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  1. winos of Iwaku! I wish to hear your cheap, sweet, fruity wine recs!
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  2. I just bought a few bottles of Crane Lake wine yesterday for $3.99 each. I bought 2 bottles of sweet red and 1 of gerwursteminer. Naturally, the wine isn't as good as let's say a $15 bottle of wine, but for the price it's really not that bad. After the first glass it was tasting damn good. Now sweet red, unlike traditional reds, is a refrigerated wine that like it's name suggests is sweet. It is one of my favorites. And Gerwursteminer is a dessert wine.

    For other cheap fruity wines I suggest buying some Pino Grigio. It doesn't matter if you buy the cheap kinds because I like to put frozen berries or fruit in mine. I like adding raspberries, peaches, or strawberries. It's delicious and keeps your wine chilled!

    Chateau Ste Michelle riesling is also really good and relatively cheap. And lastly moscato. Moscato is soooo yummy, sweet, and you can find some pretty inexpensive brands.

    ^5 for the winos!
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  3. West coast cooler. Best thing ever.
  4. All I know or care about wine is it comes in white or red and I don't like the bitter shit.

    So, most wines are mediocre to my tastes.
  5. I can't stand any wine except the fancy stuff my grandfather used to brew in his basement.

    I really like my mead though.
  6. I used to drink the wine at church. Does that count?
  7. My father in law have my hubby a bottle of blueberry wine for Christmas last year. No idea who made it, but it was really good.

    I'm not really a wine drinker though. Give me some rumchatta and ice cold milk, or Malibu rum and pineapple juice and I am happy to sip on it all day.
  8. I make a drunken pot roast with two whole bottles of wine. >>
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  9. I need a 'that's adorable' rating

    This is like recommending a breezer if I asked what's a good rum lol
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  10. 2 buck chuck
  11. Freaking Barefoot Moscato is the ish.

  12. @Minibit
    You live in Canada, right? Just want to make sure before I recommend wines because my favourites are BC wines and idk if they import to the states. D:
  13. I live in BC! Recommend away :3
  14. :D Perfect! My mom is a huge wino haha. I'm not so much, but she's taught me some things. I can't attest to the cheapness of these exactly, but they taste nice. Though since you live in BC, they should probably be cheaper than they are here in Alberta!

    "Pink Freud" by Therapy is super nice; sweet, but not too sweet.

    Lang vineyards makes a really nice Rose. Unfortunately I got this for my birthday and recycled the bottle so I can't tell you exactly what it's called. D: Maybe they don't have more than one. I'm sorry. *weeps* Just drink it carefully, because the alcohol taste isn't strong at all and I could easily drink a whole bottle without noticing. :I

    Nk'mip 2014 rose is another nice one, but I wouldn't say it's all that sweet. It's sweet on first sip but has a dryer after taste.

    Grey Monk's Kerner and Siegerrebe are nice and sweet! They're actually a bit too sweet to me, but you might like them? Siegerrebe is the sweetest if memory serves.

    and I don't drink red, since it gives me migraines, so I can't recommend any to you there.

    I'm actually having a brain fart and can't remember the names of some of these, since my mom went to the Okanangan in September and brought back like 18237198 different wines from a bunch of different wineries and they started blending in haha. I'll ask her tomorrow about some though, and come back and let you know. :D
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  15. HEY IVE HAD BETTER STUFF, BUT IT JUST TASTES DELICIOUS >:P. Like champagne. That is... just....amazing.
  16. Sweet red wine, or anything with moscato in the name, those are the ones I prefer of wines. Though I really prefer beer more nowadays :D
  17. I'm not of legal age to drink yet, but I've always been curious if wine tastes any good.
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