Witchcraft and Wizardry (Harry Potter Universe rp)

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  1. This is an interest check for a rp I'm currently developing which takes place a full 18 years after the events of Deathly Hallows. Just to note this is fully canon (That welcomes all OC's you don't have to be canon), but I will explore deeper and "darker" aspects of the magic and wizarding world far beyond that of Harry Potter and the old gang. In fact, the characters will exist in the universe but only a few may ever be encountered. This was inspired to be a dark, thrilling, but hopeful feeling. That will be the exact tone of this rp if it ever takes off and people are interested.

    The Antagonist has already been created and the entire plot of the story as well. It's extremely gripping and will guarantee any HP fan a mindfreak.

    The setting of the Rp will take place at Hogwarts 18 years after the Dark War. The age of light and magic are at it's most prominent. Dark Wizards are more like myths of the old days more than present threats now. Aurors have become rockstars, mainly because of The Boy Who Lived. Hogwarts is the #1 magic academy on the entire planet, and the Ministry of Magic sits strong as the White House to the muggle world. And all the magic and 18 years worth of harmony couldn't prepare the magic community for what would happen. A sinister figure named "Omni" emerges from the abyss of the magic realm, and no longer is the magic community at stake...for he so declares to oppress the planet forever more in order to reset the balance of the universe. With the old Dumbledore's Army missing or living in isolation, a new generation of students arise to face the threat at hand....following from the old generation.

    Hope it sounds good! If anyone is down for this feel free to respond and reply! :)
  2. Are you doing this RP?
  3. Sure am
  4. I'm so down then! Sign me up, I already have so many Harry Potter characters that never got used because RP's never worked out.
  5. This is interesting. Mind if I join up?
  6. By all means :)
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