Will Wonders Ever Cease (Clementine_x and Finch)

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  1. Another beautiful day shown through the invisible layers of the super-dome surrounding Wonderfall. Another beautiful day spent on the streets, patrolling. Another beautiful day wasted. "Just what am I supposed to be on the lookout for??" The thought ran crisply through the head of the young soldier. These days always bored him, these streets always bored him. Just why was everything so damn boring?!

    The "young soldier" under the microscope is one Sylvester Byrne, or as his lovely colleagues loved to call him "Syl the Small". Standing at 5'6, weighing a mere 140 lbs, and at the age of 22, it was a fitting title for the meager man-at-arms. Only a couple of years ago, was he awarded his spear and chain mail, Syl was one of the newest to join in the City Guard. To most, this was seen as a huge honor, but Syl knew better. The only thing he was enforcing was pickpocket laws out here, and his "criminals" rarely above the age of 8. He wore no helm and let his loose, shaggy black hair spill down his face like a polluted stream, matted with sweat and partially covering annoyed azure eyes. His spear was fashioned with dragon-whisker lace (typical of the King's Guard because his family was well respected ) with an ebony tip and golden shaft, matching the off gold and white chain mail that conformed to his slender body.

    He marched forward through the bustling city streets with more than just a sense of monotony, nodding lazily to any passerby that happened to greet him. The enormous waterfall loomed miles in the distance in front of him, even at this distance seeming to take up a good portion of the sky. There was talk back at the post of some sort of rebel group threatening to overthrow the king and tear down the magical properties of Wonderfall, but he knew it for what it was; A falsehood, stories told by restless soldiers eager to put their years of practice to use. He supposed in a few years he'd be joining in on the misinformation campaigns himself, if not out of lack of total boredom.

    A couple of notches down the road and he spied his favorite tavern, "The Drowned Wench", its run down oak doorway all but see through and inviting in its own dilapidated way. Syl stopped for a bit when he got closer, a smirk touching his slender lips, with a slight flick of his eyes back and forth to see if anyone was watching. He could probably blow off some steam for awhile without being noticed, maybe even weasel a discount out of Lemmy or one of his co-workers when he was in uniform. Anything to break this dull streak

    "A drink or three is just what the doctor ordered"

    He exclaimed under his breath, taking one last look around, and pushing open the heavy door in front of him
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  2. Kaydence sat in the bar, her head hung over her drink and her brown hair falling around her shoulders. Her blue eyes searched the amber liquid, trying to find out something that could help her out of her situation. Kaydence lived a rough life. She lived off every paycheck, every penny went to something but she was tired of it. Her parents had died a few years earlier, leaving her debt to be paid off and no place to live.

    She took another sip of the cold liquid, feeling it slide down her throat but bringing no comfort to her. The bookstore she managed was barely getting by, nobody read anymore. Nobody wanted anything to do with books. She was done with school, reaching 21 years of age. Today was her birthday actually. That's why she was here. She had been waiting, saving up so she could be proper and get herself a real drink. Who else would give her anything for her birthday?

    She had no friends, no family, she was utterly and completely a loner. She didn't attach herself to people because she just wasn't used to it. Growing up she had realized she can't attach herself to people. She had problems. Some weird problems that she had no explanation for. When she got really mad or emotional they flared up, her hands would begin to shake and electricity would crackle through her veins. She didn't know how to control it, heck she didn't even know what it was! The first few times it happened she knew she needed to stay away, withdraw from the world before someone got hurt.

    She heard the door open and looked over at the guard. "Great." She whispered under her breath. Just what she needed, another annoying person to try and talk to her. She took another sip of the liquid but she still had too much left to chug. She just hoped he left her alone or was nice. Her day had already been terrible and she didn't need a flair up here.
  3. The bar was quiet, almost solemn, as he entered through the doors and surveyed the area; weighing on his demeanor only slightly. The town seemed to be in a trance these days with a sense of melancholy, while the local guards were in trap of tension about this new "rebel group" that was supposedly emerging. Syl was uninterested in such matters though, he couldn't fathom why anyone would want to rebel against Wonderfall. There was nothing but peace for the last millennium, all of the prophecies said that the world outside was a harsh, unforgiving place. In his mind, there was just no reason to want to leave. Not that he was content, he didn't like the sound of the alternative.

    A fair amount of guests littered the place, sprinkled here and there at the wooden tables in their chairs, a single young woman at the bar. Eyes were cast on him instantly, but either looked away, uninterested, or doing their bests not to make eye contact, presumably guilty of some minor infraction or another Syl cared very little about. The heavy thud of his boots on a wooden floor carried with him as he strode up to the bar, 2 seats away from the only girl that occupied it. He set his spear down, propped up on an adjacent stool opposite of where the woman was sitting. Smiling, he plopped himself down, eyes tracing back behind the bar and toward the kitchen on the far end. There was no one manning it at that time, but Syl was in no rush.

