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  1. Hello everyone I am looking for a male partner who can post multiple times a day with at least 1 well thought-out paragraph and who is able to adapt to situations and has a strong grasp on how to role play. I personality have been role-playing for 5 years so i am pretty good with role-playing. If you are interested the plots are located down below.


    Hades X Artemis or a human- Hades has ruled the underworld for over 5000 years and has been searching for a wife. But since nobody would ever marry the king of the under world he has decided to force somebody to marry him. One night while he is on the mortal world he comes upon a small town and takes the shape of a handsome man and ends up falling for a girl who he meets that night. But when he finds out that she is not interested in him he uses a love spell on her and kidnaps her to the underworld. When the love spell wears of she try's to escape and its up to Hades to make the girl fall in love with him or let her be free.


    Artemis is know for the goddess of hunt and she ends up becoming hunted by humans for her bows and arrows. While she is hiding among her huntresses they get attacked and she becomes injured. A man comes and helps her when she is on the verge of death but while this man nurses her back to health he ends up falling in love with her. The problem is is that the man is Hades in disguise. They both end up becoming hunted and Hades ends up falling in love with Artemis. Will he confront Artemis with his love or turn her in to the humans.

    elf male elf female- Two elf clans have been battling each other for over 200 years nobody knows why the fight began and nobody knows how it will end, at the moment the clans are in a stalemate battles until one day when the two clans face of again a darker and eviler clan shows up and destroys the two clans. Those who survive join together and create a new clan. During this time the dark clan is getting stronger and whipping out clans till its just the two clans. During this time the good clan finds out a way to destroy the evil clan with out losing any life's but one. This one life is the incarnation of a goddess of light. This incarnation must make it to the temple of light to destroy the dark clan.But during this time there is an elf on the dark side who is forced to go and assassinate the incarnation. But when the assassin finds the incarnation he ends up coming face to face with her and there is a click between them. What will the assassin do will he kill the incarnation or take her to the evil king. And what will they do about the feelings towards each other.

    assassin X Samurai- An Assassin and a Samurai must team up to save shizu which is a 2000 year old shrine that is located in a small farming town of katzu. The shrine is under attack from a large group of bandits that has taken over the majority of the land where they live. The town of Katzu is the only remaining safe haven for those who have lost everything. But while the town is under attack two people a ninja and a Samurai are assigned a mission to take out the bandit leader and take out the bandits that pose a threat to the town. But Samurai and Assassins have never liked each other so these two must work together and push there differences aside to protect something that they love. Will they be able to beat the bandit leader and slave there land or will they be killed and never see eye to eye?

    Indian X cowboy- The chief had always told the clan that the white man would come but nobody would believe him but hear they are taking the land for there own but an clan is not afraid of them this clan is called the chibiwaks and they are one of the greatest hunters and fighter of the land. During this time the clan becomes stronger and meaner towards the white men since there have been closer to the boarders. But a single Indian is not afraid to attack them at any sight until they see a cowboy/ cowgirl who isn't bad and who is trying to save the Buffalo. These two end up teaming together to try and end the battle between the clan and the cowboy but will they succeed?
  2. if you are interested please pm me
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