[WIP] Glorious ANTICROSS Pilot Episode

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  1. This is my attempt to write a TV SHOW, particularly a TOKUSATSU show. As of now it is a work in progress, and I am posting it here for storage reasons.


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    A single STAR shines brightly in the empty, black void of space. The Camera slowly zooms out, and eventually, more stars enter view, brightening up the scene.

    In the beginning, there was only Chaos.

    SHADOWY TENDRILS appear in the foreground, slowly moving upward to encompass the entire screen. These are revealed to be the appendages of a HORRIFIC BLACK ABOMINATION(9999999999).

    The Universe was filled with horrific
    things beyond human understanding.

    The shining STAR is once again the center of attention, taking up the middle of the screen in a background of black. It glows and flickers brightly.

    But then, The GREAT WILL spoke:

    Let there be light!

    The STAR shines brightly. The HORRIFIC BLACK ABOMINATION cowers as it is bathed in neverending bright light. The Screen fades to WHITE.

    With that declaration, Order was
    created for the very first time.
    The universe began to take shape,
    develop its own rules, and give
    birth to life.

    The screen fades out of white to show the birth of STARS, then flashes images of PLANETS. Finally, it shows the PLANET EARTH.

    FADE IN:


    The Camera pans to show grassy FIELDS, FLOWERS in bloom, and grazing DEER. Finally, from the depths of a FOREST, a naked MAN and WOMAN step out into the sunlight for the first time.

    The Great Will saw all this and
    said it was good... But all was
    not well.

    Camera flashes white for a split second to reveal a BURNING, bright red landscape. A solitary HUMAN FIGURE in the distance stands over burnt rock and dirt. The camera pans to reveal that the HUMAN FIGURE is looking at a destroyed TOWN in the distance. A large PILLAR OF SMOKE rises above the scene, bringing the attention back to the HUMAN FIGURE.

    For those beings of Chaos He had
    spurned had chosen a champion to
    wage war with His Creation.

    HUMAN FIGURE turns to camera, revealing that it is wearing intricate ARMOR and has a MASK covering his face. It brings up its RIGHT HAND from the shadows. It's RIGHT HAND is wearing a GAUNTLET WITH STRANGE MARKINGS.

    Armed with the fearsome HAND OF GLORY,
    this Warrior would cause untold chaos
    and destruction upon the world.

    The Camera zooms out, and the ARMORED, MASKED MAN takes a fighting pose. The HAND OF GLORY begins to GLOW brightly.

    He is... the Knight of Chaos!

    The ARMORED MASKED MAN makes a swiping motion at the camera, generating JAGGED LINES OF LIGHT from his HAND OF GLORY. The LINES grow rapidly, until the entire screen is WHITE. Cue TITLECARD : "Knight of Chaos, THE GLORIOUS ANTICROSS"

    The Glorious ANTICROSS!



    ACT 1

    TITLECARD : "And with Stranger Aeons even Death may die"



    A small subtitle reveals that this is the fictional school of YAMIYAMA HIGH SCHOOL in JAPAN. Some JAPANESE STUDENTS walk around the spacious courtyard, minding their own business. They are surrounded by a variety of structures with architecture from DIFFERENT TIME PERIODS. In particular, the camera comes to rest on a wooden SHRINE-LIKE BUILDING covered by a small grove of trees. Here, an energetic, slim YOUNG MAN in a zipped-up black jacket and loose jeans is running around holding a BOOK. This YOUNG MAN is KONMEIDOU AKIO(16) and he is reading a BOOK on ONMYOJI, as written on its cover.

    (Huffing and Puffing)
    So, I have to put this here,
    and then say these words...

    Akio has set up various PRAYER TAGS and STATUETTES in a circle around the SHRINE. As he is reading the book, a GIRL in a white/pink hoodie and slim, dark blue jeans walks up behind him. She pokes his sides with both hands, making Akio jolt in surprise. He fearfully turns to see the face of his childhood friend ASAGAMI CHIYO(16), laughing at him.

    (With a hand over her mouth)
    I got you again, Akio! Hee!

    (Now Angry)
    Cut that out! I thought I had
    called out a vengeful spirit
    or something!

    Akio turns back to read his BOOK, frowning. Chiyo moves up next to him, reading it. After a few seconds of reading, she nods as if understanding the gist of its contents.

    So what's this? Trying to
    communicate with the dead?
    (she says the last statement with a scary voice)

    Actually, no! I wanted
    to see if I could call out
    a youkai or a shikigami!

    Akio walks away from her, annoyed. He goes up to his little STATUETTE and attaches a TAG to it. Chiyo walks up to him and points at the STATUETTE.

    Errrh, Shinto stuff doesn't
    usually have this kind of doll
    design. So, where'd you get it?

    (Without turning)
    I got this set at a thrift store.

    Chiyo FACEPALMS, out of Akio's sight. He continues to make his MAGICAL CIRCLE. Chiyo kneels down next to Akio.

    You know, I may not be a big
    occult buff like you, but I'm
    pretty sure you're doing it
    wrong. A youkai in a Shinto
    shrine for one...

    Stop messing with my concentration!

    He stands up dramatically, and takes a HEROIC pose. Then, he powerfully POINTS at Chiyo.

    I will prove you all wrong this time!
    For years, everyone has made fun of my
    obsession with the supernatural! I have
    withstood the pain of shame and failure
    all for this day!

