With Bitter Ends Come New Beginnings

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  1. I'm not happy at all, I'm almost never happy...in fact right now, I'm really sad... because, all I see right now is my friend Jessica in her favorite blue dress. She has this somewhat pieceful look on her face... and it hurts me... it hurts me to see it.. Because it's not real, she isn't really feeling anything, she's dead. She's in her favorite dress, in a coffin, and I swear it's all my fault. I'm crying because I hate it, I can't move through life the way it used to be, because it won't be the same without her..

    Her laugh, her smile, all gone because I messed up, because I let one little argument break us appart FOR ONE MOMENT! The memory flashes across my sight over and over again. She's gone forever. My tear fall into a puddle in my hands, as I watch them close the coffin, but I choke up and launch myself at it, "No... Jessica! This isn't real! Please!" I pleaded, not caring how dumb I looked. Not caring that a whole churchful of people saw me broken down like this. I needed her more than they knew. She was the only person I'd felt had understood me. I whispered, "Please... don't leave me here all alone..."

    "Mar.. please..." my mother came up from behind me touching my shoulder. I shrugged her off violently. "NO!" I sobbed. I wanted Jessica back that's all I cared about. Mar was short for Marcy... I'd always liked my nickname better than my real name. I felt less like I had a name that screamed cheerleader. Cause I wasn't one, I was a geek, a nerd, someone who read books and played videogames all the time, and had very few friends. And now with Jessica, it felt like I had no one left anymore. Why couldn't I have stopped her. Not let her leave? Why?
  2. I had no clue what happened to me. I saw myself laying in a coffin, but that couldn't be me... could it?

    It had taken some time for me to realize that I was, in fact, dead. Lots of running around trying to talk to people, and being ignored, which ended with frustration. I became so angry that I went to hit someone. You could only imagine how surprised I was when I phased right through him.

    So, after figuring out I was a ghost I decided the next best thing to do was to try to float. Sounds fun right? Well it was, at first. I had pushed off the ground and because the laws or gravity no longer applied, I kept going up, and up, and up, and up. The hard part was finding a way down. Thanks to flailing around as I kept floating upwards, I managed to flip upside down. Even as a ghost, there is nothing scarier than watching your world move further and further away from you. I was lucky enough to have a plane come by and I kicked off of that back to the ground. I decided to find my family and see how things were going.

    When I got home I found my parents to be a wreck. I was an only child and my parents couldn't have another baby because of complications with me. They looked like their world had ended.

    My wake the next day was even worse. Everyone who had ever known me was there, and I've never seen such misery in my entire life. It was so bad that I wanted to just jump back in my body just to make it all stop. I had tried to jump back in my body, which didn't work at all. I may be able to phase through other peoples bodies, but mine felt like running head first into a rock. Having nothing better to do, I just sat there and watched everyone.

    The hardest person to watch was Marcy. My best friend. I wished I could reach out to her. I wanted to yell at her that I was still here, but it was no use. She would never be able to hear me again. I felt numb.

    I wish I could have done something different. Not to save my life, but to save everyone here from what they were going through. I tried to think back to how I died, but it seemed like that entire day was gone. I couldn't remember anything. I walked over to Marcy and put my hand on her back. "Please stop crying... I don't want you to hurt anymore..." I said to her in a whisper that she would have heard, if I were alive. "I wish I could change whatever happened to me."
  3. I flinched, was I just imagining things, I looked over my shoulder anyway, right at a pressence I could feel, eyes wide with hope, yet full of fear. I'd heard her, I swore I had, it wasn't the first time I had, but I refused to believe it. That my feelings were so strong that I was also keeping her from heaven, I don't know what I'd do with myself if I did. But there was this small hope in me, I could feel something, almost.. a touch, on my back. Cold, and light, but there. "Jessica?" I whispered through my tears, ignoring my mothers plea's for me to go back to my seat.

