Why Iwaku Means So Much to YOU

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what's your favorite Iwaku feature?

  1. CBox

  2. Smutty RPs

  3. Random hugs and/or dances

  4. Finding people just like you

  5. Oh, and RPs in general of course! :)

  1. The recent hack job made me realize how much I love this site, and appreciate the super admins who are crazy dedicated! Big thanks and hugs to all! So it got me thinking, what do you guys like most about Iwaku, that you'd really miss out on if it were gone? These poll choices were from observing the temp chatbox we had last night. A little mushy I know, but I'm just so glad we're all still here! :D
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  2. *bakes a cookie the size of the sun and doles it out to the rest of the site, and gives Jared, the Admins, and the Staff a bigger piece XD *

    One of the things I appreciated about Iwaku was the writing. I can honestly say that I've grown as a writer and I know it's getting better the more roleplays I join and exercises I do. I stay here for that and the for the community.
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  3. Yay! I like this question!

    What turned me on to Iwaku was the people in it. I am not an original generation Iwaku member or admin. So when I registered up I was all "yay! these people are cool and my kind of people!". I felt at home.

    These days it's still the people I really love. I can find roleplay, writing, and all of that stuff anywhere. But finding a place where you fit in with the people and the atmosphere of the community is a lot more tricky. o_o I have a lot of friends and people close to me here.
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  4. If I went by what I was spouting off in the Cbox last night, it'd be smut. XD

    However, I love the roleplaying and the people. I've met some wonderful people in the short time I've been here that I can see myself knowing for a very long time. <3
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  5. Well, I am new to this site but I've noticed that it actually makes me want to come back.

    I roleplay because it is a good escape from the reality of life (not that I escape facing those problems, it is just nice to actually kick back, roleplay, and talk to random strangers about problems). I love how you can sign on, be yourself and have fun roleplaying your ideas. I haven't gotten the chance to get close to anybody here, and in all actuality, I get along better with the people I meet online than the people I meet in real life. So hopefully in the future I can come back to this thread and say something different.

    You guys are awesome.
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  6. I dedicated myself to Iwaku about 3 months after I joined. It didn't take long.

    The rp site I came from had a super elitist staff and most of the members wouldn't play with new peeps and the over all feel of it was jerkassery. So when I came to Iwaku, started a RP and a MOD actually joined my game, man, that was something.

    I think the attitude of the staff/member base along with the awesome rp is what I like the best and what has kept me here for so long. As the site grows it just keeps getting better, too.
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  7. I think...that's really hard to pin down. But for me, it's a place where I can explore me, and have fun writing all at once. All of my characters have a little piece of me in them, some insecurity, or trait. And they help me to grow and change as a person, and have fun exploring that, when my lack of knowledge has hurt me, and people close to me in the past. It's a place where I haven't really had to hide myself, because yeah, one person or other might disagree with me over my views, or what I say, but they respect that I have a right to have a voice, even if they don't agree. I haven't had or seen any huge fights, or drama. Not to say they don't exist, but it feels...safer here. For someone who feels rather fragile, of late.

    The people are friendly, civil, and warm. The writing challenges me to do better, where I stagnated in other places. I can forget about all the things that make me have to try to get up in the morning, because here, those don't have to exist. I deal with them, of course. But it's so much easier to engage with other people and just...be for a while. And I can see that there are people like me out there, who like geeky things, and read a lot, and have dealt with parts of themselves they'd just as soon forget. And I feel like if I really need to reach out, I'll find someone here, where I might not have in other communities. It comes down to Iwaku being a great community, with an open, friendly atmosphere, and a healthy, challenging writing base. In my eyes, anyway. n_n
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  8. I came here wanting to RP. I didn't really feel like socialising - it wasn't my thing. I planned to be the member everyone knew was there, but never really paid much attention to.
    Then everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked.
    Eventually, I began posting in other areas, for lack of things to do. I left a sarcastic, often slightly offensive comment, and left without a word. I couldn't help but notice all the different faces on the site - all the people going about their RP lives. Laughing, crying, and just having fun. I'll admit, I was both jealous and afraid of the community. I was jealous you guys got on so well, and I was afraid I wouldn't be accepted into the community. But you accepted a greenhorn whose posts were too long, too short, boring or over-descriptive. You took me in, and sat me down with a mug of hot chocolate. It was wonderful.

    Here, I felt like people actually cared about me. I felt that a site full of strangers was more welcoming than some of my friends, and that you understood me a whole lot better than any of them. You never judged me, even when I ranted and raved about the most trivial of my problems like it was the end of the world. You gave me a pat on the back and a kick up the tush. The world outside was so cold and unforgiving... And I managed to find a shelter from it. This site became my home, the only place I felt truly at ease. I didn't have to hide that I was a little loopy from anyone, I didn't have to hide my love of anime, my love of cheesy romance, anything.

    In short, I don't love the site, great as it is. It's you guys that I love. You've all done something that I can't express properly, not through some pixels on a monitor. I can't help but feel that this site will always be my home, and that we're all some big, mad, family.
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  9. Originally, I discovered this from a google search.
    Then I stumbled upon cbox.
    Then I had a weird cbox drama rp with xnijmai and vay.
    And then I stayed here.

