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  1. (Read all before you PM or post. Updated often )

    Okay so I get ideas daily but also have ideas that don't take off in regular roleplay. Okay so I do have a few rules when it comes to role playing with me. I do only thread role plays, I don't like pm rp's sorry.


    Forum rules
    No GMing
    No mary sue or Gary stu
    No op you can get hurt
    No anime
    Dont control other's characters
    No one liners ( this is huge, 2 paragraph minimum.)
    Third person only
    Bring ideas to the table don't just rely on me

    I want someone who will reply and not drop the rp. So if your just going to drop please don't pm me.

    M and F. I don't play males. Or I can double characters one male one female only way I will play a male.

    Okay so after all that I will give you a gist of rps I like

    Historical eras ( medieval and Salem witch trials etc.)
    Mix of each
    No anime

    So idea's
    What I really am craving marked with
    What Role I will choose
    Some with a plot in mind


    Supernatural and human parings: [
    Werewolf x human or both
    Fae x human or both
    Vampire x human or both
    Siren x -------- (closed)
    Fallen Angel x Human
    Anything else you can think of ]

    A lot of these do have a medieval setting to them
    Assassin x Assassin
    Knight in shinning armor x wanted Thief/ lost princess

    Bounty hunter x Bounty
    Detective x either CI or Victim
    and her Familiar
    Salem witch x witch Hunter
    College student Ă— exchange student
    Naval seal x Naval Seal
    Ghost team Leader x Ghost Team First Mate
    Pirate x daughter of a ex pirate captain
    Something Futuristic
    Bad Boy x New Girl (closed)
    Carvan Gypsy x Detective or Hunter
    Gypsy x Gypsy other clan
    Psycho x partner

    Fandom: all Original Characters

    Warrior cats
    Tuck Everlasting

    Video Games:

    Call of Duty:Ghostâ™ 
    Red dead redemption

    Tv shows:

    Skins U.K. version
    The 100
    The Following

    Harper's Island

    Much more

    Talk soon.

    Ps.I am so willing to accept ideas.

    To make sure you have read it all please pm me with Suffering In Silence
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  2. What about a Maleficent roleplay.
  3. Hmmmmm pm me
  4. still looking
  5. How about a futuristic Human X Alien rp
  6. Hmmm not my thing
  7. How about a futuristic Human X Human
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