Why Must People Be Ass Holes?

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  1. I thought the racial discrimination thing was put behind us, America. But apparently not.
    Poor Iliana was assaulted verbally just for her race.
    Now she is sad.
    Really, America? Really?
    Why must people be ass holes? What can we as 'people' do to stop them?

  2. When and where was this? And where is my stick? THE BIG STICK?

    I hate racial intolerance. It's disgusting and pointless.
  3. She will not relay that information. To be exact, she refuses to do anything. So, on behalf of her absence, I was figuring we could lighten her with this thread.
    And threats of beating the asses down.
  4. I enjoy threats of beating asses down. Sometimes I enjoy acting on them, which can in fact be superior than words. Only at times though.

    Racial intolerance is one of those times.
  5. I have to ask: This isn't something that happened here is it? We're talking about a RL incident, yes?

    Racism is ugly, man. I feel for her and anyone else who has to deal with it. Take solace in the fact that racists are ignorant and most likely have a mental inclination (or possibly disorder) that keeps them so closed minded. Beat downs are fun, trust me I know, but also know that violence is never the answer. In the end, it solves nothing. The best advice I could give would be to ignore it. Like any pest (or troll) they feed off of acknowledgment and attention. Depending on how severe the situation is, reporting it to the authorities might be a good call too.
  6. No guys, I'm fine.

    *glares at Tene for telling*

    And no, October. On another site.
  7. Only a few things are timeless.

    Autumn trenchcoats, experience-driven life lessons and appreciating warm, fresh laundry are one of these.

    Unfortunately being an asshole is also one of these, time has a way of reminding us where we came from but also of how much more we need to work on.

    She can't change who she is even less than people can stop acting like asshats.

    EDIT: OH, on another site? Shit, I'm not too old to start a ruckus on an internet website, let's do dis! (No, I'm kidding, Diana would bleed kittens if we started shit with another site considering history)

    Still though. Asshats, man.
  8. I'm down for going and laying down some very ugly hate language on another site. If we can't physically beat the racist we can verbally assault the shit out of them.

    Racism is unfortunately not gone in America. In fact it appears to be growing each day which is a very sad case. There have only been a few times I've been racially discriminated against for being native american and its generally only after people find out that I am - because I am white as a ghost.

    It is easy to shrug off the insults knowing that the people spewing them are obviously immature and of a very low IQ but it still sucks to be targeted for something as silly as your ancestry.

    EDIT: Of course some racists are very intelligent and just don't realize what they are doing at the time. That's why there is a racial slur in the declaration of independence.
  9. I'm glad that wasn't on Iwaku. D: We'd have to choke a bitch. (Plus, I know we make a lot of really bad jokes around here, so I thought we have another one of those "accidents". >>;; )

    But yeah, racism is one of those shitty things that is ALWAYS going to be a problem no matter how much we wish/try otherwise. ><

    Just remember those people are uneducated dickfaces, and should have your pity. :( They will never know the joy of being your friend or hanging out with other really cool not-like-them people.
  10. My thoughts exactly. You're mixed and that fact is what confuses me. Who hates on someone who is half their race?
    Diana, your insults are quite in order.
    And yes, asshats is the correct word to describe them.
  11. first, tell them to get fucked.

    second, in Australia there is a shitton of racism. most of it used as the butt of a joke between freinds. in any case, let the words of others slide from you like water on a ducks back. if its not something you're interested in hearing, then it matter nothing.

    seriously, the BEST way to get past shit like racism, is to discreetly tell it to go fuck itself, then ignore it.