    Out of courtesy, he tried to make eye contact with the other patron down the way, to offer here a friendly smile and a nod, but she apparently wasn't having it. Her body language told him to "buzz off", so he sighed and focused his attention behind the bar once more, eyeing all of the bottles of liquor stacked haphazardly on their shelves. A few seconds later, the kitchen door flung wide, a slender woman presumably in her mid thirties exited. She had long blonde hair that draped down to the small of her back, and she wore an expression that screamed annoyed. Her expression only dimmed further when she saw Syl staring back at her, stupid grin on his face. Syl knew exactly who she was, her name was Marian. She took over for Lemmy when he wasn't around, one of the most senior members of the tavern.

    Strolling to where Syl sat, by no means in a rush, Marian passed the girl and approached Syl

    "Drinking on the clock again, eh Syl? Just what would we do without diligent guardsmen like yourself?" she let out a brief sigh and shake of her head before asking "The usual?"

    "You know me too well Marian"

    Syl responded, still wearing his grin and watched her load up a highball glass with half potato vodka, without even waiting for his response. Sliding it to him from about a foot on the counter-top, she feigned distraction as an excuse to get away from him. Marian never really cared for Syl, he didn't know why but he never let it bother him. For the most part, she was polite and efficient so he couldn't complain
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  4. She looked over at the guy again, a confused look on her face. "You actually drink that?" She giggled. "I have always seen it on the menu but never actually seen anyone drink it. It sounds gross." She smiled, her mood changing. She looked down at her own drink before finishing it. She needed to get out of here. She was feeling that odd feeling in her stomach. He would try and talk with her. She would respond. Conversation would ensue.

    No! She couldn't. She had to stay unattached, unemotional. She could put everybody at risk with her powers. She slipped her change on the table and nodded at the woman who had brought her a drink. "Have a nice day." She met eyes with the man. She didn't look half bad currently. She had ripped jeans that hugged her just enough to show off her body and a loose black t shirt. She tucked her hair behind her ear and walked out of the bar.

    Instantly the warm air outside hit her. She closed her eyes at the sunlight and tried to move her head down where it wasn't as bright. She hated the sun, always had. A sigh soon escaped her. She had counted to ten and he hadn't followed her so it was time to move on. She stepped down onto the pavement and began walking, her green converse hitting the pavement at a decent speed. He wouldn't follow her... right?
  5. When he heard the voice coming from his side, Syl spun with surprise. He really didn't expect the girl on his right to try and strike up conversation with him; she appeared to be lost in her own head. Syl quickly washed away that look though and replaced it with a sincere smile as he twirled his finger on the top of his glass, tracing the rim

    "What, this old thing? It's just vod-"

    He started, interrupted suddenly by her desire to get the hell out of Dodge a curt "Have a nice day". Syl watched her leave with a look of mild surprise, never responding because of the suddenly uninterested display, as she walked out of the door, leaving Syl to sit by himself at the bar. He let a smirk come to his lips as he shook his head, taking his first drink. The strong liquor slid down with ease, leaving a mild burning sensation in his throat. About a minute or two had passed, and Syl didn't realize that Marian had returned, standing behind the bar with eyes full of ridicule and a smug expression on her face.

    "Way to go Syl, I don't think I've ever seen someone repelled that quickly by interaction with another human being. You certainly have a way with the ladies"

    She said, tone full of flamboyant sarcasm. Syl gave her a look back with the smile still on his face, giving her an animated shrug

    "That's some sound judgement there from a woman who's been single her entire life, yet works at a tavern"

    He offered back, jokingly, but still with stinging words. He knew the topic was a hard one for Marian, but he wasn't about to let her be condescending without repercussion. She let out a scowl and turned her back to him, letting Syl start back on his drink and give a few seconds of quiet to think about what just transpired. No, she wasn't deterred by flirtation. First of all, Syl never offered any. Secondly, he never even had a chance to say two words yet she brought up the conversation. Syl had a knack for interpreting body language and people's psyche, and from his summation, she was hiding something and afraid. But Syl paid little mind, downing the rest of his glass and flagging down Marian for one more before he returned to his shift
  6. Kaydence put her hands in her pockets and skidded to a stop. Where was it? Where was it?! She began freaking out, frantically searching her pockets but couldn't find it. She turned and ran back to the bar. Her breath heaved as she pushed the door open. She couldn't lose it, it was the only thing that helped her powers. She looked at the bartender back to Syl.

    "Did you guys? Did you see this..." How did she explain it? "It's a soft rock, black. It is super smooth. Please I have to find it." She asked frantically, looking around where she had been sitting. She ran around Syl, looking back at the bartender. Without the rock, the special rock, her powers would go crazy. She looked at Syl, her eyes apparent with fear. "Please help me." She whispered.

    After a few moments of looking it was apparent it wasn't in the bar. How could she have been so stupid? The rock had been passed down through generations. Some sort of forbidden magic within it helped to contain the powers of those who hadn't learned to contain it themselves yet. She had needed the rock much longer than the rest of her family.

    Now, without the rock, she could feel her veins turn into fire. Her skin began to prickle. She couldn't control this. She always needed help with the control but now... She looked to Syl again before going outside. She needed air. She hovered by the door, trying to catch her breath.

    A small, black, sparkling rock sat next to the vodka in the back counter of the bar. It was hidden, but who had put it there and why?
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