LESSON WIP - Malkuthe's Fantasy Cartography Graphics Pack

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  1. Some of us might not have the artistic talent or the time to create those isometric icons and other stuff required for fantasy cartography so I took the liberty of creating a graphics pack that you, yes, you can use to create those fantastic, ancient fantasy maps that are very widespread in the genre.

    It's still a work in progress, so check in often for updates. Right now, I have a preview of scroll graphics that will be a part of the pack.
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  2. New update! Just finished some random trees. I dunno why I decided to call them deciduous in the cbox, but meh. Variety is the flavor of life. That's why these trees are varied, to add some spice to your maps. Also, a tutorial will soon follow about how to use all of these resources. TTFN!

    They might look fugly(at least I think so) but that's alright because they're meant to be miniaturized. I draw them at a higher resolution so that you can use them on both high and low-res maps.

    Also, if you can see there, I created a small preview of what kinds of forests you can do with these trees.

  3. Sorry for the lack of updates. I had to rework the trees to separate the trunks from the foliage since it made placing them on the map quite problematic. I'm working on the mountains now.

    However, I have finished the base map that I'll use for the upcoming tutorial. This will comprise part 1 of the tutorial: creating the coastline. Anyway, here's a quick preview.

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  4. Here's a new update. The trees have been revamped and the mountains are done! Up next: Sand dunes and volcanoes... hopefully. I'll try my best to pull it off though.

    Mountains.jpg Trees.jpg
  5. Eternally jealous of you boy, if anything -- I cannot draw some damn trees. I remember seeing these pieces before, did you re-do them on Photoshop? The line art is smooth, and almost perfect. It doesn't have to be, though. I like how it's sitting somewhere between computer-generated and handmade. Keep it up!
  6. I never did them traditionally. xD. And no, the lineart doesn't need to be perfect because these things are shrunk down to the point where the imperfections are barely visible already. Well, I guess that's what I was aiming for. You don't get antiquated maps with computer-generated graphics. xD.
  7. Update! I got sidetracked and instead of creating volcanos and sand-dunes, I created a digital font version of the runic alphabet that I created! It will be included in this graphics pack and should work with any and all word processors. :D