INTEREST CHECK With Razor Teeth and Jagged Claws

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  1. I wanted to a horror rp in honor of horror month, sadly everything i think of is already being done and I'm already in them XD

    But for this rp I was thinking of doing one a bit different, it is still similar to at least one that I know of "He Has No Face" by hydronine aka hellhound. basically a group of drunk idiotic teenagers are out celebrating halloween and somewhere along the way have gotten lost in the middle of no where, not in a forest just lost out in the middle of this never ending field kind of like the Texas Killing Fields; the place not the movie. But yeah your one of these teenagers and your lost in a field where there's nothing but dead grass that comes up to about your shoulder. Whats more is that there is something in the fields with you, it starts picking your group off one at a time striking when least expected. It's fast, strong, and blood thirsty the only way to survive is to either last through the night or somehow find your way out of the fields. All you have are the clothes on your back and anything you might have in your pockets, its roughly 11:00 p.m. so your best bet it to try and find a way out.

    this is mainly intrest checking for now if I get enough supporters for this then I'll put up an OOC for characters

    also if you have any tips of want to help add to make this a success please feel free, questions are also welcome
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