    Iwaku means family to me. A home. Somewhere that opens its arms to you constantly. No matter who you are, what makes you sad, what makes you happy, what kind of freckles you have, what color your skin is, your hair, your eyes, your height, etc.

    Iwaku accepts you as you are.

    That is important.
    And that is what makes me come back.

    And all dem zany cboxers, of course.
    And the candy.
    that no one shall no about but me. -goes to the secret candy cove.-
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  10. ^ I stumbled on Iwaku through a frustrating google search for a roleplaying website. It was on like page 20-something at the time. I was only thirteen. I wrote like a sixteen-year-old, but was still the runt of the little, compared to the others who were here (currently the veterans or ghosts of Iwaku past you could say), but I grew up with them and it's been almost seven years.

    Some Iwakuans were with me during the toughest, toughest years of my life. I was told to "make it my sanctuary, the one place were I could find my solace" by someone very dear to me, so that's what I did.

    So that's what it is now :)
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  11. That's cool. I found it through a Google search as well, but it was way up there from 20! Like maybe even first page lol. :)
  12. I found Iwaku when I was suffering from stress and anxiety when my Uni went on strike 2 months in on my 1st year and I signed up. I was pretty quiet the first week, but then I made my way into Cbox. At first I was like...super shy and just kinda was there, but soon after meeting and seeing a few lovely people there a few more times I quickly made friends and got more talkative -much to some people's dismay lol-

    Rping is definitely a big thing for me, because when I get ideas in my brain that won't work with just me writing them out, I love finding someone who can help me out with writing out the idea and seeing where it can go without just me thinking of plots. I love roleplaying and everyone here is so awesome~! ^^ Even the Mods and Admins were super chill! Every other RP site I was on before all had snippy, egotistical Admins and Staff, so I love the way Iwaku handles that too! ^^

    As for the people. Oh my god. I love you all. Even if I haven't met you yet. With my recent disappearance I was super scared to come back due to my stupid anxieties, but when I did, I found out how many people actually missed me and were happy that I came back. I was really surprised that so many people were happy to see me again. It was a different feeling for me because in my real-life world, no one really pays attention to me and they don't seem like they really care o_o. Iwaku cares though, and that's what is making me come back again and again :)

    I love you guys, and I love this site! I've met sooo many wonderful people here and am currently planning a trip to see one if all works out! ^^ whichitbetterorelsei'msmugglingmyselfoverthere.

    Anywho, you all deserve a huge Mitten-Hug, cauz you're all awesome! ^^ <3
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  13. I found Iwaku in a Google search. The roleplay site I was on beforehand didn't get very many posts. (Your staff member Grumpy knows exactly where I'm talking about.) Plus, my Neopets account got frozen because...um... Well, that's none of your business. >>; Anyway, I needed a new place to roleplay, so I came here!

    My first days at Iwaku were crazy. It was in June 2007, I think. I joined with the name Chaos, which got loads of staff members on my ass. Seriously, there were like 4 mods PMing me like "Um, you need to change your name, we already have a Chaos. Also, have a look at our rules and blah blah! 8D" I got intimidated and fled for a few days... Then, came back with a different name and got involved with some weird Cbox thing where Asmo called everyone lying whores or something like that. It was...memorable? To say the least.

    After all that, I eventually found my place. :3

    Iwaku's a place I just keep coming back to, no matter how hard I try to stay away. There are people here that care about me; I care about them. Whenever I hear about how much people miss me in my absence, it makes me tear up a little. I've never had that kind of friendship before. I love that I can open up here, and that there are plenty of people to talk to if I'm in a dark place. :] Plus: all the writing! The people I write with are so talented and understanding.

    Also, if it wasn't for Iwaku, I wouldn't be where I am right now in life. Seriously. I met my beloved Peter here on Iwaku! Now, we live together with a beautiful son. I'm happy as can be with my little family, and they're helping me become a stronger person each day. :3 It's a dream come true, I'll tell you what.

    I guess... To me, Iwaku is a campfire. It provides us with light, warmth, security, entertainment, hope, strength... It's up to us to keep the fire going so we can continue to have those things! For if our fire goes out, we'll be lost, hungry, confused, sad... Um... I had more to add to that, but I've had too much hash, so I'll go ahead and stop anyway. >__>;

    I mean every word, though. I love this place and I hope to always keep it close to me. It would be foolish of me to leave behind my best friends. (Fuck, that's sappy. Kill me now.)
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  14. Good community, Fun personalities, consistent regulars, decent people, adaptive writers and an evolving variety in site content.
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  15. Because it's home. Enough said.

    no (open)
    Also through google search, bored out of my mind being a NEET hikikomori of sorts. Went to the best looking three sites I found. Iwaku instantly clicked though. I knew I wanted to stay and I was only reading the FAQ. The site has a beautiful and unique design. Players are pretty cooperative and creative. I regret not being with you guys much earlier. Iwaku is the best that came out of my year, of my time as a NEET.
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