Why Do People Say I'm Crazy??!!!

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  1. I've been called crazy. Mental...umm...I can live with that, I'm a bit messed up. But I'm not crazy.

    People use the word crazy crazily.
    Proof above.


    I am just sick of people treating me different because I hear voices and can't remember a lot of stuff and my emotions aren't in place. I'm different, yeah, but I'm not crazy.

    Does anyone else have to deal with this? It'd really help me out if people shared their experiences with mental diseases.


    Sorry I forgot to explain why I'm called crazy.
    I have dissociative identity disorder, schizophrenia, mania and auditory hallunication.
    It's a wonderful world...

    How do I deal with all this rubbish?!
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  2. You are extremely young....maybe you should let yourself develop more before you actually agree to having all of these....serious MENTAL CONDITIONS as well as letting an entire online community know that you may or may not have these conditions. I only say this because you are, in fact, very young and I don't know you at all. you are a name on the internet to me.

    I have dealt with people much older than you that have these conditions so I might have some advice for you.

    Maybe you are under alot of stress...but all those conditions, which I have seen family members 4 times your age have, they are crazy and they do snap out at people for trying to help them, and worse, they try to justify that there is nothing wrong with them.

    If it is true that you have these disorders, I suggest you seek professional help and medication, It is perfectly ok to feel that there is nothing wrong with you, but this does not change the fact that we are not all built perfectly and chemically balanced. Sometimes, some of us do not produce all the chemicals our bodies are supposed to....and you are at that age where your hormones are naturally going to go berserk.

    trying to find other peers with these same issues is not going to help you unless supervised by a professional in this case, because every case is different.

    Seriously, get evaluated by a professional and figure out what works for you.

    if you have already been evaluated by a professional, seek group therapy in your local area.

    if you cannot do that then here are a few forums that are made for people in your position.




    these are just a few of THOUSANDS of mental disorder forums that can help you way better then Iwaku can.

    Ultimately, this is a role playing website, we are not doctors or therapists.We can only give advice to the best of our abilities.

    You absolutely need a doctors opinion and help on these matters.

    I hope and wish you the best of luck, and also, I hope you take the proper steps in keeping your conditions under control so that they do not effect those around you in negative ways.

    Please be safe.


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  3. Thanks. I have been diagnosed by a doctor, but I never thought of group discussions. It sounded...boring.

    I know what to do now.

    Talk to my parents I'm going to talk to my doctor about this.
    After my holiday.
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