Why, Visitors?

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  1. Have you ever read over your profile out of curiosity, checking any changes, and noticed a huge jump in profile views? Noticed that you seem to have a pretty good daily visit rate, or that you've received visits from people you don't know. Ever wondered why they visited your site? Well, me too.

    In fact, I can't help but think about the entire thought process through their eyes. I visit their page, slightly analyze them, borderline stalk the threads they've been in, trying to find a connection. Often coming up with blanks, I find myself saying this all the time:

    WHY, VISITORS? Just, just, just WHY!

    So in discussion as opposed to rant, ever had somebody ninja visit your page, and then become friends with them? Or enemies? Or lifelong partners? Or partners in crime, pet and master, cow and chicken, sense and sensibility, alpha and omega, or the wright brothers? If so, lemmie know!
  2. I just assume people are fascinated by my posts and persona in the cbox : )

    I don't really pay that much attention to page visits, I stalk a lot of profiles myself.
  3. I also don't notice when people are stalking after me, unless that person is someone I really don't like. Then I get all paranoid and wonder what they're up to. o___o But I am also an administrator, so I am well used to being stalked by a large variety of curious people. >>;

    I am also a stalker, myself. So. 8D It's my nature and business to know as many members as possible, see what they're getting in to. Learn what the interests are of our demographic, and make sure Iwaku is tailored to the current trends and such in the roleplay scene. I rarely have an agenda when I snoop on someone's profile, I'm usually just noting what kind of roleplays they are in and who they're playing with and filing that away in my head somewhere for statistics.
  4. Always, I am a whore for attention.
  5. Have you ever gone down a wiki-hole? Start with one article, then click a link then another link then another until you are more then seven degrees from where you started? That sometimes happens to me and profiles.