Why Does Orochi Smell?

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Come up with excuses for why our fourm's favorite pervert smells. Just that simple.

Orochi smells because he was rolling around in a field of onions!
Orochi smells because he ate said field of onions and then self fertilized it.
Orochi smells because he was spying on girls by hiding in the lower halfs of PortaJohns.
Oro smells cause he got one too many pieces o' jailbait drunk last night and they collectively puked on him.
Orochi smells because three months later he still hasn't washed off all that jailbait puke.
Orochi smells because he's spent three weeks reading his Batman collection.
-point down at the three ft high pile of taco bell wrappers- ...he ate those during the batman fest. Thats why.
He smells because he like those icky bean burritos....
Because he resorted to using adult diapers...lazy thing.
Orochi smells because he is the Porta Potty Man.
BEcause he used 'Sex panther'
Orochi smells because he went to the disco
Because he's on a shower strike.
He had a really bad acid trip and during it had a orgy with a bunch of cod and some limberger cheese