Why, hello :3

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  1. It has truly been a long time since I got on a new role playing site so please excuse any screw ups via me, I'll try my best.

    Okay, so first off I am a young adult bundle of anxieties and hugs. In real life I can play it cool and seem like a normal person but online I'm just not xD The story behind my name is simple, I'm a tomboy who looks like a lolita; the nickname stuck in high school. I like lolita clothing as well as more sturdy not so feminine garbs.

    I have been role playing since I was twelve so that would make it nine years. I am an advanced to semi-advanced role players but I am a sucker for good lower lit role plays, I just find them so simply fun especially the ones that don't move along too fast. I like role playing everything from fantasy to modern to medieval so I'm up for just about anything except animals or furries/anthropomorphics.
    I hope I can get use to this site and be able to bring my role plays here to other peoples enjoyment, though please forgive me possibly vanishing from time to time. Anxiety problems and depression is hard to handle so sometimes I just need to get away.​
  2. Hi there Tomboy Loli, welcome to the site! :D
  3. Heh.. Lolita?
    *clears throat* Welcome here to Iwaku! Theres plenty of roleplays here! Tomboys! Owls!
    Enjoy your time here and stuff.
  4. Greetings, fellow newbie! Welcome to the magical land of-

    [Off screen] What? It's not magical? Dang...

    Welcome to the land of Iwaku! The place where you get free unicorn rides every d-

    [Off Screen] We don't get unicorn rides? What?! You're crushing my dreams... ;-;

    Okay... ;-; No unicorn rides, but... We have... Amazing Roleplays? We're good with that? Phew... We have candy, as well?

    [Off Screen] No candy? We only have COOKIES?! WTF KIND OF SITE IS THIS?! *table flip, voices fades as I walk away* I'M GONNA GO FIND AN RP SITE WITH SOME CANDY! ONE THAT'S BETTER THAN THIS!

    Anyways, welcome to the site. Hope you have a good time! I look forward to maybe RPing with you!
  5. Hee hee, you sound like an insane person :P

    *Directs attention to the new comer*

    Welcome to Iwaku luv :)

    First impression: GReat name, but you need an avi

    2nd impression: Hee hee, funny story, you seem cool :P
  6. Thanks everyone, I've been looking around here and trying to get use to everything.
    Finally got my role play up after some trial and error xD
    What no unicorns?! You've crush my little tomboy loli soul QnQ
    Also I am the farthest thing from cool, but it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy that you think I am >///U\\\<​
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  7. Welcome to Iwaku! May the insanity and creativity welcome you and spark your imagination into overdrive.

    And yea you actually seem pretty cool to me too.