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  1. Once Upon a time, In a cold mountain village north of BlackRose, Lived a little girl named Freya. Freya was wild and free, she wanted to see the world and do good everywhere she went, at a young age she sought and yearned for knowledge. swayed and guided by curiosity sherisked, tested, and pushed her limits into adolescence. At the age of 16 she became the village healer. Freya was endowed with sacred powers granting her gifts of regeneration as well as new abilities with each coming of age. In the spring Of her 18th birthday a crow appeared to her in the midst of a search for her dearest friend, they whole village searched and scoured the lands to find him, however no trace was found. When Freya attempted to talk with the crow she couldn't hear it's words all she heard was it's caws. She took to him and Named him Munin and he hasn't left her side since,but Freya's Friend was never seen again.

    One day, Just before her 20th Birthday, a fog rolled over the high hills of Eienhager ( IYNE-HEY-YAR) and set deep into the bones of all the villagers, Freya Restless, sought solace in the wisdom of her mother. Freya stepped slowly across the cobble almost gliding, staff gently in hand and once she halted, lifted her eyes up to look at her her mothers face, eyes filled with gleaming tears that turned to ice before falling to her knee. Freya's eyes widened expanding with fear, fear she had never felt and a for the first time in her life knew the pangs of helplessness.

    "Oh! mother what is happening the Villagers are full of fear and the land is freezing their hope, mother what would you have me do?"

    "Freya" Valkyujra (VALK-E-YOU-DA) whispered "dearest, You must listen very carefully"

    As she spoke her mothers feet began to crystallized in ice slowly creeping upward "I have very little time, love. Your fate is distant from here and I will not be able to guide you any further then here and now." gently smiling at her daughter assuring her,even though the pain, she knew was shouting from her sight. Her eyes sending the obvious message to her daughter. Freya's brow lowered and an anger set into her
    heart as her mother spoke.

    "You must travel to a land where I was born, where mythical dimensions are melded and intertwined, and worlds have connected. Those who reside within a dark manor will seem untouched by time and may in time need the gift of your free spirit, your sacred powers will be of use to there land and there spirits and only in them will you find a way to break the curse that befouls your village. Freya you must believe in sacredness of all life, be the change you want to see in others and manifest it always and endlessly within yourself, for from you flows a powerful destiny and only you can save us, My little one. There is only one way I can help you now my child, I will leave you with the powerful lesson of
    sacrifice, selflessness, and unconditional love. Of all magic, Freya, Love is the most powerful and can break any and all curses. Understand that the places you will venture, not all lands hold happy endings sometimes we have to be our own heroes and keep faith in the power of us."

    Her words were paused by a gentle grasping at her chest as the ice reached her ribs, only smiling brighter at Freya.
    As her mother began to glow with the light of a star a voice came from all around, above and below her.

    "Freya my gift to you, is my power. use it well, harm none and if you ever find yourself in danger or irreversible circumstances I will always be there to guide you, Stay strong, and always remain Vigilant, Freya I will always love you."
    Before Freya had time to react Eladrein closed her eyes completely crystallized, and with one splintering crack echoing through the air she exploded into a blinding nebula that made Freya's head spin round. Ears ringing Freya stood slowly, Disoriented and swaying she held herself up by her staff. The light dimmed down to a brilliant blue. Where her mother once sat Laid a crystal as Blue as a dying star. Freya moved closer Observing. All at once Freya knew what had happened, snatching up the crystal she fell to her knees unable to breath. without the strength to stand tears silently streamed down her expressionless face as though her mind had been erased.

    "Freya!....You must go Freya!....RUN!" boomed the voice of Valkyujra, "GO"

    Suddenly primal and feral forces filled Freya as fire erupted around her. She Held her staff upright and came down with the crystal in opposing hand, splintering the wood at its end binding the powers Of her mother into her staff. The splinters rendered and warped fitting the crystal securely. Holding the staff high, lightning and fire shot out in all directions, water dripped upwards and flew away, whipped by strong winds that pushed southward. Freya through her head back, hair whipping along her back wrapping around her like vines from trees. light shot from her eyes and she howled at the sky filled with northern lights. Munin swooping in clutching to her leather cuirass, Freya, Munin and all her elemental wiles vanished from sight, and all that was left was the silence that filled the village frozen in crystal. Villagers holding each other, expressions of worry and fear marked faces that litered streets and bungalows, all remaining
    silent and still in that here and now.

