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  1. Took the liberty of starting a thread seeing as your inbox was full when I tried PMing you. Here's my character:

    Drew Narissa Anderson, female. Twenty three year old with a master in marketing. Brunette with blue eyes, stands 5'5. (I develop personality as I go, but here's the basic) when it comes to family, or the business, she's incredibly stoic and businesslike. Catch her after a rough day in the office, though, and it might just be an entirely different story.

    I hope this is enough of a character description to start with.
  2. (This is great!)

    Richard Herbert Jacobs is someone you'd like to know. The way he dresses is beyond compare to others, as in he dresses really well. If he goes out he dresses in high class, grade a silk linen or a suit. His suits are from the best of the best, and he always has the cash to pay. If you can get past how well he dresses then you will see the hardworking yet cocky man who wants to be the best. It isn't that he wants to win every single tennis match, or football game. No, it's about confidence. That is how he got to the top. Mr. Anderson believed that he was his legacy, he was almost like a son to him. Richard accepted that and often took advantage of that. Sometimes he'd show up to barbecues that Anderson had hosted and had seen his daughter maybe once or twice never really noticing her. In short, Richard wanted that money. He knew if he had more money it wouldn't be hard to take over the company. Then once he took over the company then he can finally be that 6'1, brown eyed and brown haired man that would be the head of the company.
    Richard moved his way down the long hallway to the room in the back of the establishment. He tightened his tie around his neck and fixed his silver cuff links making sure they were in the right position. The wall were plain, maybe one or two painting but they were small and nothing special. Of course they would pick this place to read the will. Richard shook his head and continued till he got to the end of a long hallway. On the door at the end of the hallway the sign read "Office 24". This was the place he had to be to hear about the will. If this daughter of Anderson's tried to put up a fight he'd probably sue her or threaten her with something he already owned of Anderson's. Richard opened the door and looked at the old woman with a suit who was holding a couple of pieces of paper. The lady shot him a look and then he sat down. He looked at his watch, 12:29 and still waiting. Richard pulled out a small book and began doodling awaiting Ms. Anderson's arrival. ​
  3. Drew wasn't in a rush. As the representative of her family's estate in the reading of the will, her mother still torn up and in mourning, it wasn't like they could start without her. She had no intentions of being late, though. The rest of the city, on the other hand, was sure that was exactly what needed to happen. Between hitting every stop light from her apartment and the office building, as well as at least three minor traffic jams caused by emergency vehicles. By the time she had smoothed out her pencil skirt and straightened her blazer, she knew she was pushing it for time. She walked in, knowing exactly where she was going, and offered polite smiles to anyone she passed on the way to the room marked office 24. She'd met the other man that her father had claimed his favorite many times over family dinner, and it almost troubled Drew to know that her father had put him in the place of the son he'd never had. She entered the room, making a quiet apology to the woman that was to read the will to them and found an empty chair.
  4. The woman at the desk set the papers down and looked at the two then began reading. "Let me skip to the good part." She skims ahead then continues to read. "To my daughter I leave half of my fortune, and the same to my colleague Richard." Richard stood up and was about to say something but the woman shot him a look then he sat down. "The catch is you both need to split it yourselves. I did not give it a specific amount so I leave it to you two to figure it out."

    Richard looked at the woman as if she were mad. Splitting the will among ourselves? Anderson would never do anything like this? Had the man gone mad before he died? "Is that what the will actually said?" Richard looked at the woman as she nodded at him. What would this accomplish? "So I guess it's just set it between two people and decide who gets what? I'm not going to participate in this! I deserve the money more than this daughter of his." Richard has just enough sense to continue on before crossing his arms and waiting for some sort of retort from Drew.
  5. Drew listened to the woman, completely calm. Her father had never been the kind of man to leave anyone out, and he certainly hadn't done so with Richard. Half? Half? Her father had given half of her money, her company, her family's estate, to a complete and utter stranger? Oh, this was not okay. And not to mention she had to figure out which half she got with the man that didn't deserve any of it? That was complete absurdity. There had to be some kind of miscommunication. That simply wasn't possible. They just needed a new lawyer to read it over, that was all.

    It seemed that Richard was having the same fit. It irked her that he felt he was entitled to any of this. He was just staff, after all. "Oh, do you now? So I'm not his blood? His pride and joy? While you may have a stake in my business, you certainly don't have the right to speak to me in that manner." She looked to the woman, who seemed like she was planning her escape. It wasn't her fault, her father was simply out of sorts when he wrote this. Her eyes were cold as she scowled at Richard. This man, who did he think he was?
  6. Richard turned his head to Drew then sighed. "Look I understand what you are going through, but have a business to run. So, let's figure out what we are doing." Richard folded his arms and looked back at the woman. How is she more entitled then him. He was like a son to him and did more than she had ever done before. He had provided the company with large sums of money, and made it look good? How could Drew disrespect him so. Richard thought back to all the times he had gone out to lunch with Anderson and the times he had gone boating with him. Sure she could have had some of those memories with him, but they weren't as good as his.

