Why I want to slap my mother's mouth off

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  1. John

    "Probably." He put his phone and stuff to the side. He decided to keep his jacket on because why not. He went over to the middle and did a little tai chi. "Ready when you are."
  2. Oh sweetheart. (That ain't in a pity voice, by the way, that's actually a bemused chuckle for the way things are for kids these days)

    Shit sucks, no one needs to tell you that, obviously. I'm sorry you had to deal with that, though, truely.

    You can't change what you are, and I'd hope that that isn't even a goal, but if the people who are supposed to love you, or the people you're supposed to care for, treat you like this, this isn't right, obviously, and leaving possibly might have been the best choice.

    You were more mature than I would have been, actually. I would have lost control and just gone at everyone's throat, but then again, that's me.

    Your brother and mother sound like venomous people, and the sooner you get away from them, probably the better.

    I hope you're ok with your grandmother, keep us updated.

    Contact me on MSN or Skype if you need an ear to rant to. You're a good person, Zyph. Don't let them take that from you.

    By the way, I'm bisexual, and I'm DAMNED proud of it. And plus, I just don't see it as right to judge someone's sexual preference. It's their choice, their lifestyle. It's THEIRS.
  3. John

    He closed the distance quickly. He formed an energy shield in front of him to block the icicles. He slammed into the wall, fists first and landed right in front of her. He formed a shield on his arm and a sword of energy, knowing she could do the same with her ice.
  4. Blizzard

    She watched him switch his weapon. She considered her own. She lengthened and thinned out her weapon, watching him patiently. "I wasn't expecting you to be so good." She admitted under her breath and tried to make a swipe at his feet


    "That was quite kind of him. I don't know how she would have faired if he wasn't going easy. My guess is this would be a lot more messy on both ends."
  5. I'm glad Zyphie is leaving, faggot is probably the single insult that truly makes me very angry because of what it refers back to.

    You don't deserve to be treated badly for who you are and I am truly sorry that you don't seem to have a family that understands tolerance and acceptance.
    At least you have your grandmother, who seems to defend you. I'm glad you have someone, dear.
  6. Glad to see you didn't do anything that you would regret in a court of law. Let them stew in their juices. You're brother will get to wear the big boy pants the first time he gets into a real fight, and your mom will undoubtedly lash out at what's left of her inner circle and either destroy her social interactions all together, or she'll wise up.

    Now that I think about it.. you definitely handled it better than me. I'd have sent my brother through a sliding glass window... again, and my mom would definitely be having fun with getting in touch with contractors because of the holes in the wall.
  7. I think you handled it well.

    Sounds like your mom and my dad would get along famously. If so, pretty sure you moving out period would do both sides some good. I mean my dad never called me names so much as he tried to be little me. My advice, if is worth anything is to stay with your grandmother and continue to find a job. I hear its pretty hard back state side, but eventually you'll get an offer for something somewhere. And if its something you hate doing, do it for now and move on when the economy has been fixed. Pretty sure though that your mom doesn't hate you so much as it just a matter of she has spent to much time around you. Kinda like if you hang out with your friends for a while and they start getting on you nerves.

    As for your brother... well I never had any siblings so I don't know what to say there besides that in this case I think you have handled it well. My recommendation for the future? Get to the point where you can kick his as, do so, and then tell him if he ever talks to you again with such disrespect that you will do it again. Heck if you wanted it to be real good you just have to talk him into taking the first swing (especially if he is drunk!) then when its over call the police and report it as a hate crime (I hate that term, but it looks like its more than aplicable here!). Point is blunt force truama is one of, if not the first, was we learn. Point being is I would advise learning how to kick ass because your brother is never going to go away.

    Yeah I don't know if I touch on everything but there is my advice.
  8. Move somewhere more tolerant, Zy. Seriously. You don't need to take that kind of crap, even from your own family. You don't owe them anything anymore, even the little ones. If they're so insistent that you don't contribute, let them just figure out how to handle the littles on their own. PM me if you want to talk more. Phox and I still worry about you, and I worry more when I read stories like this.

    <3 Glad you're staying strong.
  9. Oi, I can empathize with you, man. My mother was the same way, though she was a violent witch. Had the cops involved twice, haha. Ah well, because of her, I'm living with a friend now, and will soon be rooming with another in her apartment. In any case, no matter what your mother or your brother say, you are your own person, whether they like it or not. So you don't have a job. So what? Everyone lives at their own pace. I'm certain that you were pulling your own weight in your own way, regardless of what a blind parent might say.

    At least you had the guts to retaliate, though. While doing so was risky, I've wanted to do the same to my witch-mother for as long as I can remember. But, keep in mind, you aren't obligated to take care of or live with your mother. No matter what she says, it was her job to take care of you, not the other way around. Unless a parent is truly incapable of living alone, then you don't have to take care of them, even if they say they raised you. Your duty in life is to live it to the fullest and raise children of your own, so that they too may better the world, as I am sure you have and will continue to do. There are as many ways to live as there are people, Zypher, and you have no obligation to folow in the footsteps of others, or take the path others guide you to.

    Keep strong and do not succumb to the weight of this world, my friend. Remember, you have friends here who will always listen. Keep us informed as to the situation, and remember; laughter is one's strongest weapon and medicine. You'll do fine, trust me.