Willing person to partner one on one with or take up in a group RP

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  1. Not quite sure of myself and what I should put here past wanting a partner.

    As stated or rather listed in content ratings is basically things I'm interested in and no problems adapting to your wishes and desires for a RP

    I'd like to do one on one or a group. Can be a forum or in messages. I'm not picky

    I enjoy fantasy, fairytales, dark things, mind fucks, fanfics, twists and turns, futuristic, did I mention fanfics?, mature and non mature content, and that's pretty much it as far as I'm aware of thing coming off the top of my head.

    If you want to just chat, bounce ideas, RP, talk....*digs around head for more words but I am only coming up empty* I'm pretty much cool with it all. I've been on and off rping for the past 8 years, I can do one liners or paragraphs. I'm pretty much bored if it wasn't that noticeable and want some form of interest in doing something other than being at home killing time before work and such.

    Please either reply here or message me personally if anyone has an interest of sorts for me even if it is to only bounce ideas off of.
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  2. How do you feel about a dramatic plot? Female and male?
  3. Sure I'm willing to do it. Pm me and we'll talk in more detail if you would like?
  4. Still interested in rping with someone as I'm willing to participate in more than one RP at a time and also willing to do a group RP as well. Even if you have an idea and what I list here isn't something your interested in, please just ask me if I'm interested in what you want to do. Knowing me I probably am-there's very little I won't RP about if there is such a thing.
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