    Chiyo looks around as STUDENTS walk past in the background. They are looking at Akio's antics. Chiyo tries to HIDE her face by covering it with her hands.

    (Pacing back and forth)
    For this time, I have prepared a
    ritual that is sure to work! It
    will undeniably prove the existence
    of spirits and otherworldly beings!

    He unzips his JACKET, his back faced against the camera. Chiyo's face twists into a mix of shock and disgust. She reels back, trying to look away - but she keeps making side glances at him.

    Behold! My spirit communication clothes!

    Camero shot of Akio's FRONT, revealing that he was wearing a fancy shiny FLAMENCO SHIRT inside his jacket. It is very FRILLY. He also starts DANCING in a wierd Bollywood-style fashion. Chiyo hides her face in her hands completely, and tries to make herself SMALLER so as not to be noticed by the growing CROWD behind her.

    (Loud whisper)
    Aaaaaah! Stop that Akio, it's so embarassing!

    MAN (O.S.)
    What's going on here!?

    A tall, portly, brown-skinned MAN(40ish) with short, buzz-cut hair in a red jersey cuts into and out of the growing crowd of students watching Akio's surreal DISPLAY. Akio stops dancing and looks surprised. Chiyo turns and stands up, realizing that it was their English teacher PORO-SENSEI.

    Oh crap! It's Porko- I mean Poro-sensei!

    What was that, Konmeidou!? (He pauses to
    look Akio over) What are you doing?

    (Faking a smile)
    He's... doing some public social
    science club experiments!

    Akio turns to Chiyo, looking puzzled. She ELBOWS him hard, making him wince in pain.

    (Nervous Laugh)

    Experiment, huh? Social Sciences...
    Hurrr... Just to be sure,
    I'm bringing this to up with
    the social sciences director Nanami-sensei...

    As Poro turns away to monologue, Chiyo and Akio sneak away. The professor realizes something, turning back, but they are gone.

    Wait a minute-! You're both
    in the history club!


    Chiyo and Akio run into the frame from the side of the screen, coming to rest at a WALL. After heaving for a few seconds, Chiyo KICKS Akio in the shin.

    Ow! What was that for?

    For ruining my clean disciplinary
    record and embarassing me in public!

    Akio recovers and walks a small distance away from Chiyo. The camera focuses on his face, as he tries his best to look callous.

    I didn't ask you to come
    ruin my magic ritual.

    Chiyo angrily walks up to him, flicking him in the ear. Revealing that her foul mood was an act, she smiles at him.

    Stop acting cool, silly. You've always
    been bullied without me around. Of course
    I'd come visit you when I can.

    Flashes of Akio's childhood. A YOUNGER AKIO(10) is on the ground, crying. In the next frames, a YOUNGER CHIYO(10), helps him back on his feet.

    Stop crying, you're supposed to be a man!

    Back to the current reality, Akio turns away from her, embarassed after remembering the words of a little girl. Chiyo stares at him blankly, noting his silence.

    Well, what if I don't need your help anymore!?
    Jeez! I'm already 16 this year, and you still
    keep treating me like a kid!

    Chiyo shrugs. Akio glances at her sideways, trying not to match her gaze. The camera switches to her puzzled face.

    Hmm? Was there anything else?

    (Raises his arms)
    Aaaah! Just leave me alone, okay!?

    Akio walks off after raising his arms in frustration. He folds his arms after a short bit. Chiyo puts her hands together, shouting at him.

    Okay! I'll be waiting at the
    gate at 5PM later, okay?

    Chiyo leaves the area. After she's completely gone, Akio kicks over a trash can. Then he sits down at a nearby bench. He puts his head in his hands.

    Stupid Chiyo, she doesn't listen to me!
    Now I can't even go back to complete the
    ritual I spent so much time researching!

    Suddenly, he sees an OLD JANITOR(50) in blue overalls at the corner of his eye, fixing up the trash can Akio knocked over. Akio stands up and apologizes by bowing. The Janitor waves it off, smiling. There is a SMALL BLACK DOG is seen next to the Janitor, wagging its tail.

    Sorry, I just feel terrible, being so
    weak and powerless. I can't even succeed
    at doing the things I like doing, and she
    keeps bailing me out.

    (Holding up the Onmyodo BOOK from earlier)
    Yes, youth is like that. By the way, is
    this your trash? I think its long overdue
    for the burners.

    A-Aaah! No! I need that
    to call on the ancestral
    spirits of Pettigrew!

    (Pulling up a GARBAGE BAG)
    Oh, so it is trash. I see.

    Akio tries to grab the BOOK from the old janitor before it can be put in the GARBAGE BAG. He fails consistently, the old man nimbly keeps keeping it out of the younger man's reach. The little black dog barks at Akio the entire time, wagging its tail. Eventually, Akio tricks the old man, grabbing it with a feint. The old man laughs at having been beaten. Akio runs off a short distance, and stops, pointing at them.

    (Keeping the rest of his stuff away from them)
    You guys are all jerks! None of you understand!

    Akio runs offscreen, and the janitor watches him leave. The old man turns to the small black dog. The black dog looks back up at him.

    So, what do you think of him, KERBEROIDER?

    He sucks, old man. Why pick this particular loser?

    JANITOR (O.S.)
    (Screen BLACK)
    We'll see.