Why Is Love So hard (fairy tales Town Story )

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  1. why can't Tinkerbell have her plove?
    Why can't Alice love?
    why can't Hock get what he wants?
    Can the mad hater love?
    What happened to the wolf?
    Did Red Hate the wolf after what he done?
    why Is love so hard?

    'Once Upon' this Is the town of fairy tales. and some fairy tails want to love and some fairy tails have love but what about the others that don't?

    in this town you will be playing as fairy tail characters! yeah! and you choose the pairings. there are some that I have but I know many don't have the same likes of pairs as others.

    so here are the pairs I want in the story if not whatever. but please let me have my Tinkerbell and hock one please I want that one really badly. And I love them

    also this is not a Once upon a time or the wolf among us or whatever! no

    and by the way you can't tell humans anything hell no one allowed being human XD

    so anyways here pairings i like you can change:

    Tinkerbell x hook

    Alice x hater

    Red x wolf

    and yeah you can bring in what ever fairy tail you want! as well!

    Character sheet. its short don't worry ^^

    (what you look like)
    Human Name:
    age: (what age you look like ^^)
    personality: ok so you don't have to have the character full on like Tinkerbell she like stubborn you don't have to have her stubbornness (i love her stubbornness)
    little something: like stuff we didn't know about the character thats not told in the stories ^^
    More: what ever you want

    My character ^^

    Name: Tinkerbell
    Human Name: Bell
    age: 19
    personality: Stubern but caring and always wants to fix everything ^^
    little something: She has this thing for hock but never a mites it to herself or to others. she also sucks at ling and hiding stuff
    more: can't let go f Peter pan even though hes with Wendy she still loves him.


    Tinkerbell was working at her workshop. 'Tinkers fix' a place the only place you can get anything fix. today she didn't have anyone to work, nothing to tinker with. she was bored out of her mind. she wanted to do something. she sighed and fixed her normal outfit and made sure her wings didn't hit anything behind her. because face it her shop was a mess and she wasn't going to fix it up anytime soon. she looked around for something to do when she noticed something on the ground under her desk. she went on her knees and reached of it when she heard the doorbell ring that someone was in. "ow" she yelled out as she hit her head agents the desk she was under and screamed out when a pot hit her back and wing. she got up from under the desk in pain and turned round to see...........

    now what tail will you take ^^

    (note that its 1200 clock at night so if something is off spelling whatever I DON'T CARE!)
  2. [​IMG]
    Name: Alice

    Human Name: Alice Liddell

    age: 19

    personality: Alice is a girl who is always curious about things, yet at the same time loves where her curiosity takes her. Dangerous or not, she seems fond of her curiousity, yet most everyone finds it to be quite troublesome. It is slightly no surprise that Alice is a thrill seeker and loves a good adventure as well. She has an inquiring nature to ask the 'w questions' like when, where, what, why, who, and all and there seems to be no end to her curiosity which is possibly a 'blessing and a curse'. She is also known to be a good eavesdropper -as curiosity leads to a nosey maiden-.

    little something:

    - She has no pets (But later on in the roleplay will buy rabbits representing the white rabbit and March hare)

    Name: Little Red riding hood

    Human Name: Rosemary

    age: 20


    little something:
    - Her family runs a famous Cafe bakery/Breakfast place that sells various things. From cakes to bread and even fancy wine here and there, and of course the 'cafe' things like coffee, etc (like Starbucks I guess). They are known to make the most tastiest treats and whatnot and own a large cafe bakery that is about three floors and usually always busy. The fourth floor being a indoors and outdoors room(mostly outdoors)--having a large balcony with small tables, the second floor being the 'breakfast' room where they serve breakfast in the morning, and first floor looking like a plain cafe area to hang around with friends. When breakfast hours are closed the whole building turns to a cafe much like the first floor. You eat the treats in or out, but the difference is that the second and third floors will cook up fresh things and serve you (IE. chocolate lava cake, etc while still serving fresh coffee just like the first floor only not to go) to eat in or take out seeing as the first floor sells donuts and cupcakes and whatnot.
    **The third floor in progress will be called 'Candy land'
    **floors 2-4 will serve breakfast/are the 'serving' floors.

