Why hello there :D

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Why hello there :D

Firstly, thanks for taking the time to open my thread and read this :D

Secondly, hello ^_^ I'ma little shy as this is my first RP site EVER O_O but I'ma going to jump in :)

I'm a 16 year old girl, just finished GCSEs and I love writing, but often suffer from lack of inspiration with my own, so I've averted to RPs for a while to try and harness some inspiration from all you gorgeous writers #^_^#

Now, to business :D
I've copied some stuff from my RP resume to give you guize a rough idea of meeeeee xD


Gender You Prefer Playing: I'm up for either, whichever the roleplay needs more mostly :)

Favorite Genres:
Fantasy would be my favourite genre, all branches: Sci-Fi Fantasy etc but generic fantasy is probably my top favourite, though I'm open for almost all genres! xD

Genre You DON'T Like:
Hmmm... nothing I've come across so far has repelled me instantly: as long as it has a good plot base with room to develop and grow, and isn't excessively 2D, I'll probably play :D

Plot Candies:
Uhh... a great plot, for a start :) good characters to bounce off, I'm quite partial to some romance or developing relationships, as long as it's not the only plot line. I don't mind what sexes the romance is between though, I'll go with most stuff :D

Character Stereotypes: Ho hum... um, I'll try anything once I think, until I can specify more :)

Character No-Gos: Someone 2D, extremely shallow or particularly prejudiced, racist or homophobic. Other than that, I think I'm all good, but I'll update when I know more :)

Iwaku Roleplays I'm In:
Aurora 'Rhorie' Tarvis in 'Galleon of the Black Mast' xD


So yep, there it is :) A short introduction of me :D
Oh yes, I'm HIGHLY KIDNAPPABLE, by the way, so PM me if you feel like offering a newbie some experience ^_^

Right, I shall leave to to your wanderings now... Good day :D *tips hat and strides off into the depths of Iwaku*
Welcome to the site, Silver! I think you are incredibly awesome already cause you joined my RP, heheheh.

Anyway, hope you enjoy your time here and if you have any questions feel free to send me a message.
Hi! :D You sound so fun. x3 Totally kidnappable right? Hahaha~ We should roleplay together sometime. I'm usually up for anything. C:
Hello and welcome to Iwaku, miss Kidnapable! >:3
Weeeelcome, Silver, to Iwaku.
I'm Kitti and it's a pleasure to meet you.
I hope that you have lots of fun here and it seems like you're jumping right in (I like that <3).
If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!
I look forward to playing with you.
Hello I'm okami, welcome to the site. Don't worry Not everyone here is totally insane, I meen I am but there are those who aren't. Anyways have fun, and if you have any questions don't be afraid to ask.
Welcome to the site, Silver! I'll be your chivalrous kumquat knight, at your service.
When I'm not saving damsels, I'm a staff member on the site, so feel free to ask me questions!
I see you've already made yourself acquainted. Good, good. Dive into the shadow head first, with spear raised and teeth bared, I always say.

Welcome to Iwaku.
Whoops, just realised I have replies to uh, reply to :D

~Artifical Life~

Thankee for the welcome :D

Yes, much enjoying your RP, Art, and the fact you're the one that created it makes you awesome too xD

Thank you very much, I'll be sure to do that :)


Firstly, love the username xD

Secondly, thanks for the... compliment? ^_^ You sound pretty fun yourself xD

Okey doke, I'm not gonna turn down an offer of a RP :) I'll PM you if I've got any ideas, and you can do the same :D


Thankyous, Diana, for ze welcome :D

And also, well done with Moon, Blood and Wolf's Bane, I am really enjoying it xD
In fact, I think me character Owen is going to meet yours very soon, I'm gonna turn up in Gendon very soon :D


Danke for the welcome Kitti :)
It's a pleasure to meet you too, you seem lovely :D
Hehe, I try.
I will if I need to, ta :D
Me too! Feel free to kidnap me sometime xD


Oh, don't worry, I'm pretty insane too, so it's all good :) In fact, I think I've found a kindred spirit :')
But yes, it will be nice to talk with other [more normal x)] people too.
Brilliant, I will, danke :)

~Sir Basil~

Thank you very much, honourable Knight.
I understand that saving damsels is a fairly full-on occupation, but if I do get stuck, I'll be sure to enlist your noble aid.
I hope to roleplay with you at some point :D

~The Butterfly~

It's a good motto to live by I think and I appreciate your sharing of such valuable advice.
Thanks Butterfly :D
Oh, and I absolutely *love* your avatar, by the way, it's hilarious xD
Sorry it took me THIS long to get around to greeting you:

But to compensate I'll make my greeting FLASHY.

That's what I'll do to anyone who's mean to you~!

Sweetness. Thanks muchly. Love your username too. :D And I'll start thinking up ideas. PM you when I find something good. ^^