Kyrin your bad habits, if you do, who knows what might come of him" Kyrin didn't know how to respond, even so he was still a normal kid, but he kept hearing voices, nagging in the back of his mind, saying crazy stuff. "do you hear that?" he asked Cory out of confusion, not sure what to make of the voices he is hearing.
  7. Cory shifted when Kyrin asked him if he heard something. Glancing over at him, he said, completely serious, "What, that? Oh, you mean that. That's just the hypnopædia they are feeding us. Like in Brave New World. It's mind control." He shrugged before turning back to his work. Of course, he was just joking, but Cory had a bad habit of always maintaining a straight face during jokes.

    While Mrs Chatterson began teaching, Cory kept on writing, lavender curls occasionally falling into his eyes. "Hey, so, you know where all your classes are? I can help you find your next class, if you want."
  8. There were now two boys in the room, and Sally wanted to ignore them, at all costs. She stayed still in her seat, and observed them from far away.

    She knew one of their names: Cory. Sally had thought him to be a stereotypical rich kid, one who was two faced. Whoever he truly was, she would probably never find out.

    'Ah, I'll draw.' She thought, and opened her pencil box. A pencil dotted with small hearts slipped from her hand, and rolled onto the floor. 'Ah, damn it!' She bent over to pick up the pencil, but it was out of her reach. She tried to reach the pencil from her location, because she didn't want to waste the small amounts of energy she was charged with everyday. Sally got up from her seat, and she thought -- 'Crap! My shoes!' Before she could do anything, she fell on her butt.
    "No!" She shouted, "No! Why is it like this?" Sally whispered to herself.
  9. "That would be wonderful" Kyrin says as he puts his bag down. "I mean your offer not the whole... you know, Joke you made" Kyrin was able to know when someone was telling a joke or being serious, they didn't even need to have the expression on their face, it was like a sixth sense, that he was born with. well actually he was actually quiet vulnerable when he was younger, back then he never could tell, it was the same thing with sarcasm, now thinking back to that, Kyrin shuddered at the thought. What the heck was going through his parent's mind when they made those stupid comments they, at that time wished they could recant because he was gullible, which all kids at that age were. Kyrin focused back on reality and shakes his head.
  10. When Sally fell, Cory immediately stood. He hated that most of the other students simply ignored her, so he knelt next to her, holding his hand out. "Let's get you up," he said, helping her stand. "This your pencil?" he asked, picking up the utensil once she was safe in her chair. Setting it on her desk, he returned to his seat.

    "Can I see your schedule?" he asked Kyrin, brushing his hair from his eyes. "Are you in Chorus or AP Lit and Comp?" He smiled, his green eyes shining some.
  11. When Cory picked up her pencil with hearts on it, her heart started beating faster.
    'Maybe he isn't so bad after all,' she thought.
    Sally tried to control her smile, but she failed. After all, not many people noticed her distance, and Cory! Cory -- who she believed to be a stereotypical rich boy!

    She put her head down, and mustered her voice. "T-thank you!" Sally said this, but he was already seated back in his seat.
  12. Before Kyrin could answer him at all, he says with a smile. "that was very nice of you to help her" and then he goes straight to his neatly folded up piece of paper he had in his pocket and unfolded it, it was the schedule that he was given a few weeks after he moved into his new house. "Huh?" he said confused, he didn't know what those things meant but shook it off anyway, he looked it over once and gives it to Cory, hoping he knew where the rooms were, one of the class rooms he had, he had to go through the "Haunted hallway" to get to it, it was times like that the rule could be bent for things like that. Which happened to be his Paranormal investigation teacher's class. (yes they have that, I'm making this up as I go) Luckily there is a way to protect yourself from getting attacked by the restless "spirits" by saying a simple verse. "God protect me from the spirits" which was easily forgotten by students so they just avoid it if possible.

  13. Paranormal? That was Sally's least favorite word in the world, and she swore she heard one of the boys say it. She knew about the "Haunted Hallway," but she never had to cross it, because she was afraid something would attack her. Sally was afraid of a large amount of things.
    "E-excuse me," she spoke up. "What's the haunted hallway?" She asked this, as if she didn't know the answer to such a simple question.
  14. Cory grew a bit nervous as he saw that they were talking about the Haunted Hallway. Shifting a bit, he focused on Sally and said, "Umm...it's this hallway past the math classes...in Concert Choir, when I was a freshman, we were all hazed by walking from one end to the other in the middle of the night. I was the only one who did it...and it's real. You hear voices, it feels like it's miles long, and the only thing I did was say the prayer over and over. It's freaky as hell."
  15. Sally shuddered, and tried to not think about the haunted hallway. "Does it really exist?" She was freaked out. "What -- what," Sally paused, and couldn't find the words. "Nevermind."
  16. "I've heard the stories and the whole thing to it, I'm surprised something like that can be real! I'm a huge freak for that kind of thing, probably because I wanted to believe my mom watches over me from the spirit realm" kyrin explains calmly with a smile on his face.
  17. Cory glanced at Sally, "Well, earlier this year, the new janitor disappeared..." As Kyrin spoke, Cory listened, and was about to reply when Mrs Chatterson cleared their throat at them. Straightening, Cory brushed his hair back and began to look busy, though he was doing nothing of the sort. A minute later, he passed a note to Kyrin that read, 'Meet me after class.'
  18. Kyrin nodded and continued to listen as Mrs. Chatterson continued to teach, Kyrin's favorite class was Social studies and when they learn about the American Revolution.
  19. While Kyrin paid attention, Cory continued writing, his handwriting spidery against the paper. Eventually, class inevitably ended, and Cory shoved his things into his bag, zipping it up a second later. With a nod to Kyrin, he left, his gait long and fluid.

    He waited for Kyrin beside the door, leaning against the wall silently. "Took you long enough," he commented, smirking.
  20. Kyrin sighs. "sorry, had to talk to Mrs. C about something... now why did you want to see me, Cory?" he asks as he puts the last of his things into his bag