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    Peter Joyce strode down the hall, his hands stuffed in his jean pockets. His letterman jacket made him look bulkier than he was in reality. Truthfully, he was one of the smaller members on his highschool football team. His speed and agility were the only things that kept him on the team. His hair fell around his head in a choppy cut, dark strands falling into his green eyes. He watched his beat-up Converse slap against the linoleum with each step, keeping the rhythm in his head. It was Friday and the last dismissal bell had just rung. Peter's eyebrows knitted together when he heard the familiar jeering of his fellow teammates. An infinite string of slurs bubbled up in Peter's throat but never made it to his lips as the jocks waved him over, hooting and hollering as they called his name. An internal conflict nearly tore Peter into two. One one hand, they were all asshats. On the other hand, he didn't care to be on the receiving end of said asshattery. He forced a small smile onto his face as he did what any Junior-in-highschool conformist would do; he crossed the hall towards his teammates.
    They laughed and bro hugged him, an awkward gesture that Peter despised. But he did it anyway, his chest slamming against a few others. He resolved to sit in the middle of the pack against a locker, his hands returned to his pockets as he looked up and down the hall. His breath caught in his throat when he saw the boy he'd had a crush on since middle school approaching the pack of rowdy boys with his own friends in tow. [Person A] had seen Peter witness his teammates roughing up his friend's before, and he'd seen that Peter had done nothing to stop it. Peter was not high on [Person A]'s list of morally correct people, if he was even on it at all. As far as Peter knew, he wasn't even under [Person A]'s radar.
  2. Yona Houghton sighed as his friends were pulling him away from where he was headed to, telling him about how he shouldn't get close to those guys by the lockers. Though Yona had seen it before, those guys shoving his friends around and even beating them up just for fun. Turning around, the blue haired teen glared at his friends with his bright green eyes, signalling them to let go, which they did. Yona wasn't the type who would let such things go so easily, even if he knew he stood no chance against the group of jocks. What angered him even more was that Peter Joyce, someone he knew since middle school, didn't do anything at all even after seeing that. On a second thought, he and Peter wasn't close at all back then, so perhaps that was the reason, besides the fact that Peter wasn't exactly the biggest person among his group. On the other hand, Yona's group wasn't exactly filled with big sized guys or anyone close to that, most of them were rather small sized, except for Yona, who was the tallest of the group, though he was one of the slimmest ones.

    "Well, perhaps if you were a girl, they'd consider letting you off, but no way, man." Malcolm, one of his friends mumbled. "I mean, yeah, you look pretty and all 'model-ly' like, but Yona, if you just walk straight into their group like this, you'd be in trouble for sure !"

    Yona just stared at his friends for a moment, they weren't too far from approaching the group now, and what Malcolm said actually made sense, he couldn't just watch as his friends got roughed up again just because of his own selfish desire. The teen sighed once again, then shrugged as he told his friends that he left something back in class. With that, the group walked away from the lockers, then decided to take a detour around the block to avoid the other group.
  3. Peter frowned as he watched Yona interact with his friends. He wondered what they were saying to each other as he pushed off the locker gently, so as not to disturb his teammates, and slipped out of the back of the crowd, unnoticed. He walked quickly to the door and exited the building, speeding his pace as he tried to catch Yona coming out of the side door to the building. He didn't know what he'd do when he got there, and he doubted he'd even talk to the blue-haired boy. Just seeing him was enough for Peter.
  4. Yona and his friends exited the building from the side gate, seemingly in a slightly better mood than when they were about to walk by the lockers. Sometimes he couldn't help but to wonder why would those jocks do that to his friends, it wasn't as if they're nerds or something like that, perhaps Aubry aside, that guy's a straight A student and no one knew how he managed that. Yona himself hasn't been much of a victim to those guys, which was a good thing, though he couldn't helped but to be bothered whenever he saw one of those guys.

    "Well, I'm heading home first." He turned towards his friends and gave a small wave before heading off towards the direction of his house. Yona would walk to school every morning, unless his brother was free enough to drop him off, which was rarely.
  5. Peter rounded the side of the building, catching a glimpse of Yona as he walked away. Peter slowed slightly so he wasn't as noticeable, walking down the sidewalk nearly twenty feet behind Yona. He lived in the same neighborhood as Yona, something the blue-haired boy probably wasn't aware of. Why would Yona pay attention to Peter? He wouldn't.
    Peter bit his lip as he sped his pace slightly, attempting to catch up to Yona. Panic surged through him as he scraped his brain for something to say when he got up to the boy.
  6. As Yona was walking, he could hear footsteps behind him. But he paid it no attention, or not until the footsteps quickened. Perhaps it could be someone jogging by, or that's what he hoped to think. Though to confirm his guess, Yona decided to turn around, just in time to see Peter chasing after him.

    His brows knitted as he noticed the other, but turned away and fastened his pace. Was Peter following him ? Or was that guy just merely passing by ? He didn't recall Peter living in that area, or rather, he didn't pay enough attention to the guy to even realise it.
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