Who's the better boy scout?

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  1. Superman Vs Captain Marvel (SHAZAM!)


    It's the Man Of Steel Versus The World's Mightiest Mortal. The invincible alien from another planet, against the Immortal Champion of Magic, Captain Marvel.

    Both Can Fly, Possess Super Strength, Speed, and Invulnerability, practically making these two flying bricks an equal match-up.

    But like I said: Alien Versus Magic. The writers state that Superman's powers are purely genetic, and that they can in fact for that reason be affected by magic. Captain Marvel, with his equal stats, and his source of power being magic spells doom for the Man of Tomorrow. No pun in tended there.

    Super Vision and Super Breath, from Hot to cold, X-Ray and beyond, against mystic lightning bolts, and even a few magic spells!

    So what's it gonna be?

    Clark Kent?

    Or Billy Batson?

  2. I remember reading some where that Shazam could kill Supes in a fist fight cause of this glaring weakness to magic. I am pretty sure Billy wouldn't have any reason to do so, but someone magically inclined like Black Adam would. Supes would be fucked in a match with Black Adam.
  3. This has technically been a thing a number of times in the past.

    The most epic was probably Kingdom Come where the pair beat the snot out of each other without getting much ground on the other. In the end Supes talks Marvel down

    And marvel punches a Nuke in the face.
  4. Hm... Captain Marvel has the upper hand with using magic against Superman. However, Superman has more fighting experience overall. He's also really fucking fast. I bring that up because if he's aware that Billy Batson is about to transform, he can fly in and cover his mouth faster than the boy can say "Shazam". That's not exactly fair in a fight, but it is something he can do.

    Soooo, I guess it depends. I want to side with Supes, but... Agh, I don't know. It would be so close! Either way though, Superman is probably the victor more often than not just because he has way more fans than Captain Marvel. Even if he'd get his butt kicked by that lightning. He's like, DC's icon, after all.
  5. It's funny that Fluffy brought up the whole hand-over-the-mouth thing, because exactly that happened in Kingdom Come.

    Just going off KC, since that's the only thing I've read where they faced off, I'm going to say it would be pretty close. I'm still going to go with Marvel, though, because of Supes' vulnerability to magic and that being the source of CM's power. The only disadvantage I can think of would be that CM is pretty much still a child mentally, whereas Big Blue is much more seasoned and mature. Still, the Wisdom of Solomon might offset that.

    God, I feel like a nerd.
  6. It's okay Phaz.

    The nerdiness in this thread stays hereā€¦. well, at least for you.

    For some of us, it haunts us like a curse.
  7. It's probably better to just let myself nerd out, actually. Otherwise, my nerdy impulses would all build up until my head exploded into a shower of lightsaber keychains and LotR memorabilia.