Why Is Love So hard (OOC)

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  1. Oh my god hey this is my OOC for Why IS Love So hard

    talk to me here ^^
  2. OMG like why are you here? @Noceur and @Adira HUH!

    just kidding XD

    also Both of you great characters ^^

    one thing Adira (and I know the story I LOVE THE STORY!) who do you want to pair your character with or do you just want to leave it blank and let life choose for you or mostly the rp XD

    and two you guys can post I post something to help you post its under my character sheet XD

    also we need guys -.- I hate it when we need guys XD
  3. Hmm I must think.. I don't know, Whoever wants her i guess XD.Gosh darn it we do need guys
  4. XD lolz yeah maybe Ill drag someone here or something! you guys to get some friends if you have any! that is JK
  5. ;) I'll try!
  6. Haha I know you will ^^
  7. I can play multiple guy characters if it comes down to it I guess o-o (I had a strange idea with Cinderella's two step-sisters, if we can somehow fit them into the mix :P)
  8. That'd be really awesome york! great idea!

  9. Its up to you and I love one of Cinderella's sisters! annabelle? I think her name was she was the red head one

    and its up to you I'm not forcing you to play a buy character York
  10. Anastasia and Drizella
  11. XD Don't worry I think I can manage multiple characters though I'll just apply for one male and as Cinderella's 2 sisters for now I guess (If they can't be paired with anyone, well... Desperate times call for desperate measures o-o)
  12. I can play a guy as well.
  13. What you bring another fairy tail to love them?
  14. XD well, yeah, though if that can't be done then I guess incest wouldn't hurt X-X
  15. ;ets just wait ok you two and I'll talk to you guys later ok thanks NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. okie! I'll just post the CS's and get posts up for them soon enough o-o (the male one goes first I guess)
  18. XD I know I know, it was just better to fill in that spot while the idea was there :S
  19. XD hahahaha LOlz but stilllllll.....
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