Winter is a Cold Time of Year

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  1. A young woman, who looked to be about the age of 19, walked down the dimly lit city street. Piles of brown and grey snow were piled up along the edge of the sidewalks and very few cars were out driving this late at night. Dressed up in a thick winter coat and dark skinny jeans, her body was warm, but her nose and cheeks were bright red and wind chapped from the cold. She ran her finger through her russet red hair. For some reason se was always told how lucky she was to have it, while all she could think of were the negatives of it being so thick and frizzy. Plus it took 2 hours to straighten it. Talk about a major pain in the ass.

    Laurel stopped at the cross walk, looking both ways before deciding it was safe to cross. Out of nowhere, and car suddenly veered through the intersection and stopped just millimeters from hitting her. A scream escaped her lips and she stumbled backwards as the man honked the horn furiously at her. Annoyed and pissed she walked over to te driver's side window and knocked on the glass until he rolled to window down.

    "You need to watch where your going. And stop drinking before you drive, I could smell the alcohol before you even rolled down the window. Your lucky you didn't hit me." She said angrily, the rage in her voice evident but it was shakey and still slightly fearful.