Winter Wars

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  1. Okay, so I ran this on another forum, and I admit I screwed up with it. But I really like the idea and want to run it again.
    The concept is technology took off during the 50's and man soon reached out into the stars. A terraforming experiment took place on Mars, making it a habitable environment.
    Man was soon colonizing Mars, seeking to gather the resources of Mars.
    Fast forward about thirty years. Earth goes dark and Mars forms it's own government. However several factions see a chance to seize power during the initial years of the new government and band together, forming the Free States of Mars.
    The United States of Mars sends a small force to put down the Free States, but it fails and the Free States attack back. Using Blitzkrieg tactics the Free States soon take a considerable amount of land. The United States of Mars quickly stopped the advance of the Free States with a large counter attack. Currently the war has entered into trench warfare, with neither side making much ground.
    so that's probably enough to give you a good idea of the universe, but what about the tech.
    Arms remain vastly the same as they were in WW II, meaning MP40s, Lee Enfields, and such weapons.
    However there are newer weapons, such as Tesla Rifles, remote detonating explosives, and such things. There's also Strength augmenting armor that allows a soldier to use an otherwise mounted machine gun on the move, however such kinds of armor are not massed produced and are in prototype phases.
    And of course, we have planes. Planes are considerably more advanced then prop planes, however the pilot is still subject to G forces. Jet planes exist, and pilots are outfitted with suits designed to help them with the Gs, but they can still only take so much.
    That's about it. As far as the name, well it doesn't take place in winter, but Winter Wars sounded better then Mars Wars.
  2. Sounds interesting, I love being a soldier. Count me in
  3. *slowly raises her hand*

    I think I'd be down for this, Vulnus. Possibly as a medic or a sniper, unsure.
  4. You can count me in Vulnus. I think i'll stick to my previous character, wouldn't you mind?
  5. sure, but we probably won't have more then one intro, and I'll be putting in a rank system so you're not starting off high ranked.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.