Winx Club OR H2O Roleplays?

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  1. Hey! I don't know if anyone is interested in any of these here is a jist of each one
    I'm looking for 1x1 or groups!

    -= Winx Club =-

    Fairies who transform and gain powers in their fairy form, there are different forms - the higher the form the more powerful you are and the different outfits you receive. Usually gaining forms through many difficult tasks and also in a group of your friends you usually always stick together (Us) Each fairy specializes in one power Ex. Nature - Technology - Sound - Fire - Light - Ice - Wind - Lightning - Water - ETC.

    Witches - Evil
    Fairies - Good
    Male Knights - I can explain in comments
    Professors - Good or Evil
    Willing to do this in 1x1 or in a group I would prefer a group.

    -= H2O =-

    Mermaids who transform at the touch of a water. They were regular humans who transformed at Mako island, during a full moon in a water pool inside the volcano they stumbled upon accidentally. Each having a unique power turning water into something - Boiling Water - Ice - Jelly - Manipulating Water - Spells - Potions. They can swim superbly fast and are able to breathe underwater.

    Land Boy or Girl
    Pod Leader (Leader of a mermaid pod that wants to take mako over) - Bad

    So I don't know I can explain more if anyone is interested in roleplaying either and there are shows Winx Club can be found on youtube and H2O on netflix if you want to watch it.

    Disclaimer : Winx is a kids show but I still find interesting at 15 *Hides embarrassed*
    H2O is a kids show again but could also be interesting for teens - My 22 year old sister likes it so :bouncy:
  2. I am interested in both actually! I love both of those shows
  3. Awesome! - Do you have a preference for one I'd rather do a 1x1 rather then wait because it seems not many others are interested but I'm also fine with being patient if you would want to wait for a group?
  4. i'm quite interested in the H20 one, even if i've only seen 2 episodes of the show ;U;, i just really like mermaids right now
  5. Why don't we do a three way story with H2O
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  6. That'd be quite perfect as H20 is mainly based around 3 mermaids I'll make a thread very soon! :) I'll tag you guys once it's up!
  7. Awesome! Can't wait!
  8. Hm too bad, I love the H2O show and would have loved something along those lines.
    Love Winx too, but feel a little less of an urge to RP a fairy at the moment haha
  9. This is like the third time i've come across you in an rp interest, Olissa lol
  10. Come join us! :) We're opening one last spot for you
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