Why do good girls go for bad guys?

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  1. Kylon blew the smoke out of his nose as his lips twitched into that devilish smile that he grew to love to call his own. He was standing outside of his small apartment where he lived with his single mother. She was one of the reasons on why he had gotten like this. Buut, who knew there could be other reasons, not that anyone would know. They would have to get close to Kylon and no one had ever been able to.

    He finished his cigarette and put it out in the yard, then he stomped on it just to make sure it wouldn't st a fire. He turned around and walked into his house, grabbing his backpack and started to head to his school. There was no one in his house to tell him what to do or how to behave so he had no worries about if he got to school late, in which he had.

    He walked to his locker and placed his belongings within; then he headed for his first period, sitting in the seat in the book, and leaning back. "Why I go to school I don't even know, not like I pay attention anyways..." Althought it was true it made no sense on why this guy... Had all good grades. A couple girls sat by him and Kylon winked at them. He knew they wanted him and they knew they couldn't have him...

    All girls wanted him...
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    Lillian Sautome was a straight A student. It was required by her parents. Being from a rich family wasn't all shits and giggles, not by far. She'd been born in her parents country, England, before they moved to Japan. And then, most of her life was spent in the country known as Nihon to it's civilians. But a few years ago, her parents had decided to return to her birth country. Growing up bilingual fixed many problems that would've arisen when she returned. Although, she had a british accent whenever she spoke english. It sounded charming but straight to the point coming out of the blondes mouth. ​
    She's already sitting in the classroom when the local bad boy makes his entrance. She was the one girl who didn't care, who wasn't obsessed with him. In fact, she never paid much attention to boys at all. She had very little interest at all in boys. Plus, her parents hated the idea she'd get mixed up with anything other then studies. The girl doodles on her notebook calmly ignores Kylon. Lillian didn't understand most girls infactuation with him. Maybe he was a little attractive, just a little but she'd rather die then admit that. ​
  3. It almost seemed like Kylon's responsibility to get the girls that surrounded him to swoon. He was good at it and he would always be good at it. He noticed vaguely the girl, the ONLY girl who seemed immune to his... Charm.

    He didn't like that, not one bit.

    Kylon stood up an stretched his arms over his head, he walked towards Lilian and pulled up a seat by her. Flashing her his charming, dazzling grin. The grin he used to get all the girls he has messed around with on. When it didn't seem to be working and shook his head.

    "Hey, how come you're the only girl out of this entire school who doesn't seem to like me?" He tilted his head as he watched her with curious, careful eyes.​
  4. Lillian barely looked up as the bad boy walked over, taking a seat beside her. It hardly phased her and she honestly didn't care one bit. But as he talks, her engraved manners force her to look up and smile sweetly.

    "Because I honestly don't see what they like about you. I'm much too busy to make time for a boy and much less for a boy like you, no offense," she replies, a smile still on her face the entire time. Although it was unseen, the polite expression was a bit forced. She had no time for him. She was trying to study... Despite her doodling, she had been looking over one of her text books, and she begins writing a few notes, still not looking up.

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