Why no interest?

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  1. So I created a roleplay, and so far, I've gotten one person to join. So I might have messed up a bit in the beginning, with how I tried to start things, but I fixed it pretty quick. At first, I wanted a small group RP where all the members joined and helped build the world/plot together. That didn't happen, and that's fine, I built the world and created a sort of plot, and it was fun. But I still don't have any members.

    So I went recruiting. I visited oooh...20-30 profiles, surely, and read their roleplay resumes (I visited a few dozen more, but they didn't have roleplay resumes, so I skipped them). I sent out personal invites via visitor message, asking people to check out my roleplay, tell me what they thought.

    I didn't get any replies.

    Now I am sitting here with this wonderfully complex (not really) world, and a story that is just waiting to be played out. And I still only have one other roleplayer interested.

    Is there some method of recruitment/rising interest I am unaware of? Is there a better place/way to look for roleplayers who might be interested?

    Or is there something wrong with the actual roleplay set up? Should I change things around to make them ...better or something?

    My roleplay is called Ra'Shala Emporium (although it seriously needs a new name, since it totally is about more than just the Emporium, bah). The OOC/Recruitment thread is HERE and the main RP thread (which only has like, 3 posts so far, there are only two of us after all) is HERE.

    Please check it out and tell me what I am doing wrong? I only need like, 2 more people (3 max), and then it will be jolly fun and all, with us juggling as many characters as we can sanely manage and such. But how do I get those 2-3 more people? HELP ME! I know every roleplay site is different, and there has to be some trick for this site that I just haven't learned yet!
  2. Have you tried putting in a request for an ad banner for your rp?
  3. Umm....No? Its not really the sort of RP I want to advertise with a banner. I normally use banners when I want a lot of people or don't care so much what kind of people join. Do you think a banner would help much? Can you explain why I would put in a request for it? Is it like, posted around the forum places orrrr...what?
  4. Ad Banners are posted at the top right corner of the page underneath your notifications bar, they advertise roleplays and help gain attention and possible signups. I asked if you had tried to do that, because you had said you were perplexed as to why there'd been no interest. an Ad Banner could help with gaining the attention of possible signups for your roleplay and could possibly make getting the game started run more smoothly. If you are looking for certain people, you should make it a private or invitation only roleplay, or look at the invite thread to find possible players.
  5. If you scroll to the top of the page right now, you'll see the advert banners next to the IwakuRoleplay.com title. We have about 5 or 6 of these in rotation, so whenever you refresh the page you get a new one flash up.

    Just fill in this form and it will be sent to the staff to upload.

    Also, your OOC looks good, but it's got the "wall of text" element to it. I know we're supposed to be intelligent readers with decent attention spans, but most players are just looking for a snappy story to capture their imagination after a day at work/school. Once they're hooked they can then get into the meat of the details. But you have to hook them first.

    I suggest putting some of your information into spoiler tags, and starting your OOC with something "soundbitey". Think of it like a film trailer, or the blurb on the back of a novel.

    Here are some examples of how I do it. A few of these have attracted a mix of old and new players.

    Leviathan Fugue

    Sure, I'm over-using images, but I'm presenting the story before the world. The premise is what matters, and the setting can be hidden in spoilers until players choose to stay. When someone sees your roleplay they want to imagine how they can shine in this story and what emotional paths they can travel. Their first thoughts aren't about the nuts and bolts.

    Starting up world roleplays like this is always a challenge, but it can work, as it did with Sunnepheia.
  6. Asmodeus, thank you for your reply! That banner thing actually looks sort of cool, I might make one and put it up there.

    Also, thank you for suggesting spoilers. The last roleplay forum I was a member of didn't have the whole images in posts thing down (I could never get it to work), and they discouraged spoilers in the set up. I forgot about how handy spoilers/formatting/images could be when setting up a new RP.

    And wow. Those are some seriously awesome, snazzy opening posts there. Wow. Pretty coding. Speaking of which...how did you manage FateGuard one? The images on either side of the text and the column like things with the rules and character sheets?

    Well, now I have to go do some coding/formatting of my thread.