    The woman looked at both of them and set the will between them. "Now I understand the will is odd, but we have already analyzed it. It is quite simple you have everything in half. I know it's strange but that is what the man requested. So, do with it what you must."

    Richard looked at the woman as if she were mad. He took up the paper than began reading. She was right, and it didn't make him happy.
  7. "Do you? It looks to me like you're just leeching off the Anderson family name. Excuse me for not bowing at your feet." She said, and the determined that was the end of the subject. She wanted her half, and then she wanted to try to forget that every decision she made would more than likely have to be cleared with this man. Drew didn't work for the company, a decision she'd made before she'd even graduated from her university. So no, her qualifications and knowledge of the Anderson family company weren't quite as extensive as Richard's, but she did have a vested interest in learning it.

    The woman put the will between them, and Drew didn't bother looking at it. She knew her father well enough to guess that he wouldn't leave cause for misinterpretation. She was patiently waiting for the man to figure this out for himself so they could simply settle this once and for all. "Thank you." She told the woman, feeling much like a scolded child with the chiding looks they'd been receiving as they'd argued.

    "So, an even 50 split, shall we say?" She offered. She wasn't going to give him anything in addition, no extra shares, nothing. It wasn't his right.
  8. Richard looked at her and nodded, knowing he probably wouldn't win this. He sighed and stood up putting out his hand to Drew. "I guess we should meet later then discuss this." What would they do then? It's just going to be bickering and annoying. Why does he have to deal with this woman. It was obvious that Anderson wanted him to get the important investments, parts of the company, and wealth to be able to expand and make a golden age for the company. Richard had the intelligence and the will to be able to bring this company to the top, and make the Anderson name noted and respected.
  9. "I suppose we should." She said, and then pulled a card from her bag. It read 'Drew Anderson, Marketing Executive' and then her number. "As I don't think I've ever had reason to give you this before, I suppose we're going to have reason to communicate." Drew said with a reluctant smile. Years of training to keep a smile on her face, no matter what she was encountering. was shining through even now. Butthurt over how her father had decided to write his will or not, they were both extremely successful adults in their fields, and that was what they truly needed to remember if they were to come out of it unscathed.
  10. Richard took the card before he pulled out his. He was usually leading something like this. Everyday he would have a situation like this occur. Why didn't he do this before her? Richard shook her hand and put the card in his pocket. This little battle had been lost, but he knew he would win the next one. Since it was Friday he thought he should meet her Sunday. No one is doing anything and it's usually quiet at the coffee shops. Richard had to plan this out like every event or social endeavor. If he didn't do these things he set right he wouldn't be able to get the things he wants. In some parts of his heart he knew he wanted all the old man had to his name, but he only needed half. Richard put his hands into his pocket and walked down the hallway and out of the building. He had already taken the day off, and he only had golf with some of his colleagues on Saturday so it was going to be a relaxing weekend. He got into his Maybach and drove home. There was nothing left to do other than to plan, because he knew he had to get this right.
  11. (Do you want to skip to Sunday, then?)

    Drew shook his hand politely and accepted his card in turn. She'd taken the morning off, planning on going into the office to do a few things before she took off for the weekend. Of course, her weekends normally consisted of an early morning jog, a coffee, and then rushing to the office on a Saturday because of something the new CEO was worrying over. For some reason, marketing executive also seemed to scream 'firm therapist' at the same time. She took a moment longer than he did before leaving, glancing once more at the will on the table and wondering just what it was her father had had in mind. There were some things she'd never know about that man. She left the building, found her car in the parking garage, and promptly left the place behind. She checked the time on the car stereo and pulled a face before she found her way to her office. She was more than preoccupied with thoughts of their impending conversation, so the addition of three staff members and a secretary talking to her at once made her want to slam a door in their face. This day couldn't end soon enough.
  12. Richard woke up the next morning angry,tired, and most likely hung over. What was it about Drew that made him so overwhelmed. She knew what she was doing and he could tell that by the off putting smile. He made himself two eggs over easy with toast cut into triangles. It reminded him of home, when his mom made it for him when he was younger. The thought of home troubled him sometimes, the farm life wasn't always easy and he had to make his way to the city. His dad never cared nor did his mom, and that's what drove him. Richard was always trying to reach new heights or break bounds. That was his standard and he kept to it. Just on that fact, he knew he wasn't going to golf today.

    The rest of the day he planned until he was to meet Drew tomorrow.
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