Winter's Breath

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    It is winter in the lands of Maailm, a home once renowned for their high elven arts and magical crafts. Over time the Elves began to allow others into their lands, the men from sea and coast, the dragons of the skies, the halflings of the rivers and lakes, even their rivals the dwarves of the mountains and caves who valued their arts and machines over the graceful elven ways, and the gnomes of the frozen tundras, kin to the elves.

    While the others took to the lands that reminded them of home, the heart of Maailm, the capital city of Elumaja resides deep in the numerous forests of Maailm. The castle-town is ruled by the High Queen Estinia after her husband had faded into the spirit plains of Elven Beliefs.

    Although the surface seems peaceful in this country, the men have started an insurrection against the ruling Elves, wishing to take the abundant lands for themselves and their country of Kai Gebiet. In order to do so they have been causing discord amongst the populous and even began secretly murdering people of power of the other races that have taken up homes in Maailm. The High Queen has put out a notice that all people are to keep a look out for any suspicious activity and has put a rather large, yet unnamed reward for the capture and or defeat of the leader of the insurrection.
  2. Game Master: Zypher and Ozzie

    Accepting New Characters: YES

    Character Limits: One per player

    Posting Expectations: Once a week minimum!

    Rating: R. Violence and sexual situations.

    Mood: Depends on the scene, runs the gamut

    Character Sheet:



    Race: (Though all races are present Elves are the most populous and no dragon players sorry)


    Appearance: (Pictures are recommended!)


    Magics: (Not required)

  3. The Country Maailm

    The country of Maailm (which lies on the western edge of the continent Lume) is currently at the beginnings of their winter season, the snow is still fresh and white and covers the branches of the numerous trees. It is a mostly temperate climate (much like real world Denmark) where the summers are warm and the winters are cold.

    The country is bordered on the north by the Kalnu Mountains which lead into the tundras and rocky mountain country Fryst, home to the rugged Dwarves and the hardy gnomes.

    To the east and southeast the country is bordered by the Mezs Forest which leads down the rolling hills to the flatland country of Straumi which is mostly plains dotted by numerous lakes and rivers belonging to the Halflings.

    To the direct south and a bit to the south west is the small coastal country of Kai Gebiet which is made almost entirely of rugged coastal lands and some swamplands of the Men. From there they can escape out to the other continents of the world where the eyes of most beyond men and the adventurous sorts have not seen.

    To the west the Kalnu mountains turn into the Kalnu foothills and lead out towards the Sea of Lost Wonder where the dragons keep roosts in the rocky outcroppings by the sea and the men make their way out to unknown lands.


    The magic users of this world are split into two major categories. The formally trained Mages who studied in the Colleges of Lume and those who are "Wild" mages, those that went to the Colleges are called "Mages" and "Spellcrafters", those that are wild are called "Witches" (regardless of gender), or "Shamans." The term "Sorcerer/ess" can belong to either, but more often then not is associated with "Wild Magics" then the formal College trained magicians.

    College trained magicians learn their magic through studies and application whereas Wild magicians learn their craft through use in the wild, while both produce identical effects depending on the spell, the college trained magics tend to be a bit more exact and have far less chance of causing random issues while the wild magics are a bit stronger but far more unpredictable.

    Elves, Dwarves, and Halflings tend to be more studious and college trained while Men, Dragons and Gnomes tend to follow the wild magics though that's not to say each are mutually exclusive.


    Gaulder Ornisson - Gnome Hunter - Played by Zypher

    Taendil Nithion - Elf College Mage - Played by Tribby

    Brynhildr Brynjarsdotter - Harpy/Gnome Barbarian - Played by Ozzie

    Sinras - Elf Wild Illusionist - Played by Kitti

    Rose - Human Wild Shifter - Played by Zen

    Gwynn Malcol - Elf Warrior - Played by Iliana

    Galdneiks of the Kapteinis - Halfling Craftsman/Noble - Played by Cammy

  4. Character Sheet:

    Name: Galdur Ornisson

    Age: 24

    Race: Gnome

    Personality: Though gruff at times Galdur is generally a kind person. He values hard work and self reliance above all else, but that's not to say he doesn't take well to working with others. He enjoys the wilds of Lume to the cities and feels uncomfortable around large groups of people. He has a preference towards making friends with the Halflings and Dwarves and has a tenuous relationship with some of the clans of Harpies. Though he is aware of the dragons he hasn't met any in person so doesn't have any opinion on them, but he feels he might not trust the great beasts. He finds Elves a bit snooty but doesn't come in contact with those from the cities and castle towns as much as he meets the ones out in the heavily forested areas.

