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    Hello my fellow roleplayers and lovelies~
    I am here today to bring a few ideas to someone's attention and hopefully find a partner who wants to participate in one of the ideas I have! But before we start I have to go through the boring ritual of telling you what I'm looking for and telling the rules blah blah blah. So let's get own with it so we can get to the good part~~

    ~What I'm looking for~
    1) I would love a partner that's literate and can give me at least two paragraphs (but just know that way more is welcome)

    2) Please be able to give me at least one post a week. Of course I'll take more but I know that holidays are around the corner and real life gets in the way.

    3) Following rule 2, if you get bored or just don't want to participate in the role play anymore tell me. My feelings won't get hurt and I promise I won't cry. But if we did form a friendship I would love to keep that going >_<

    4) I'm a very patient person so I would in turn love a patient person. Sometimes I get really flooded with classes and I just can't reply, of course I'll try to make sure I get you a reply but it may or may not be at lightning speed.

    5) And lastly! Please be able to play both genders, I can play both male and female characters and I don't play strictly submissive characters, so I would love a partner that doesn't just play submissive females. If you tell me you can only play submissive females I'll turn you away...sorry~

    ~Pairings & Plots~
    Now down below are some plots and pairings. The bolded part is the part I want to play and if it has three stars (***) I have a plot for it and if it has five stars (*****) then I have a plot and I really want to do it! Mostly all of these pairings and plots are FxF...I can be persuaded to change my mind though >_<

    CIA Agent x Russian Assassin***
    Undercover Agent x Significant other
    Bad Girl x Good Girl
    Bad Girl x Bad Girl
    Doomed Relationship***
    Rekindled Relationship***

    Gangster x Significant Other*****


    Plot 1: Darker Than Black
    *Includes: Dark Themes, Drug & Alcohol usage, Gang activity
    *Genre: Slice of Life, Romance

    Muse A had always been handed the short stick in life, she grew up fatherless with a broke but caring mother and a little sister/brother that was oblivious to the bad that was always surrounding them. Muse A was called different things, it overall...she was the bad girl that no one could handle. Drugs, sex, and alcohol seemed to consume her at a young age and before she knew it she was making runs for some guy named Roc. Muse B lived in the same place as Muse A but had it a bit easier, she lost her mother at a young age but she still had her father who owned the gas station she lived right next to. One day while roaming around town with her new fling Muse A met Muse B and then and there their romance seemed to start. Muse B saw something no one else saw in Muse A and Muse A seemed to be herself around Muse B. But of course in the life they live...nothing stays happy for long.

    Muse A was doing a hand off that went wrong, someone had given the police a tip and Muse A got the chance to run to see Muse B before the cops found her, and she only had one request...she wanted Muse B to leave with her to where someone wouldn't recognize them, but Muse B knew that she couldn't just uproot her life and declined out of fear. It was hours later and Mise A had been arrested and thrown into a prison for charges that were pretty serious. She had stayed in that prison for six years, and was freed at the age 21. Muse A knew that she had to change things so she had, she got a low paying job and once she knew that she changed her life around for the best she would visit Muse B. But what happens when Muse A finds out that Muse B moved on for the best, found someone and got engaged. Will their teen romance be able to stay alive?

    *Looking For*
    •18+ (sorry if you're younger...I just know that this will include some dark and heavy themes and I don't want anyone getting in trouble)
    •FxF pairing
    •Someone to play Muse A
    •Someone okay with the themes talked about above and isn't afraid of where this could lead.

    Plot 2: I Hate You So Much...Because I Love You
    Includes: Dark themes, Drug and Alcohol usage, Mobsters, Violence
    Genre: Slice of Life, Romance

    Muse A was always the sheltered and protected girl, her mother taught her that love was the devil's concubine and she also taught her that she needed nothing but the lord and her studies. Muse A grew up like this, and even when she moved away from home to attend college she still followed her mothers rules,
    Don't stray from God, Don't follow the path that the devil has made for you, and the biggest one of them all. Don't fall in love. She was successful in following these rules, that was until Muse B stepped in her life and ruined everything. Muse B was the daughter of a feared and ruthless Mob boss who she followed in the foot steps of, so that one day when her father passed...she would take over the family. There was no telling how or why Muse A and Muse B met, but once they met each other it was almost as if there love for each other was instant. Muse A hadn't known of Muse B's past but she knew one thing...her mother couldn't find out about her relationship with Muse B, and her mother never would...well at least that was the plan.

    Muse B's father had passed one day and her taking over was almost instant, she handling all of the deals and all of the deaths of people who wronged her family and her father's name. Muse A had known nothing though, she just knew that Muse B was always gone handling family business and wouldn't ask when she saw random bruises popping up out of no where. And she wouldn't have known a thing until one day when the news came on and talked about the murder of one of Muse B's goons and spoke about how Muse B was the one arrested for it. Muse A hadn't known what to think, but she knew that she wanted the whole story and nothing but the truth. Muse A would visit Muse B everyday in prison and would still feel nothing but love for her no matter how much she had been lied to, and of course one day...Muse B was let out of prison for reasons unknown and was back to her old criminal ways. Muse A would only know what was told to her and wouldn't even believe what was said, how will these two cope with each other and their relationship with a unknowing and overbearing mother on one side, and a huge mob family with murderous and ruthless ways on the other?

    Looking For....
    •Someone to play Muse B
    •Someone okay with playing a mob boss
    •Someone who likes having fun and won't mind the dark themes

    I will update this regularly but just to let anyone know I will play this scenario with different partners so if you see that someone is interested don't be afraid to tell me your interest
    And if you are interested please pm me or post below, and I hope to see some of you lovelies soon
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