Who's More good.

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Who's More Good, Link or Mario?

  1. Link

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  2. Mario

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  1. Who's more Good, Link the Hero of Time, or Super Mario the Hero of Mushroom Kingdom and why?
  2. who's better?

    Link. He has a big sword.

    Pointy/sharp objects ftwiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin.
  3. Personally I feel Link has the hero-esque about him while Mario's that "oops I'm a hero" feeling. I mean c'mon, fighting wizards with a glowing sword to save your princess, that's got hero written all over it.


    Mario is a plumber that uses Mushrooms to stomp on baddies to save a princess that is somehow the only other human in the Kingdom.
  4. Link is clearly the reigning hero champion. Not only in what he does, but what he fights. The Bosses and Minions of the Zelda series are clearly monstrous entities, where Mario fights... mushrooms, toon-ghosts, and turtles.

    Although, I might have had a tougher job determining whether Luigi or Link were a bigger hero. Luigi fights the same monsters as Mario, but he's not fighting for the love of a lady - he's fighting for his brother, and because it's the right thing to do (even if he's rather frightened of the prospect of being a hero).
  5. What about Luigi? Lol..Man everyone forgets to count him.

    But gotta give this to Link. Don't get me wrong, Mario did accomplish some difficult missions, going into space to deal with Bowser in Galaxy, had to stop all those crazy machine freaks and a giant sword in Super Mario RPG(with help though). But Link's dealt with way more overall though so thus he wins.
  6. *nod* I also have to side with Link. Mario seems the bumbling fellow who fights to win the heart of a lady who doesn't altogether seem to like him.

    And god knows monster killing is better paying then being a plumber...especially when their corpses spit coins like that.

    Link fights to free lots of people...and kingdoms...various times..

    Poor guy needs a break
  7. Mario fixes pipes and steals-back his girlfriend. If he doesn't feel like doing either of those things, ah well, he'll eat lasagna and go cruising in his awesome go cart.

    Link fucking SAVES THE UNIVERSE. 'Cause if ain't gonna do it, no one will.
  8. Link. Because I am a zelda junkie and Link is my homie.
  9. Link with out a doubt.

    Marios cool and all, but he has nothing on Link.
  10. Otto White feat. Tyler Haak

    She had joined them, he could feel that much. She was joining in the power here. His fiery pit was something now forgotten to the piece of Otto that had not been consumed though he was becoming more aware as the multitude of voices concluded and now the only ones that remained were of his and Deanta respective families but those Otto was used to, those haunted his dreams every night. He could feel Tyler but not see her but that wouldn't stop him after all while this was his personal hell it was still his and he was in control partially.
    He focused on the flame signature to her and pulled as if he was pulling a rope, he was drawing her to him but it would take her to respond and find him in this hell of his. He spoke but a whisper to her, off somewhere in this world of flame. "Find me." It would drift over the screams and torment and it would be heard.

    Tyler continued to move forward, a vacant look taking over her eyes. There was so much screaming, but she didn't recognize the voices. Her ears rang painfully, violent visions flashing where the world should be. What is this? But over the screams, she was somehow able to hear Otto's voice asking her to find him, and without realizing it, she had come to a stop beside Otto - or at least what used to be Otto. Now it was a massive, fiery demon wreaking havoc on the E.I. soldiers. She still had that glazed look in her eyes, but she had wandered right up next to him as if it was the only place to go.

    She was there now, he could feel her but also not as if she wasn't all there. "The flames are here, Tyler, they call out to you but this rage, this hate is not yours. To embrace it will irrevocably change you but for better or worse I do not know, this rage is inspired by loss and sorrow and it burns for revenge. The fire is hate, rage, and revenge but also love, passion, compassion, and wonder." Otto's voice carried to Tyler as the beast turned to fully face the woman, it reached a hand out to her. "This started because I wanted to protect you and the others but it is also born from my anger at not just the founders but at this cruel world and all it has done to me. So, I ask you, Tyler Haak, will you join me for a bit? To share in my emotions both good and bad if only for a little while? All you have to do is take the creature's hand and you will find me, not just the beast you see but the real me." Otto's offer stood, should she join him she would know Otto better than anyone else, she would see both the good and the bad of his life and experience the power that they both could achieve and surpass, together.

    For her, it was hard to tell whose voice this was. Was the beast tempting her or was Otto really reaching out? Somewhere in her mind, she fought the idea of joining this flaming mass, but the decision had already been made. Deep down she wanted to watch all of this burn to the ground. Maybe she even wanted to feel more of this pain caused by the screams and memories the three of them were sharing. What a masochist. She chided herself internally, a small smirk working its way onto her lips. Even through the flames, someone as close in proximity as Otto and Deanta could see it. Though her eyes were still blank, the smile remained, and Tyler reached out and took the outstretched hand to let that lingering wall crumble.

