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    Willow's World Building Method is a series of lessons/workshops that guide you through world building via my method. My method consists of exploring Geographical & Climate Aspects, Biological Aspects, Culture Aspects, Science & Technology Aspects, Species & Population Aspects, Magic Aspects, Government & Politics Aspects, Borders & Locations Aspects, Adversaries & Affiliate Aspects, and so many more facets of world building, in a fun and quirky way!

    I aim to make these lessons easy and fun to read. World building is my favorite thing to do and you can craft worlds for many different things, such as; roleplays, books, movies, video games, and other projects. When I create a world, I look at every single detail that can be had in a universe, even down to what the kitchen sink looks like. World building can be a fun activity to do for various projects and I can't wait to share my method with you in the coming threads.

    Geographical and Climate aspects of a world are crucial to the natural atmosphere and surfaces that make up the earth. The various land formations can be unique to the world in a variety of ways. When creating a world you should focus on the facet of the earth that excites you the most. Until you have completed all details down to the least exciting aspect of world building. This has been the introduction to the series of workshops known as "Willow's World Building Method". If you have any questions or comments, let me know! I can't wait to explore the facets of world building with you!

    This Introduction post will also have a table of contents for each of the threads in this series; listed below:

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    Table of Contents: Willow's Worldbuilding Method

    Thread #1: Series Introduction | YOU ARE HERE! | This thread is about introducing the series and is a table of contents for future threads.

    Thread #2: Magical Aspects of Worlds | CLICK HERE FOR THREAD | This thread discusses different facets of magic and how they can be used in world building.

    Thread #3: Aspects of Geography & Climates | LINK GOES HERE | This thread will discuss all about geography of your "earth", and what kind of climates are suitable for different populations and genres of plots.

    Thread #4: The Creation of Flora and Fauna | LINK GOES HERE | This thread will go into detail about all the magnificent ways you can transform your world with flora and fauna alike. It will have mild biology lessons about various plants and animals, while also discussing about creating new structures and variations of the plants and animals we know today.

    Thread #5: Sapient Species for Player Use | LINK GOES HERE | Since the basic premise of Iwaku is to roleplay with others; this thread will discuss the world building aspects of player species/races. It will go into detail about the many options you can give your players in creating a playable species from an original world or concept.

    Thread #6: Borders and Locations of Your World | LINK GOES HERE | When visualizing your world, where are the borders and locations within it? This thread will dive into the aspects of map making, as well as, ideal geographical locations and borders between populations of your world.

    Thread #7: Government and Political Aspects of World Building | LINK GOES HERE | This thread will briefly explain earth's government and politics before going into detail about applying these aspects to your own world builds. There will also be different world scenarios of governments and how the life would approximately act within it.

    Thread #8: Science Mechanics & Technology in World Building | LINK GOES HERE | This lesson will explain different mechanics of science and how they would relate to world building. As well, it discusses aspects of technological advancement in your world's society and how it effects your build as a whole.

    Thread #9: Adversaries & Affiliates Among Sapient Species | LINK GOES HERE | This lesson will discuss affiliates and adversaries among the populations of your worlds and how that effects it. It will also go into detail about the relationships between each living thing within a world and how to determine which one should be friendly or Enemy.

    Thread #10: Religion & Theology Facets of World Building | LINK GOES HERE | A lighthearted lesson on religion and the theology behind it and how you can apply these facets to your world builds. It will also discuss religious differences that can occur between genres of worlds.

    Thread #11: Currency & Trade System Within a World | LINK GOES HERE | This Lesson will discuss all about creating a currency and trade system within your world.

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