Witches, Wizards and Warlocks (play)

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  1. Ronin leaned his head back taking in the sun's rays as he walked down the stone path. He had camped in the forest the night before and was looking to sleep in a bed this evening. Someone from the last village he had come across told him there was a city just past the woods filled with all sorts of interesting people, which sounded interesting to Ronin. As he scaled the small hill he gazed down at the civilization below. It was a city alright, close to a metropolis. He started to walk a bit faster towards the walls as his mind started to day dream about what he might find inside.
  2. I am the fool

    He chuckled as he wandered inside the city, marvelling at the huge playground he found for himself. For the past few weeks, he's been playing with small villages and got bored by how easily they go down. A city is definitely a good change of pace for him. Just imagine all the different ways I could plunge this city into chaos! Just the thought of it filled him with glee.

    People stared at him as he walked from alleyway to alleyway as if he's up to no good. The way he grinned was definitely unsettling for them. Some people whispered to one another "Some madman..." and steered clear from his path. I am a madman, he grinned, I am the fool.
  3. Heat burned Shadowski as he flickered into existence. [What...] He freezes, scared of what was happening. The heat stopped. [What is this...] He wondered. The demon glanced around at his surroundings. It was so strange. Colours everywhere, hot, cold, noise. He struggled to find the word for what he was in... [Forest!] Yes that was it. Tall poles grew up into the sky, green things growing off the top. [T... Trees]. He noticed it was cold. Yes, quite cold indeed. He looked at his hands and pointed them at the ground. The grass burst into flames. Shadowski grinned. [Warm] he thought to himself, pride filling his chest. He walked over and sat in the fire, smiling. Then he sensed something. It was tainted, vile filled his throat. Was that... People?
  4. As he approached the wall he noticed a towns person up on a ladder lighting torches along it. "A bit early for torches isn't it sir? Waste of oil to burn torches in the daylight," he called out. He watched as the old man holding the flame turn towards him. "It may be but by the time I'm done it'll be time to start lightin em. I'm in charge of doing this all round the wall." Ronin chuckled, he often forgot not everyone knew magic the way he did. "Ooy what you laughin about?" the old man called down. "I was wondering if you needed help." Ronin replied. "What's it worth to ya. I don't make much me self." "Oh no charge," Ronin chortled, snapping his fingers and using his inferno ability to light all the torches in sight. He gave a toothy grin up to the old man who gave him a bit of a half scowl in return. "Magic users," the old man growled, rolling his eyes as he descended the ladder making Ronin chuckle again. "Another one of your kind came through earlier. Crazy bastard." "Have a nice day," Ronin responded before walking inside.

    (I know it's a bit long but I kinda wanted to make this interaction to show his alignment. He's good in the fact he helps but with a lot of sarcasm and jesting involved)
  5. He flickered towards the source. By the time Shadowski got there the source had gone but he saw grumbling old man. He approached it. "AHHH! What is that!" the old man yelled. Shadowski leaped back shot streams of fire towards the threat
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