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  1. If you could get three wishes, what would you wish for?

    I'll share whatever I wish for after first couple posts.
  2. I wish there was no more religion. (Genie would kill all religious people. Easier than converting.)

    I wish for the ability to create precious metals from nothing without stipulation. (Hello, home-made starship)

    Would wish for more wishes. Barring that, absolute power within my control without stipulations.
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  3. I agree with that wish haha
    But I won't make it one of mines (still hasn't even come up with three)
  4. 1. I wish for omnipotence.

    2. I wish for omniscience.

    3. I wish for all entities other than myself to lose the ability to grant wishes.

    This would make me all powerful without the possibility of anyone else wishing otherwise. GG, I win the wish game.
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  5. 1. I wish for more followers xD

    2. I wish to be immune to @Jorick last wish

    3. I wish for more wishes.

    I honestly didn't have any other wishes xD
  6. 1. Cure for all diseases in the world.
    2. All energy sources are now clean and renewable.
    3. A never ending supply of money.

    Also @Jorick, couldn't you do that last wish if you were omnipotent, or do you need the omniscience to see you're wasting a wish? :P
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  7. The third wish is for the sake of irony. I could do it myself with omnipotence, sure, but it's funnier to make the wish granter take away all wishing capability instead of me doing it.
  8. Why not up the ante and make all of the other wishes opposite of what's being asked? Much better trolling potential.
  9. Because then someone might catch on and reverse it. I'd rather troll people directly by telling them I'll grant their wishes and then corrupting them in whatever way I please.
  10. Wish One: To remember everything I read & Learnt.

    Wish two: The ability to produce whatever money is needed in my pockets.

    Wish Three: World Peace.

    Either that or I wish for more genies.
  11. 1. Unlimited Cake
    2. Unlimited Money
    3. Unlimited Wishes
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  12. 1. Getting rid of all disease
    2. Getting rid of all poverty
    3. Forever lasting world peace
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  13. I'd wish to get rid of all of humanity's stubbornness.
    I'd wish for everyone to remain unbiased.
    And I'd wish to rid the world of all illness and diseases, physical or otherwise.
  14. 1) Omnipotence
    1.5) EVERYTHING is now dragons or related to dragons. Space? Dragons. Stars? Dragons. Planets? Dragons. Clouds? Dragons. Oceans? Dragons. The continents? Dragons. Mountains? Dragons. Desserts? Dragons. Ice caps? Dragons. Storms? Angry dragons. Blizzards? Dragons. Plants? Dragons. Animals? Still animals... AND THEN DRAGONS! bugs? Dragons. People? Dragons. Dragons? Dragons. Me? Omnipotent Dragon! YAY DRAGONS!!!! ^^
    1.75) Everlasting world-war... WITH DRAGONS!
    2) Immunity to all wishes that cancel other people's wishes. (Like Jorick's.)
    3) That everyone has their wishes voided besides me.

    Sorry but not sorry.
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  15. Money, long life, health.
  16. Health
    An end to poverty
    Peace of mind
  17. I wish you had all made different wishes.
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