Why Nerds are Unpopular

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  1. "I do what I do. I don't go over with it. This is my fun time, which I much rather spend bantering with you."
  2. Nerds and Smart people are unpopular because they're jerks.

    No, seriously. c___c They know they're smart and more intelligent than the average person. That boosts up their ego. They lord their smartness as a badge over the more popularly people. All that preppy-bashing, hating on jocks, etc, they always say they're more intelligent than them. They point at those others groups going "Well at least -I- know blahblahblah."

    So of course they don't really want to be popular. Being popular means you're an idiot, and if you're an idiot, you can't lord your superior intelligence over other people. :/
  3. Thank you. I appreciate the kind words. I definitely feel like I have improved since then though.
  4. You two may define it like that but my school worked slightly different. Basically we had the four groups.

    1. The popular kids that were either in athletics or had money.

    2. The Mexican group that always seemed to hang out with each other.

    3. The geek/nerd group consisting of people who were smart or people who played with cardboard.

    4. The bad image group, the people at school that either trolled for attention or made scenes.

    Given those four groups I obviously fit in #3. No group was overly dominant, in fact, if anything group 3 had the grasp over the school from Freshman to Junior year, then Senior year I believe the torch passed over to #1 because the magic group went away.

    But it isn't necessarily the groups that hated on each other in the school more than it was the personalities of the people in the groups. There were the good ready to teach magic players in group 3 while there also were the asshole ones that had only the desire to win. (These types also played Halo and thought they were the most badass gamer in the school)

    But to return to the article itself, yeah you had to work at being in one group or the other. I mean, to be in the "popular" group you had to find ways to make yourself look appealing and in essence become a fashion concious individual. Meanwhile, the nerd group had basic requirement of knowing either anime, manga, MTG, or being smart.
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  6. For each character (primary or secondary), post more-or-less the following...

    Current Residence:
    Place of Birth:
  7. Let me have it, people. I'll give me thoughts later
  8. Hanging with family mainly

    And yup. She is playful and innocent...enough :3
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  10. "That was the first time he brought your sister to his home, Melissa was dressed in rags and he had to give her something. It use to be that woman's."
  11. "I don't want the thought either."
  12. "Well it's not your first time I say things that disturb you like so."
  13. Harmony chuckle, "Too bad."
  14. Alexander teleported Anya and herself to New York
  15. "I didn't create Anya."

    Astorath smiled. "Yep. Almost as big as your mother."
  16. "That's true, you're the only one without a pet that can kill us. But you have a girlfriend who can." Harmony chuckle.

    Lyra smile, "I miss being small though. Little girls can fool more people than a big girl can."