    Appearance: Galdur stands at five feet tall (which is the average tallest the Gnomes of Fryst get the smallest they tend to be is four feet). He commonly dresses in the furs of his quarries which he has made into armor. His hair is light blond which is a common trait shared amongst the fellow gnomes. His eyes are a bright green, reminiscent of the auroras that color the night sky of the northern part of Fryst.

    Equipment: Galdur carries with him at all times his steel sword, his bow that was given to him by his father who was a bowyer in Fryst and any miscellaneous amounts of arrows. His armor is made out of the hides of various hunts of his, the majority of the armor made from the skins of the mammoths that commonly roam the tundras.

    Galdur also likes to carry a few trinkets from home, such as the tip of a mammoth tusk on a necklace around his neck and a ring his mother had given him when he was little. He also keep a couple of potions to heal himself on the fly, though it's only a couple at any given time.

    Magics: Though not a real magic he is familiar with herbs and plants of Lume and knows how to brew them into potions to extract magical properties. As such he keeps some alchemical supplies with him in his pack.

    History: Growing up on the harsh tundra landscape of Lume is tough for anyone, even the Gnomes who call it their home. Galdur was no different, growing up in his family's nomadic clan he learned everything he needed for survival in the cold tundras. As he grew up he was taught by the clan mother about the plants and wildlife around him and how he could make things to heal and things to hurt from their essences, from his Mother he learned how to hunt, how to track wild beasts and take them down with an arrow, from his father he learned how to be strong and last on his own in the wilds and the ways to find civilization should he need it.

    When Galdur has become a bit older he did, as all his tribesmen have done for countless aeons before him, and set out on his own, on a quest of self discovery, one that would lead him into the very realm of the Elves, crossing the mountains of the Dwarves' hidden strongholds he found his way into the forests where he began to make a solitary existence. It isn't long before he has found himself spending much of his time around Elumaja to sell his wares at the markets and making friends amongst a couple of the elf merchants who use him to supply their wares. As the deaths begin he becomes worried until the father of one of his merchant friends is murdered, and he is forced to take up arms for the honor of his friend.
  5. Yay! One Elfy Mage coming up~! Character in Progress.
    Name:Taendil Nithion

    Age: 60

    Race: Elven
    Personality: Bookish, but not too quiet. He loves knowledge and doesn’t mind what he has to do to get it. He's fond of those who like him, are in love with the written word. Taendil has a quick smile for those who keep their voices down in the library when he both works and plays. He’s moderately friendly and not cruel.

    Equipment: Taendil has always a book on hand, or several. Along with pen and ink and quill. He carries enough magical supplies for a few spells each, along with his trusty spell book. He carries a long dagger with him at all times and often carries a sword if he thinks he’s going to need it.

    Magics: College Trained. Graduated with High Honors.

    Bookish Spells:
    Soul Tome: Knowledge of who had a book or paper before him, all the people before him, includes faces but no names unless the name was once on the paper. Also imparts knowledge of who wrote the book/paper. Or printed it, if it's a mass-printed copy.
    Thousandth Knowledge: Ability to read books thrice as fast as normal without losing anything.

    Light Spells:
    Howling Bubble: A glowing floating globe that makes horrible noises
    Orriella's Luminous Star: Makes things glow, organic and non-organic as long as they aren't charmed or hexed in anyway.
    Suke's Ornate Globe: Just a glowing floating orb of light, can be various colors. Will follow the castor, or if told will stay put. These are popular as decorations as well as they don't cast heat and come in various sizes and brightness's as well as the colors.

    Pathis's Soul Gilded Leathers: A light armor that doesn't get in the way of usual spell casting. Reduces damage like a suit of actual leathers.
    Pathis's Soul Gilded Shield: A basic round shield, invisible to the eye and half the weight as a real one. The shield follows the bearer.

    Yryenen's Saphire Blade: A conjured Spell blade of blue that glows in the dark and is Rapier shaped and balanced. Thrusting weapon.
    Deaf Orb: Makes a person, or persons deaf.

    Last Stream: Creates fresh water.
    Fire's Friend: Creates enough fire to light a goodly sized campfire or fireplace.

