Wilmette Valley

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    At approximately 2:06am on January 1st, the sky above a sleepy little city in South Dakota split in two. The mountains shook and rumbled, and lightning sizzled and snapped. A sonic boom shook the glass in every windowpane in town...and then, silence followed. Wilmette Valley had taken on two new citizens on that cold evening...and was about to take on a whole lot more.

    When the dimension shifted to allow for the past to blend to the present, a tear was created in the fabric of reality. A tear that spanned 100 miles, and served as an open highway to another plane of existence. Creatures only the wildest of imaginations could produce filtered in through this portal, flooding the countryside. As if that wasn't enough, existing supernaturals found they could not travel past the 100 mile boundary. Doing so caused them to be banished to that foreign world through the tear, with no hope of ever returning.

    Humans and mortal creatures seemed to be the only ones unaffected by the barrier...


    There are some frontiers that nature never intended for earthly beings to venture into. She has given us the mysteries of the deep. She has given us the adventures of the lush rain forests. She has even given us planets, that provided the proper technology, we can explore.

    It should have been enough. Our curiosity should have been satisfied with these great wonders... But it wasn't.

    Nature has laws, rules that must never be broken or life can simply never exist as it once did. She tried to make them clear, but our society is a selfish one. We offered her no consideration, and for that, we shall suffer on our earthly plane.

    Time travel was never our right. The very laws of physics forbids it. To find a loophole, to rearrange the very building blocks life itself was founded on...it is no wonder that what would follow would be a nightmare. The last, the present, and the dimensions in between were never meant to meet, after all.

    We are lucky it is isolated to the mountain city of Wilmette Valley and the surrounding 100 miles.
    At least, for now...

    Welcome to Wilmette Valley, where things are not what you expect!​

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