Who's More good.

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Who's More Good, Link or Mario?

  1. Link

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  2. Mario

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  1. Who's more Good, Link the Hero of Time, or Super Mario the Hero of Mushroom Kingdom and why?
  2. who's better?

    Link. He has a big sword.

    Pointy/sharp objects ftwiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin.
  3. Personally I feel Link has the hero-esque about him while Mario's that "oops I'm a hero" feeling. I mean c'mon, fighting wizards with a glowing sword to save your princess, that's got hero written all over it.


    Mario is a plumber that uses Mushrooms to stomp on baddies to save a princess that is somehow the only other human in the Kingdom.
  4. Link is clearly the reigning hero champion. Not only in what he does, but what he fights. The Bosses and Minions of the Zelda series are clearly monstrous entities, where Mario fights... mushrooms, toon-ghosts, and turtles.

    Although, I might have had a tougher job determining whether Luigi or Link were a bigger hero. Luigi fights the same monsters as Mario, but he's not fighting for the love of a lady - he's fighting for his brother, and because it's the right thing to do (even if he's rather frightened of the prospect of being a hero).
  5. What about Luigi? Lol..Man everyone forgets to count him.

    But gotta give this to Link. Don't get me wrong, Mario did accomplish some difficult missions, going into space to deal with Bowser in Galaxy, had to stop all those crazy machine freaks and a giant sword in Super Mario RPG(with help though). But Link's dealt with way more overall though so thus he wins.
  6. *nod* I also have to side with Link. Mario seems the bumbling fellow who fights to win the heart of a lady who doesn't altogether seem to like him.

    And god knows monster killing is better paying then being a plumber...especially when their corpses spit coins like that.

    Link fights to free lots of people...and kingdoms...various times..

    Poor guy needs a break
  7. Mario fixes pipes and steals-back his girlfriend. If he doesn't feel like doing either of those things, ah well, he'll eat lasagna and go cruising in his awesome go cart.

    Link fucking SAVES THE UNIVERSE. 'Cause if ain't gonna do it, no one will.
  8. Link. Because I am a zelda junkie and Link is my homie.
  9. Link with out a doubt.

    Marios cool and all, but he has nothing on Link.
  10. Link.

    Mario, as written by Sore Thumbs, was created to look like an errect penis!

    Also: Peach is a whore, whereas Zelda is merely a transvestite, otherwise known as a "reverse trap".
  11. Luigi.

    This dude is completely scared most of the time, but when the chips are down he does what needs to be done and doesn't afeard of anything.

    out of just those two you listed, though, Link.
  12. Donkey Kong, of course. Those jerks keep stealing his nanners. Talk about pricks.
  13. Dude, Mario just wants to get laid.

    Link's a kid with a hero complex. No contest.