    I knelt their beside her coffin and held the cold hand of her dead body, looking in the direction I felt her pressence. "Jessica? Is that you?" I whispered. There was no way right, it was just me trying to conjure her up, trying to keep her with me? I frozed as I felt my whole body forcefully shiver, I closed my eyes for a second, taking a deep breath to 'shake it off' and when I opened my eyes, I had to stop myself from screaming. There was my friend, kind of see through, but there, a ghost. "oh my gosh.." I continued to whisper. Shaking my head and closing my eyes, opening them again, I tried to erase the image of her, but she still stood there.

    I stood up, and sorry for the bad pun, but I felt as pale as a ghost. I looked at the dead body, then at her ghost, back and forth. Ignoring the whispers that were starting in the pews.. I didn't even have a notion that what I was doing was strange. That I looked as pale as death for no apparent reason, no one else could see her, only me. "Jessica?" I said a little to loud this time and that's when it all went down hill. There was yelling about the devil having entered me, and other thinks like I'd gone dilussional. My mother grabbed my shoulders and shook me from behind, apparently trying to snap me out of my 'stupor'.

    I wanted to reach out to her, but I didn't dare, I didn't want to see my hand go through her, and it felt wrong to subject her to it. How alone she must have been, suddenly finding herself dead, no one responding to her. But what really got to me was why could I see her now, when I couldn't before? I couldn't wrap my head around any idea that popped into my head, and most of them sounded rediculous anyways. I mean, I'd heard things before sure, and felt pressences sure.. but I'd never thought they were ghosts. Heck most of the time, I thought I was imagining things. But really? A ghost whisperer? Like that chick in the show? no way... I couldn't.. not possibly... have made that a reality right? And deffinately not starting with my friend right? My breathing was shallow, and it was hard to concentrate. What was going on?
  4. It was like Marcy was looking right at me. Me being the ghost me, not my dead body. It was almost funny how ridiculous people were being. She saw me, and they all thought she was possessed by the devil or something. It took me a while to realize that she was seeing me and not something else. I looked around trying to find something else she could have been looking at. Had she really seen me? I watched her mother fight with her and eventually get her outside. I was unsure if I should follow her or not. It was obvious everyone thought she was having some sort of fit, and following her outside would only make things worse. I decided to wait inside until I figured out what to do next.
  5. Marcy fought her mother the whole way out calling out to Jessica, tears in her eyes. Everyone was in a fright, filing out by her and her mother. "No! Stop! Let me go! Jessica's in there! I'm not crazy! She's a ghost!" Her mother turned her around and slapped her in front of everyone, "Get ahold of yourself! Quit making a fool of yourself!"

    I stood there shocked. My mother had never hit me before. I cried harder. "I hate you," I whispered as I looked down diagonally at the ground. She didn't have a right to do what she did, and I was angry at her. My face still stinging from the strike I start to storm back inside. "Don't you dare!" My mother called after me, "Don't you dare say that and then storm back to make even more of a fool of yourself!" I spun around glaring ice cold daggers at her, "You could never stop me, and you never will!" I yelled and I walked back into the abandoned church to find Jessica's ghostly figure the only thing in there.

    I walk to her and I sob, "Why Jessica.... why are you still here?"
  6. "I... I really don't know... I don't remember anything. I don't even know how I died." Jessica sighed. "Marcy please stop crying. You know I hate seeing you cry." Jessica moved her hand as if to wipe away her tears, but only phased through her head. "On the plus side, I'll never stub my toe on doors again." Jess said trying to make her at least smile. "I don't know how to go, but I know that I at the very least need to."

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    I shivered a bit as Jessica's hand went through my cheek. It was slightly cold, and weird feeling. It felt horrible, Jess had forgoten what had happened that day, but I took a deep breath and stopped my tears. I had to help her move on, this had to be why I could see ghosts. But how would I help her. Thoughts raced through my head as I looked at her.

