Why don't you just kill me?

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  1. Story: Humans thought they were the owners of this world, they were gravely mistaken. Creatures from fables began appearing. Vampires, Werewolves, Zombies, Angels, Demons, shapeshifters, and dragons. They showed the humans that they weren't alone. The humans built a wall to protect themselves and thus the hunters were born. They started killing off the creatures able to keep they're cities alive. Everyone was told not to leave without permission.

    Name:Heather Black
    Age: 18
    Species:Half-demon and Half- angel
    Talents: She has fire powers that destroy with demonic power and heal with Angelic power. She is very fast, some inhuman strength and a good climber.
    Looks:Skinny frame, strong bones, she has large black angel wings on her back. Her wings touch the ground when she walks, she has long red wavy hair down to her hips. She has snow white skin and ice blue eyes, her pupils can change shape. She has fangs and claws. She has Fox ears on her head and a long Fox tail.
    Personality: She is strong willed and she never gives up. She has a short temper, though she is very nice. She can be cold, serious, and deadly, but naturally she is hyper, childish, and over excitable.
    Weapons: She has a metal staff tucked away between her wings.
    History: She was born from a angel mother who died giving birth, her demon father raised her till she was ten before disappearing leaving her with the slave and the large mansion. She was raised by the slave, a shape shifter who lost his ability to turn human bu the name of Gabe. She now runs her father's territory as the strongest demon and princess. She was scouting with her best friend when a hunter(you) caught her. She is now chained and standing in front of the head of the hunters.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.