LESSON CHARACTERS Willows' Guide to Creating Characters: Series Introduction and Table of Contents

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    Willow's Guide to Creating Characters is a Lesson Series about the many fun aspects of making a character for a roleplay. If you have ever struggled to think of a good idea for a character, my goal is for this guide to help you address the different parts of character creation that are hard for you. I will try my best to give you helpful examples of the various parts of making a character. In the end, creating a character for a roleplay should be an investing and creative experience that you should enjoy! The character is the most integral part of pushing any plot forward, and without your characters, we wouldn't have such diverse stories on Iwaku!

    This series aims to go through my perspective of the many ways you can create a character. From physical attributes to the mental capacity of your character, this series will explore it all. Have you ever been stuck on deciding what dislikes or likes your character should have? Well, this guide will aim to explore even those reaches of a character. In the second post, there will be the table of contents. Which will be a list of all threads planned so far in the series and a short description of what they will be about. After each thread has been posted, I will link them in the table of contents post below. Thank you for joining me on this series about exploring all the possibilities you can create with a character. If you have any questions or suggestion, feel free to ask below:

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    Thread #1: Series Introduction - YOU ARE HERE - This thread introduces the series and holds the table of contents as well.

    Thread #2: The Basic Characteristics - LINK GOES HERE - This thread explains about all the general and basic characteristics a character has. This includes their name, species/race, and age. This thread will not include anything about appearances since it will be explained further in the next thread.

    Thread #3: Appearances of Characters and Their Apparel - LINK GOES HERE - This thread will go into detail about physical appearances and what they say about a character. As well it will explain all about a character's apparel and how it influences their behavior and world they are placed in/made for.

    Thread #4: Personal and Behavioral Characteristics of Characters - LINK GOES HERE - This thread will discuss the personal aspects of your characters, such as; birth, objectives, basic personality, and more. It will also go into detail about common behaviors your character might display in everyday living.

    Thread #5: The Mental and Intellectual Capacity of Your Characters - LINK GOES HERE - When creating a character, there are many mental aspects you must consider. What will their IQ be like? What kind of languages do they know and speak? How good is their memory? In this thread, I will discuss all about the mental and intellectual capacity a character can have.

    Thread #6: A Character's Philosophies and How They Perceive Their Reality - LINK GOES HERE - In this lesson, we will explore the philosophies of your characters and their outlook on life as a whole. This thread will also discuss about spiritual and supernatural characteristics your characters might have. As well as how those attributes influence your character's life.

    Thread #7: A Look into Likes and Dislikes of Characters - LINK GOES HERE - This lesson will explain all the various ways you can express your character's likes and dislikes in a roleplay.

    Thread #8: Exploring a Character's Social and Common Behaviors - LINK GOES HERE - This lesson is all about your character's social attributes, such as; Communication, Mannerisms, and much more. There also will be discussion about your character's common behaviors; insults. compliments, farewells and greetings.

    Thread #9: School, Work, and Wealth with Characters - LINK GOES HERE - This lesson will be directed towards the characters who are in more modernized settings that have school and work within the world. As well, I will explain all the various attributes of wealth that you can create for your character. (Class, Funds, Income, Debts)

    Thread #10: A Character's Intrapersonal Connections - LINK GOES HERE - This lesson will explain all about the people and things that influence your character's life. Among the topics discussed will be about your character's Acquaintances, Rolemodels, Pets, and more!

    Thread #11: A Character's way of Combat and their Everyday Reactions - LINK GOES HERE - This final lesson in the series will discuss all about how to write out your character's reactions. There also will be discussion about various combat attributes and how those pertain to creating a character.

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