    Somewhere in the distant south was not as quiet. Through space Freya dropped hitting the ground and all glow from her went out, like a snuffed out flame. Crow landing gently over her plucking the hair from her face frantically twitches and hops along her shoulder blades. She lays on a vacant dirt path surrounded by tree with flora and fauna alike. lying there for only a moment more entranced at the power of her mother. All she could think of was how she would ever learn to control such a power. Munin flies to the nearest of tree branches as Freya's silver sight shoots to the trees before her. A figure appears, small and meek, with a crazed look in its eye. "a man?" Freya thought to herself,

    "Oh deary you have no idea" Spoke the figure. Freya lifted herself up by her staff her eyes steady and fixed on the small man.

    "Who are you?" she said

    "That is a very good question, child, tell me is the morrow thy...Birthday"

    Her eyes stayed steady and her expression fixed.

    "blossoming age of 20 is it not?"

    Munin lets out a defining caw as Freya swiftly pointed her staff at him the crystals blue light revealing mineral dust embedded into the meek mans skin, he was covered in it. Her brows lifted, Freya knew that mineral dust was a powerful fae magic, not quite fairy dust but almost it's derivative. Mineral dust Had dark mischievous magicks that gave unpredictable powers.

    "I asked, Who...are...you?!"

    "Haahahahaha aaaah deary Who I am is not important, Why ask me who am I when you aren't even sure who you are."

    "I am Freya"

    "Are you sure?"

    Freya stood upright and relaxed her staff, she knew this man was far more powerful then her and she couldn't take him on and win. His logical game was pressing on her conscience, and another first, for Freya felt self-doubt.

    "You are in luck deary! On your Twentieth Birthday You will be granted the gift of flight, and what with the powers of that there crystal you will have set in motion a shift in the cosmos The very universe itself will be on a way to a better place, isn't that what you want?

    Freya was beside herself,grief stricken, and just sick to her stomach, however she felt she puffed her chest out and almost growled at the timid man she towered over. Moving closer and looking down into his black endless eyes, Freya spoke confidently.

    "Tell me Who you are"

    "I'll make you a deal deary" the little man brows raised high with inquiry and his grin held signs of a catch.

    "I'll give you more then my name I'll give you anything you desire, anything you wish I can give it to you easy as that" Snapping his finger up at Freya his grin stale and empty. She lowered to her knee and whispered. "I want unbound wisdom,....I want nothing more then to be wise, And help all those who Require it of me."

    "Oh! how selfless of You deary This wish I can grant but for the wish to work you must give me something in return"

    "What be your Price"

    "What be Your Left eye!" His Smile twists and curls with anticipation.

    "...." Freya's eyes widened at the cost of her wish, and only with wisdom could she find a land where no one dies.

    "It seems fair to me!" He jumped high giggling and excited by the transaction at hand. "Prepare Yourself deary, to Always do good comes at the price of having many enemies and at times no friends. pain will give you much wisdom but the wisdom you seek comes at just as high a price!"

    Eyes wide She leaned forward, "You have a deal.....Rumplestiltskin."

    The man's Laugh echoed through her head and shot from tree to tree. Placing his hand over her left eye, he pressed for only a few moments and began to pull back extracting Freya's eye from its socket, a sudden stream of blood poured down her left cheek over her leather. She made no sound, only lifting her hand to cover her eye, Freya began to breath heavily. As rumple backed away into the darkness he said to her

    "when you take for first flight you will be granted your wish the wind that carries you will fill you with the wisdom you seek and lead to the place you seek. Good Luck deary, Here,...you may find this useful someday"

    He waved his bony hand in the air before him and at Freya's feet an eye patch appears. A soft leather trimmed in creamy lace, dashed with freshwater pearls. She cupped the gift into her free hand and when she looks up The little man had been swallowed by the darkness. Not quite trusting this gift Freya Ripped the hem of her sleeve wrapped her bound her wound. Taking a deep and controlled breath, she just moved forward looking into the distance. A manor, sits in her sight as the sun peaked over the trees, this morrow dawned Freya's awakening.

    Agony filled her existence, she told herself It shall pass, but she dropped to hand and knee, sunken in snow, pops of cracking marrow snaps through the frosted pine. Munin Swooped to sit before her looking up from the holly branches, cawing nervously. Then Ruby wings of red, rose from her back and in one long stride flung hot red liquid, steaming up from the white snow. Freya could not sit still, so in her despair she sprung up screaming. Staff in hand and with a second stroke of her wings she was above the trees calling to all animal kind. Crow familiar circling round her in the air.