    - A model, but more devoted to the cafe bakery her family runs.
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  3. [​IMG]
    Name: Princess Leah
    Human Name: Leah
    age: 18
    personality: Leah is spunky and bubbly. She knows what she wants and she's pretty spoiled. Leah is the youngest of 12 sisters and is content with her role as princess. All 11 of her sisters have found love except Leah, though it doesn't seem to bother her as much as she lets on. She loves to dance and will dance all night, as she's done before. Leah is a rather shy, nerdy girl who moved to town recently to escape the castle and all of her sisters and their constant nagging of her being single.
    little something:
    More: She is from the fairytale the 12 dancing princesses. (It's a real story I swear)


    Leah was content with life in her new town. Her exploring of the new town was exciting to her, as this was her first time out since she had arrived. She wondered if people here were friendly and she pulled the hood of her cape up to cover her blonde hair more. Her slippers stepped lightly on the sidewalk as she looked about the town.
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  4. appearance (open)


    Name: Captain Hook (referred to as just Hook)
    Human Name: Hook (sometimes nicknamed hooker by others who like to pick on him
    age: 20
    personality: Abrasive, brash, and often straight to the point (minus some bad jokes/puns every now and then), however he's compassionate if given the time to show it, he's also rather intelligent now that his anger's not as prominent in his thoughts
    little something: He's changed quite alot since his many misadventures with Peter Pan and his companions, for the better mostly but his old self still lingers around.
    More: He retired from leading his crew of pirates (they were too incompetent for his liking anyways)
    Hook - Prologue
    It's been 3 years of relative peacefullness with Peter Pan and his friends, which Hook had amended for his actions with and even occasionally played with them at times. Hook was rather lonely, and bored out of his mind at the moment, he couldn't really hang around his pirate "buddies" much anymore now that they've heard the news about him "going soft", and his crew was just bad company for him all together... They were the reason he seemed so angry all the time way back when he was still seeking revenge against Peter Pan, and plus. Hanging around in his crudely made hut near the shores of Neverland was what he'd do most of his days, brooding, longing for another visit from Peter and the lost boys, it's been almost a full year since their last one. Come to think of it, he'd never seen that lovely fairy friend Peter had around much anymore, what was her name? Tinkerbell? Peter told him she had started up a small business for other fairy creatures such as herself, perhaps he'd ought to pay her a visit... He'd never got to apologize to her properly for his actions yet too... It took him alot of asking around, and wrong turns before he finally reached the rather small little building in the middle of some woods, small letters that could barely be bade out on the front said "Tinkers Fix". Habitually, he reached his dominant hand, the one with the hook on it to the door and tapped on it rather firmly, unexpectedly the door was unlocked and swung open followed quickly by a small ringing sound. Peeking inside, sure enough he spotted Tinkerbell underneath a tiny desk with pot laying next to her...
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  5. Tink was shocked to see Hook of all people. was he here to kill her or kidnap her. well it wasn't kidnapping she helped with her own free will. but still.... it was kinda kidnapping after he stuffed her into something... yeah I'll shut up now. she got up slowly and picked up the pot and put it to 'get ready to attack' mood. "Hey Hook whats up" she said asking normal and as if she didn't have a pot in her hand ready to hit him with it at any moment. "Why are you here? I-"
  6. Noticing Tink's look of surprise Hook realized he probably looked quite menacing, even though he didn't have that evil grin plastered on his face all the time anymore. "Oh, I was just stopping by." He attempted to pull his hook away from the door, unfortunately for him it was stuck in as he had put more force into the tapping than he had thought. "Sorry about our last few encounters by the way, the last one was rather... Unpleasant for you to say the least." Hook told her, while trying to be subtle about removing his hook from that door, it would be an really embarrassing apology if she knew about this one. "I really thought I had changed... I guess my old problems are still around." he thought, eventually giving up trying to hide his efforts and using his other hand to wrench the hook free of the door with a little more effort put into it. Then he stood up, looking a little embarrassed but regained his composure wondering what Tink thought of him now.
  7. Alice was in a garden of all things to say the least, reading some book about science. Her curiosity for answers lead her there and what more can she do than just feed her curiousity with answers and... More questions.. Leading to more curiousity alone? She seemed really into the book afterall which was thankful and bit her lower lip, showing she was focused. It was an awfully terrible habit that she couldn't break.

    On top of that she wore her glasses instead of contacts and had a messy blonde bun over her head with a blue headband bow to hold up any messy strands of hair sticking out. She then wore a zipper-up crop top that was a light blue and matching her bow with a long white skirt. It was like a retro look but fitted her and like your stereotypical Alice, most of the outfit was blue. Slightly similar to rosemary who mostly wore red.

    Rosemary was in her family restaurant serving breakfast all about and people in the many floors.