    History: Taendil is the son of two very loving Elven parents. He had the typical Elven upbringing, at least for the higher class/more wealthy Elves. He had a tutor in both academics, swordplay, and horsemanship. Taendil spent long hours in his Father's library reading anything he could get his hands on. He especially loved stories of adventurers. Finally the boy was old enough to enter into the Mage College where Taendil found his second true love; magic. He kept up with both his sword play and his academics. He was enamoured of learning, working long hours with whoever would teach him whatever his fancy dictated that day. Taendil didn't even notice the rising levels of hostility outside the library walls where he now worked. He didn't have a clue until a messenger brought news that his Father had been murdered. One of the only Elves to be Murdered in a rash of killings that were targeting Outsiders. Taendil knew that his Father was very friendly with the Outsiders to their great Home and he had even met many of them before he had joined the college in his search for knowledge. Taendil doesn't know what to do, he doesn't know much about the Killings but he finds himself in the midst of it and desperate for answers as to why his Father had to die.
  6. Dammit Zypher, stop making games I want to be in.
  7. I'll go ahead and create an "elf" sorceress for this RP. Also, is it okay if I bring in a trio of characters from a far away land of Men, where the current level of technology and society is more similar to that of early 20th century than medieval times (I'm talking about the era between 1910 and 1918, with guns and such, but nothing like cell phones, computers, and other modern stuff)?
  8. No, sorry, the limit for characters in this one is one and the level of technology throughout the lands are strictly medieval, most definitely no guns. The men are more like Vikings in this game, and with the prevalence of magic technology is pretty slow to advance outside of Dwarven civilization and even then it's mostly used for better mining tools.

    EDIT: If anyone else has any more questions feel free to PM me! :D
  9. Name: Rose

    Age: 20

    Race: Human

    Personality: A calculating type, Rose is one to think before she acts. She is a bit anti-social because of spending ample time in the woods. Keeping a conversation with her is very unheard of. If she does speak, it is done so with very few words. Besides this, it's difficult to discern Rose's true personality.

    Appearance: archer-bowman-girl-rpchar.jpg Note that she has brown eyes, not green. Her hair is also slightly longer than pictured.

    Equipment: Trained as an archer, if Rose is certain that is she is not going anywhere that requires her to Shapeshift, she will take her quiver and bow. If not, then she will take her sheathed dagger and a small pouch for her clothes.

    Magics: Wild - Rose cannot stay in an animal form for more than an hour. At this point, her body will try to revert itself back into her human form. She also cannot take on the form of a dragon or any mythical/immortal creature.

    History:My mother and father raised me like any good parent would. They fed me, clothed me, and loved me. They were both hunters and enjoyed the wild. I, however, loved it. I have no siblings, so the mountains and forests quickly became my playground. I learned how to hunt from my parents, and thus, learned how to take care of myself when I was out. At the age of ten, I learned Wild Magic. It was a very slow process, one that involved me learning all I could about the animals I changed into. That was the limit of my magical knowledge. I couldn't throw fire, couldn't breathe out frost, just change into animals. It was all I needed to be happy. I could fly, swim, climb, sprint - all as an animal. The drawback was shifting back into a human. I always changed back nude. This is why I'm forced to carry a pouch with my clothes. I also cannot stay in an animal form for very long, an hour is the minimum, perhaps longer if the form is one I often take. I have also tried to change into a dragon, but every time I try, my mind is barred. When I was younger, I so desperately wanted to become a winged serpent that I spent an hour focusing on the form. My body didn't change by a hair.

    My family never was one for politics... Oh yes, they kept up with the war and made sure we were well away from the fights. We live near Elumaja, the capital, but my father suggests that we move our home. I cannot agree more. My mother on the other hand is a zealous soul. She believes in what the humans are doing and fully supports them. My father anxiously quiets her when she begins to rant. I for one really don't have a stand on the matter. Perhaps it is because I am part wild, not the magic, but in nature. People terrify me, and their way of life is appalling. I am not primitive in any manner, I am well read after all. But the cities, and the noise, and the people - No, the forests are better for me.

    So how did I get myself involved? How else?

    My mother.
  10. Name: Sinras

    Age: 27

    Race: Elvish

    Personality: Bluntly honest, his words hold no guile in them and he prefers it when people are the same. Lies will immediately earn his distrust, because he sees it as a form of deception and therefor somewhat hostile. He's a bit shy and unused to interaction with others but he's enthusiastic once he's determined the person to be friendly.


    Equipment: Clothing, a simple leather cord around his neck with an amber stone on it

    Magics: Some wild magic with an emphasis on illusory capabilities.

    Raised by parents native to the forests, Sinras was being trained by his mother in magics and his father in hunting skills when they were both killed. Being only fifteen at the time, Sinras was still very much a child by the standards of the elvish people and had little desire to seek the greater community since his parents had often spoke of their restrictive rule systems.

    For this reason, he instead took to the forest to continue his own training. His minor magic with illusions is used mainly to give him the element of surprise, for his attacks are heavy into deception. He's surprisingly fast and agile, which lends itself to him pouncing on prey from the trees and snapping their necks. His magic helps him by cloaking the sounds that he makes or covering the evidence of traps laid on the ground.

    After several years in solitude, learning the plants of the forest as well as the animals, Sinras ventured to the towns where he bartered for things that he needed, donning his father's old cloak to hide his visage. Gradually, he grew close with a young woman in the town whose family was very welcoming to him and often gave him discounts or free items. It was from them that he learned that the deaths of his parents may well have been one of the earlier strikes of the insurrection.

