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  1. I decided it would be best to ask before I posted a thread in the wrong section — or attach an ill-fitting prefix to it. Is there a section to post work in progress roleplay ideas? I've combed through IWAKU's content area pretty thoroughly and nearly every thread (if not every thread) is a lesson or world building exercise. Maybe WIP threads are just uncommon here?

    Anyway, if someone can point me to the appropriate forum and advise me on the proper prefix to use, I would appreciate it.
  2. As has been said, the test chambers exists. They are more for code testing, but can be used for stuff like work in progress roleplays not meant for others to post in yet. Just know that anyone can see it and there's no way for you to hide it. In the blog you can make a post private so no one (except for staff) can see it. So if you don't want anyone to see what you're working on, the blog is the best option.
  3. You've also got a couple options that FieryCold and Redblood didn't mention. If it's an idea that you would like outside assistance with, you can post it in the Roleplay Help & Discussion area of the Content section with the Roleplay prefix.

    You can also put it up as an interest check in the appropriate area and make it known that it's a WIP if you want to start looking for interested players, because you do not need a finished product to post there.
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  4. I would like it to be public. It would be nice to get some feedback or juicy ideas from other members. It would most likely get ignored in the test chambers, as that's basically a BBC gym. Hmm....


    Probably my best bet.
  5. I'm here to disprove this theory :D


    ^ This code actually hides content from view, making it look like the author made it possible to post a blank post. Of course there's ways around this but I'm not telling :P Well, there's my two cents.
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