Why do you always say that?

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  1. What words do you ALWAYS use, or feel you over use?

    I say 'Dude' and 'Hella' too much. I blame it on being raised in Northern California, near the beach, where everyone calls everyone else dude all the time.

    "This thread is Hella cool dude!"

    What about you?
  2. I'm going to have to think about this. While I am sure there are certain repetitions in my vocabulary that are unnecessary I can't think of what they are at the moment.
  3. "Awesome". I don't even know what to replace it with! I made sure not to pick up "Hella" as a Northern Californian (somehow), but I really need to get this word out of my vocabulary.
  4. prolly




    lately... BANANAS.

  5. LEGIT.
    i am always saying "awesome." all the time. and in different forms, also.
    awesomeness. awestacular. awesomable.
  6. Thefuck, themotherfuck.
  7. Well I don't talk much in the real world...So in text format...Lol, Nice, and indeed.
  8. I didn't even realize this was a part of my region's accent till I moved, but I say "Right" a lot. As in right instead of the word very. An example: That's right sweet! Or, Damn, that woman was right the bitch. I also, like a lot of people, say like a lot (usually as a filler in conversation). I also say I'm either popping in or popping off when I arrive/leave. No idea where that came from.
  9. "Like" which is something I spent years poking fun at the kids in Palm Harbor for; now it just comes out of my mouth without my thinking. I'm blaming it on overexposure.

    "True" is my answer for just about everything. I just change my tone of speaking and it can mean anything from "I completely agree." to "I think you're a waste of human life."
    I picked that one up from my stoner buddies, and just don't have the will to drop it.

    Also, a couple of profane words that really shouldn't be used in polite conversation.
  10. I say zing alot, no reason why I just do :P
  11. Sup. Pro. NO ME GUSTA. Eeeeeee. NO. Yah. "WTF?" "Lawl" Eeeeh. Whaaaaaa. Stellar.
    And prob more.. o.o
  12. I have quite a few things I say everyday, actually. Aside from the usual curse words of 'fuck', 'shit', 'motherfucker' and 'fucking fuck'. :P I say those A LOT while I'm gaming, in addition to 'die', 'kill' and 'loser'...

    Shuckee darn, tarter sauce, cool beans, the bee's knees, damn/darn skippy... I exclaim those often enough, which make people lol half the time. I also overuse the word 'like', courtesy of a childhood hero named Shaggy. I also say adorbes and totes because those words tickle me. lolol
  14. Sup, yo, cool beans, sweet, awesome, whatevs. Part of living where I do in Michigan and also the people I hang out with.
  15. "Imma ghost, ghost, ghost." I love the movie how high. Just gets stuck in my head, and "I feel it." Just simple response to acknowledge i was listening to a conversation.
  16. In text... Lovely. It seems weird, but I say lovely a lot.
    In person, I tend to use " 'Course" too much. It's like... instead of saying "You're welcome", I generally dismiss it with " 'Course".
    I do not know why.