    His will resolved when the young woman and her family were found dead in their home without a lead as to who had killed them.
  11. *Reserves this spot while I think of something!*

    Name: Galdneiks of the Kapteinis clan

    Age: 37

    Race: Halfling

    Personality: Serious and thoughtful, quick to anger but slow to act on it. He prefers diplomacy, but is a skilled fighter like the rest of the adults in his small city. He possesses a good attention to detail as a carpenter building furniture for the exacting dwarves and the hard-living gnomes up North. This is important as these sales bring much-needed money and locally unavailable goods into the city.


    Equipment: Usually carries a small axe and multi-purpose knife for utility or defense. Specifically for fighting, he carries a rapier and a gladus. While traveling, he carries a small pack which has supplies for camping/fishing, etc.

    Magics: none

    History: The Kapteinis clan are the major shipwrights and builders for their small city near the edge of the halflings land, which makes them the leading clan. Up until recently, Galdneiks' uncle was the Thane for this self-reliant city, but he's now dead, murdered. This unspeakable act devastated the entire city, leaving Galdneiks to inherit his title. However, although the clan knew all about keeping the city running smoothly, they did not know to whom they needed to present the new leader. Therefore, they sent Galdneiks to the only leader they knew of; the High Queen. He left with the next shipment of furniture destined for the Elumaja marketplace, and has just arrived in the large city.
  12. Name: Gwynn Malcol


    Race: Elf

    Personality: Gwynn has a soft and curious personality. She isn't they type to jump into conversations, but she always keep s an ear out on things, mostly importance things. If she ever does hold a conversation with someone, try gathering as much info about what is being said as possible. Apart from her curiosity, she has little to zero room for fun. There is always an air of seriousness about her, even in her leisure time. Opening up is a reluctance.

    Appearance: View attachment 7209 Standing around 5"6, Gwynn is a fair skinned elf (the only blemish being a burn on her right thigh). She has dark brown hair that ends at mid-naval and is usually tied into a braid (save for when she is in a rush or at home).

    Equipment: A long metal sword in a dark blue and gold sheath that usually hangs over her back, much like a bow and arrow. Despite has a light weight but causes immense damage due to the sharpness of the blade itself. At her hibs, 4 chakrams are placed in a woven pouch for long ranged combat.

    View attachment 7210

    Magics: College Mage. Specializing in Healing.

    History: Gwynn was raised by her Aunt and Uncle. The two adult elves had no children of their own and Gynn's mother and father had no need for her. They gave baby Gwynn to her aunt with the excuse that 'a child is an overbearing item that they could not handle at Maailm's current time in history.' Growing up with them, Gwynn was curious to the outside world, the powers in which she's seen from other elves, and the dark crevices of forests. Her curiosity took her places, fed her information, and even sharpened her senses.

    When of age, her aunt and uncle finally decided that it was time for her to learn the magics of the elves, though they feared for her social life. Gwynn was not much of a talker nor did she associate with many people. The only thing she wanted to take the courses for was to better her abilities in combat, though she never encountered any real danger.
  13. Name: Brynhildr Brynjarsdotter

    Age: 24

    Race: Harpy-Gnome Halfbreed





  14. Oh, I'm joining! I have to go now but I will post a CS ASAP.
  15. Okay everyone, time to finish up your character sheets. Those of you using magic I recommend that you explain what magics your character can do, not just listing where you learned them!
  16. I made my changes, I hope they are alright Zypher~ ^^
    I gave spell names since he was College trained and I can imagine they have books and books of spells and such. Those are always in his mind, most of his other spells have to read and prepared for, these are the ones he always has on hands and the things he needs for them.
  17. Okay everyone, I am starting this tomorrow, if you have no finished your character sheet please do so ASAP so as to join in on the fun!
  19. Name: Daniel

    Race: Human

    Job: Assassin

    Age: 17

    Appearance: badboy12.jpg Note: my charachter dosnt have that bandage on his eyes

    Personality: Cold to others around him travels alone in this world dosent like to group with otheres, he will do anything for the things he loves

    Equipment: two daggers that he keeps in his belt. kit-rae-nasek-serpent-dagger-w-display-2-4170197a_HISsB_1333.jpg Some poisoned needles that he keeps in a bag grabed on his belt and some smoke bombs he keeps in his jackets pocket.

    Skills: Very agile and quick, very sneeky luring in the shadows not able to see him, knows martial arts technique and can make herbs into poison

    History:When Daniel was 4 years old his mother and father were murdered infront of his eyes, he never forgot the killers face. Daniel was romeing the streets living on the dirt not eating anything from weeks, he was near dead when a men found him and took him into his home. The man was an assassin he trained Daniel becomeing an assassin. When Daniel become the age of 15 he found the man that killed his familly and killed him, from there on he had been traveling the world on his own
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