    "But how do we get you to move on into the next life?" I thought out loud..
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    Jessica sighed, folding her arms together so her hands could grip her elbows. "I don't know... I have no idea what's holding me here." Jessica looked into the eyes of her dear friend. "I don't want you to be upset anymore. I feel like every time you look at me you are about to cry... maybe I should just leave you alone."
  9. I look at her in disbelief, "If you left me like it is right now, I'd cry even more" She took a step foreward, "Jessica, are dead because of me," she shook her head when Jessica tried to interviene, "No.. listen, we had a fight and it's all my fault. You a gone now, and I could never forgive myself for this. I wished you would still be around. I didn't want you to leave me." She shook her head, "I'm why you're still here..."
  10. Jessica stared at Marcy in disbelief. "What do you mean I died because of you? Did.... did you kill me?" Jessica felt anger and confusion shoot throughout her entire being. What Marcy was saying couldn't be true. They were the best of friends. There was nothing that could have made one of them cause the others death... "How did I die Marcy?" All Jess could do was wait for an answer.
  11. "NO! I would never do that! Never..." she loooked at her friend with pain in her eyes. "We were fighting.... and you left the cafe in a puff... I didn't follow you until it was to late... I stood there is I watched you get run over by a drunk guy in a truck." She broke out sobbing as she relived the event, "you were... still in one piece...luckily... but.. you died on the way to the hospital." She looked down at the ground... "I could have stopped you... it could have been someone else... I should have called out to you earlier...I.... I..."
  12. Jessica's body was overwhelmed with pain. She remembered the impact and the feeling of broken ribs. The pain that shot through her body when she tried to breath. The copper taste of blood slowly filled her mouth. Marcy's sobs were the only thing that snapped Jessica out of her memories.

    "It's not your fault..." Was all Jess could say. Jess moved her hand to rub Marcy's back and instantly pulled it back. "I'm sorry! I'm so so sorry! I forgot I was..." Jess couldn't finish her sentence. All she could do is look at Marcy, cover her mouth with her hands and try not to say anything else.

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    Marcy sobbed harder when Jess started to try and comfort her and say she was sorry. "no... no please ... i was my fault. That fight... it shouldn't have happened.." The tears feel drop by drop and she looked at Jess. "I miss you already.... I couldn't stand ... the thought of not being able to appologize.. I really.. I am the one who should be sorry." Marcy shook her head at herself.
  14. "Marcy, you know I hate seeing you like this." Jessica said. She had to fight her urges to reach out and touch her best friend. If she were still alive she would have been hugging and rubbing Marcy's back by now, but Jess knew that neither of them wanted to experience the cold feeling they got when Jess tried to touch someone. Jess hated standing there not being able to do something. She felt helpless and it made her feel angry. She just wanted to run away. Jess had always been able to help her friends when they were upset. Her mind was racing trying to find something she could say to calm Marcy down. Suddenly, a thought came to mind.

    "Do you want to go get ice cream? You always cheer up when we go get ice cream!" Jessica smiled and hoped that her suggestion would calm Marcy down a bit. They had always gone out to get ice cream after a fight. It was almost like their way of telling each other that the fight was over and it was behind them.
  15. "Jessica...." She sniffled as she looked at her ghostly friend. She sighed deeply, "I guess... a little ice cream would... help.." Just from one look you could tell Marcy look pale and frail, tired, and ready to take a breather. She was being drained by this experience. But she didn't want Jessica to leave, she felt like there was so much to say still, though she didn't know what. Taking a deep breath she started walking but waited to see it Jess would follow her.
  16. Jessica sighed in relief. Hopefully Marcy wouldn't burst out sobbing again any time soon. Jessica followed Marcy's lead, floating to the ice cream parlor down the block.
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    She sniffled again and again as she walked to their favorite place. Ignoring her parents and Jessica's family when she passed them. They didn't know, they couldn't see. She just couldn't help but feel, so alone yet at the same time, so crowded. She clutched at her heart as she walked. It wasn't that she couldn't breath, it was just that, she needed something to do, to occupy her flying mind.

    She looked at Jessica every once in a while. Her friend was a ghost. It was what it was, and she couldn't do it. everything was messed up and she couldn't think.. it was throwing her for a loop..
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    Jessica looked over at her friend. "There is something on your mind. I know that look." Jessica grew concerned. "Maybe I shouldn't be here. I wouldn't exactly want to see you floating around after you died. This is most likely messing with your head badly. I don't want to hurt you anymore..." Jessica lowered her eyes and looked away. "Maybe... maybe the only way for me to move on is to... let me go..."
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