Witch Cat

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  1. ((I tried really hard to make this rhyme...))

    A black cat.
    Unlucky cat.
    Angry cat.
    Witch Cat.

    That was what they called.
    That was black-cat's name.
    Witch Cat.
    Black-cat laughed at Humans.
    They thought he was mad.
    They threw stones,
    strike against his bones,
    throwing stones at Witch Cat.

    Witch Cat ran,
    crying, scared,
    into an old gray house.
    There in the middle,
    mouth drooling with spittle,
    a little old woman,
    a woman named Kettle.

    Kettle woke,
    and she saw Witch Cat,
    and she smiled,
    nice and big.
    "Come here," She croaked,
    Witch Cat went.
    He liked the way she spoke.
    She stroked his back,
    and called him Black Cat.
    And this is what she said...

    "Come with me, Black Cat,
    help on my quest.
    I have been threatened,
    near burned to a crisp.
    They called me a Witch,
    so I became one.
    I am a Witch. An evil one.

    Help me, Black Cat,
    we were misunderstood.
    But you are still innocent,
    you are still Good.
    But this one, the Witch,
    she is very Bad.
    Help her, Black Cat,
    and she will help back."

    Witch Cat agreed.
    He sat down and listened.
    The Witch Woman spoke,
    and Witch Cat woke.
    He, too, was a Witch.

    So he ran out the door,
    and near his old home.
    An old couple lived there,
    settled and combed.
    He jumped inside,
    and he cast a spell.
    They died almost immediately,
    fell down their old well.

    He went back to the Witch,
    and she started laughing.
    "Good job, Black Cat.
    Good job in your casting...
    But now you are me,
    a hopeless cat of evil.
    You have spun a bad web,
    a web like a weaver.
    Forever cursed you are,
    evil like me.
    Misfortune follow you,
    wherever you be."

    So the Witch Cat left.
    He was unlucky.
    Anyone who loved him,
    they hated him soon.
    And so Witch Cat hated.

    He hated Witches, too.
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