Wii Fit?

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  1. Hihi~

    Has anyone used the Wii Fit? How effective is it for keeping in shape? Does anyone recommend something else?

    My dad's birthday is coming up and he had mentioned needing something to make exercising fun. I've heard of the Wii Fit, but I wasn't sure if it's the best one out there now that XBox came out with XBox Kinect (I basically know nothing about gaming/game consoles). We don't have a Wii console or an XBox console, so basically I'm 100% open to suggestions!

    Any help/info/suggestions/ideas is appreciated! ^___^
    Got the Wii Fit for the family, my brother did, like... when it first came out so long ago.
    Sure, it is fun for a while. :3 There are a lot of fun mini games and stuff! I like the kick boxing, and rhythm type games.
    The running thing is okay. You hold the remote and jog in place, basically.
    The yoga and strength training programs are also okay.. But, you could probably just find them online, and do them yourself as well. It is nice to have a trainer type NPC though! ^^ It's not too bad.~
    I don't think the weight thing is accurate, however. But, it is close. They also try to tell you your bmi, but that is coming from telling them how tall you are as well.
    I mean, it's okay. And the whole left right coordination thing on balancing is weird. But, it's a nice little gift.

    As for effectiveness, eh.. It's fun! Yeah. It doesn't build up a lot of cardio, at least, not for me. But I workout regularly already, and have always been kind of athletically built. It might be good for a family, to get together and have fun while kind of working out! Sure.
    But, if you really want results, I would say spend time to walk on your own, or fit in more cardio somehow. Don't just rely on the Wii Fit for everything. o.x It alone will probably not change a lot.. But!!

    It is very fun. You might get bored and neglect it after a while.
    But, if you have people to play wish, it can be fun. :3

    I have Just Dance, Just Dance 2, and Just Dance 3 for the Wii.
    Best. Game. Ever. <3
    If you follow the moves on the screen and don't just use your arm, which is how you score points, you can really work up a sweat! ^^
    But, that's just me! I play that ALL THE TIME when I'm home, and it builds a lot of cardio into your program.~
  3. GIRL, you are the best! Thank you so much for your input. It's exactly what I wanted to know <3 If just doing Wii Fit isn't going to be much of a workout, then maybe something like Just Dance is better.

    If I get Just Dance, do I need to buy additional accessories? I was looking at this particular bundle, and wasn't sure if that's all I'd need for Just Dance ^^' Thanks
  4. Well, see. It depends on if dancing is something your dad would enjoy, ya know? I ADORE the game, but that is because I put myself into it 100%, and love music, and love dancing!~ They also have like a Sweat Mode, where you can choose a certain level, and stick with it, if you want to. In Just Dance, the first one, and maybe all of them, there is a warm-up, stretching thing too, if you want to do that before starting. In Just Dance 3, they have certain songs that are like workout versions of the usual dancing picks. So, they are more like aerobic styled, and such. And then they have group dances, and duets, and solos, and it's all really fun to me. ^^~

    If your dad isn't really into dancing, then Wii Fit might be alright for him. It has sooo many mini-games and silly things to do. But, it can either help or be annoying with the whole tips that are all like HELPFUL FOOD TIPS, DID YOU KNOW?!, HAVE YOU WEIGHED YOURSELF TODAY?, etc. I find it annoying, at least. I just like to feel a sweat build, and I'm happy. Thus, Just Dance does that nicely. But, that is me. o.o; I don't know if your dad would hold the same opinions. ^^

    You def have everything you need. Just Dance games only need the game itself, and the Wii, and the Wii remote. That's it. You hold it in your right hand, put the strap on, and dance. All three games are awesome, in my opinion. I REALLY love the new one that came out around Christmas, which is obviously Just Dance 3. All games are fun, though. ^^ -shrug.- Just Dance 2 has one of my favorite songs as well. But the third game has A LOT of new things to unlock, and such. I would say start with that one. -nod.-

    Good game as well. >:D
  5. That's a good point >.< I'll have to ask my dad what he likes :D Cause the only type of music he likes is traditional Chinese instruments XDD He also likes little reminders, haha XD

    On the other hand... I might just get Just Dance for myself MWAHAHA X3

    Do I need the Wii steering wheel for Mario Cart? o.o
  6. ^^~ Yaaaaay.
    If you get it for yourself, tell me how you like it!! > w< I play it A LOT when I go home.<3 I miss it.. T ^T''

    You don't NEED it. You can play without it.
    It just helps to have one.~ It's more fun that way.
    But, nah. You don't need it.