    Flashes of memories that were not her own began to flood her head, heavy was her body and now her mind. Her Howls
    died down into whimpers. Tumbling towards the Ground, knowledge of medicines, herbs, elemental manifestations stored themselves into Her memory. she held out her staff, ancient Wisdoms of Philosophy, and science, even constellations tucked themselves away in her experience.

    Freya watched the ground of a Garden get closer as she helplessly tries to fly. Munin, flapping his large black wings desperately hooks to Freya's Fabrics, flying to all other directions, to no avail. She hurtles through the air clinging to her staff, the words of her mother ringing in her ears.

    "...not all lands hold happy endings sometimes we have to be our own heroes."

    Freya Flapped her wings firmly towards the ground catching herself before she hit the ground, gently lands, standing, then quickly leans upon her staff. With Blood stained wings and But Just her right Eye she looked around the Garden. Freya heard the faint sound of trickling water and instinctively sought out it's source. Quietly coming upon a grand fountain She rested her staff against its walls and dove both hands into its contents and lifted a cupped portion to her lips drinking fast and quickly going for more. Freya slumped down the side of the fountain equipping her staff and resting her head back upon the seat. looking up at the stars she wondered where she was and who or what was here? Freya slipped away quickly into a slumber no longer overwhelmed or struggling. In the Garden only the light breeze encouraged the brush to whisper. a Crow's caws begin to echo through the the air.

    Eyes slowly opening, waking was sickening. Pain Freya never felt before washed over her like waves of flails spiked up through flesh and marrow. She quickly sat up to signal Munin to stop cawing into her face.
    drawing in the long breaths and shortly releasing them she looked around the Vacant Garden. All she could hear was what she felt. Her heart pounded against her rib cage almost fighting it's way out from her chest.

    Where was she? How far had she gone? Was she safe here or should she seek cover? How long had she been laying there?
    grasping onto the wall of the fountain she lifted herself up and once standing, removes her staff from her back and leaned upon it as she walked along the lush grass. Freya shifted her eye over to Munin still perched on the fountain she she signals him to scout the area he takes off into the night sky.

    Freya lifted her right hand over her left eye and muttered in a most ancient tongues, whispering light filled her fingers as she gently wiped the light over her eye. Freyas hand drops to her side as blood continues to pour from her wounds. Frustration forms a single silent tear from her remaining eye as she takes a few unstable steps.

    Freya knows wisdom is no comfort to pain and no aid to knowledge that it was a gift to be used for others. She knew what made her special could kill her and regardless of what she knew she tried against it relentlessly. In retrospect Freya could account for exactly 16 times she tried to deny weakness and 16 times she put herself in the postilion of having no other option. Rebellious even against nature , wild in her own ways that would make nature itself jealous. adaptable, witty, but now wise was the tiny river that streamed down her cheek as the realization settled like once floating feathers. Freya stopped and lowered herself to her knees she again, lifted her right hand, holdng only one finger upright with a flick a flame illuminated up to 5 ft around her. Freya respected the four elements of nature more then anything in her existence. how balanced their energies were and life giving qualities that each of them carried. with these thoughts fermenting she suddenly stuck her finger to her eye. Grinding down teeth with teeth the flame seered her skin together, cooked human flesh filled her nostrils and the hiss of evaporating liquids seemed louder from inside of her head. Freya opened her mouth wide as if to scream, but no sound could she make. ripping her hand away she placed both hand palm down to the grass and dug her fingers into the dirt rooting herself to the land while tear after tear disappeared into the grass between her hands.

    Freya stopped quickly wiping her mouth and eye. swiping at the wetness on her face smudging dirt along her cheek. Freya had finally stopped the bleeding from her eye by cauterizing the wound, her wings stuck together, with the slightest movement ripping feathers out so she kept them tucked together and behind her back. Munin came gliding down to Freya as while wiping the liquid pain from her face, looking up at her from the ground , a Red Poppy resting in his black beak. Freya's eye looks deeply upon the red flora and reaches for it letting munin drop into her fingers. Freya look back at Munin with the smallest smile she could conjure. a stick or twig meant danger and flowers meant safety. putting down her arm to Munin he hopped and she promptly placed him to her shoulder as she begins to stand. She begins to explore the garden in search of other beings. walking along a path Freya reaches into her side bag and pulls out more bandages lightly wraps her head to cover her missing eye. Munin's eyes scanning the brush for signs of life.
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