WHY IS 2048 SO GOOD?!?!?

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by captchakiller, Apr 30, 2014.

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  1. I hate it.
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  2. I wouldn't say it's good, more so addicting. Though I'll admit it is quite fun, luckily I haven't played it enough to become addicted.
  3. Because there's the right combination of luck and skill. O.O You can feel yourself improving, but you know you're not going to win unless a miracle happens
  4. The closest ive came to finishing is a 1024 tile, a 512, and a 128. And then I goofd. Was a sad sad 5 minutes. ive started to play for speed now, just to see how far I can get with the shortest amount of time.
  5. I would suggest left down right down left down right down. For speed-playing, you can stack up pretty fast.
  6. Ive found something out that works pretty well for me, as far as getting started goes i just mash R+D until i usually have a 32 and then start building up on the far right column, smashing everything down as I go. It works waaay better than anything else Ive tried thus far
  7. First try, got 1284 points. Why did I click the game? These kind of games are too addicting for me :( Now I will be playing it for hours every day for weeks!!! Oh well, had nothing to do today anyways :)
  8. I beat my highscore today, new record is 14,368. help me ;~;
  9. [​IMG]

    I finally did it. Holy crap. I will never achieve this ever again.

    EDIT: I kept going and I managed to get my score up to 34,588
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  10. ... How the heck did you do that o.O

    I have been going on for three days, and I'm still not able to get above 6500 D:
  11. Luck. Pure and total luck.

    Also there's a secret to doing it more easily.
  12. ... Damn you Shoggoth... Now I will have two games I won't be able to stop playing and can't win D:
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