Why hello there.

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  1. Hellllloooo. :P

    I practically made my account yesterday but, I still feel new so I thought it would be nice to post an intro for myself.

    *scratches head in awkwardness*

    Well anywhoosiesss.
    My name is Bushker. You can make anything you want out of my name. Im VERY open and welcome to nicknames, so feel free!

    I originally was looking for a nice site where I would be able to make friends *is awkward* and roleplay to my hearts content and I think this is it! Im really happy to be here and I hope to have made a good impression...
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  2. Welcome bushker ^^
    Any time you feel like a story, check if Im here. ;)
    Hope you have a good time xD
  3. Welcome, Bushker! Might I ask, how did you come up with your username? It is fascinating.
  4. Howdy Bushker! :D weeeelcome to Iwaku!
  5. @Windstormugly
    Oh thanks much! Will do, ill totes shoot you one :D

    Thank you! I didn't really have a reference. It was actually kinda random at the moment. I was thinking Myth Busters but I kept saying it outloud and I mispronounced a few words then I was like OH!

    Nice to be here! Thanks alot! [:
  6. Welcome, Myth. This is definitely a good place for much roleplaying and making of friends!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.