Will it slow me down?

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  1. So I'm downloading a new graphics card. Problem is, I have a fear that it will slow down the rest of my computer. The only reason I want a new card is so it can run the games better.

    So, any advice will be greatly paid back for. Please Help! :(
  2. I'm...not sure I understand. Downloading a graphics card? You don't download hardware, you install it. you download drivers, which impact the hardware's ability to perform, in that they make hardware (ie: graphics card) perform better. But the graphics card is hardly the only thing to consider when gaming, or building to game. Your RAM, and processor speed have the heavier impact, tbh. If those are outdated, updating your graphics card will only make a slight difference.
  3. Thanks, I'm really new to it.
  4. Generally speaking, if you're getting updated drivers for your graphics card, your hardware will perform better, not worse. Unless you are playing a game which is so old that it's incompatible with the new drivers, which is rare.