    When she took the beast's hand the physical form of Tyler Haak was no more or rather it became something else as she found herself somewhere else, It was a desert, on a lone dune sat a single tree and underneath the tree sat Otto, the real Otto this time. She would find herself underneath the tree right next to Otto in the next blink of her eyes, in the distance near the horizon fires burned but they were halted briefly. "You are safe here, for a bit at least, you took the beast's hand and with it my offer but I must warn you. These flames...you will see my memories as I said, both happy and sad and they will feel just as real to you as any of your memories." He looked at her. "You should also be able to think better now and trust me you don't want to be walking through this half dazed." He spoke as he stood and Tyler stood along with him, waiting patiently to see what would happen next. She had not been expecting such a serene scene or this type of out-of-body experience in the slightest, but now that she was here, there was really no going back. Her haze had cleared for the most part, the fog lifting so she could focus on words she was sure she would want to pay attention to for now if she was going to be ready for whatever was coming.
    When he stood they were both transported to a home in the desert, it was the same as the one they had stayed at in Syria that much Tyler would be able to recognize. "First, we start with one of the worst, the day I lost my family. I truly wish you didn't have to go through this Tyler but you need to feel what Deanta and I feel to truly understand the flame." Otto spoke as he opened the door letting Tyler see through the eyes of a younger Otto, one that would find his wife and child butchered and raped, the child of five hanged from the rafters by her intestines while his wife's body had been desecrated with her tongue pulled through a slit in her throat while her eyes were missing and her stomach split open.

    Tyler was about to question why seeing someone else's memories mattered when it came to the fire, but her attention was diverted by the swinging door that Otto opened. She looked inside, instantly jerking back which caused her to slam into Otto. Fingers shaking, she gripped onto him and leaned away from the scene, wondering if she would make it through this whole experience without throwing up her guts. The bile was rising, burning her esophagus. Despite stepping back to distance herself from the gore, Tyler did not look away and kept her eyes locked onto the image in front of her. It's not real. These people weren't really here in front of her, but this was definitely a memory of something real - there was no way she could imagine something so grotesque on her own. Though she had a feeling that she would get to enjoy the nightmares that this scene would provoke in her future. Somehow, she managed not to hurl.

    "This is only the beginning, the horror of seeing this for myself to learn you weren't there to help, to learn that when happiness seemed so close it was ripped away." He spoke, his voice hollow as he steadied Tyler. "For me life felt as if it was over, to see the two most important people in your life dead and defiled like that. It almost ended for me that day." The scene changed again for them both, in front of them standing on a stool was a much younger Otto, his hair shorter and beard barely stubble on his face while a noose was around his neck. "For me there was nothing but despair and in that despair the only salvation I saw was my own death." He again spoke as the younger Otto before them kicked the stool out from under his feet and began to suffocate, the only sound either could hear was the gasping sounds of the young man being strangled by the rope in front of them. It was only a minute but it felt like hours, suddenly a cracking sound was heard as the rafter the rope had been tied to snapped dropping the younger Otto onto the ground as he broke out in tears. "This is sorrow and anguish Tyler, feel them as your own and understand a piece of the flame." Otto spoke as he put his hand on Tyler's arm letting her feel what he felt that day, the sorrow would be felt by her as if it was hers.

    While Otto spoke, Tyler remained silent, glad to be out of that house and the gruesome deaths she saw there. But the image of a younger Otto trying to commit suicide was terrible as well, just in a very different way. There was no reason to speak, but the emotions that assaulted her spoke volumes. Without realizing it, tears streamed down her cheeks as she stared on, watching the bawling Otto and feeling his pain. This would have been a feeling she probably never would have had to feel if it weren’t for this moment and now she was subjecting herself to it purely by choice. Watching the past horrors was one thing, but having to experience them as if you lived them yourself was another. Tears continued to streak down her face, but her expression did not change.

    "We are a third of the way done Tyler and I am…sorry you have to go through this with me, this torment should be mine and mine alone but to understand these flames and use them you must understand these emotions." Otto spoke in a regretful tone. "The next emotions are rage and fury, two emotions I know intimately as I'm sure you know." Otto spoke as he took Tyler's hands in his own and pulled her with him as the world again changed around them, the home scattered into mist and the world morphed, it was still a desert but now they both saw the younger Otto crouched on a sand dune looking upon a rather old fortress. The younger Otto was kitted out in desert gear, a sniper rifle on his back and a ak47 on the ground next to him as he looked on into the fortress with a pair of binoculars. "After my failed suicide attempt I felt a burning desire to find and reap my vengeance. I put many people in the ground to find those responsible for what had happened, maybe even some that didn't quite deserve what happened to them." The younger Otto proned out on the ground with his sniper rifle. "As it turns out, it was my late wife's own father who sent the men who killed her and our child." Otto finished speaking as the first shots rang out.

    Tyler let jumped slightly at the sound of gunshots. Even though she expected them and thought she was prepared for the sound, it still shocked her enough to make her jolt. The anger he felt filled her completely and heated her core in a way she had never felt before. If she ever felt like burning something to the ground, it was now. Her hands clenched and she pulled them from Otto’s grasp to keep from subjecting him to the pain of her grasp. She would follow him without being dragged. Something about this dark feeling made her want to walk right into the next death scene, hoping that the next victims they saw would be the enemies.

    "I was an empty shell for the fury, I was not truly there mentally, merely going through the motions." They again switched locations this time into the fortress where the young Otto had just entered. "The fury kept my body guided, focused and deadly." As he spoke to Tyler the younger Otto was putting three shots into each person that attacked him, two in the chest and one in the head as the gunfire seemed endless. What was odd was how bullets fired at Otto seemed to go around him or only rip parts of his clothes. "I guess if I was more aware that day I would have noticed how odd it was that I wasn't getting hit, I guess the latent magical power we all have was responding to the rage that day." The young Otto rounded a corner and was greeted by a militia fighter only a foot in front of him who lunged at him. Otto was faster though as he smacked the man in the face with the butt of the rifle and then pushed him into the wall before he let his rifle drop on its slick at which point he pulled out a karambit knife, its curved blade shaped like a tiger claw was viciously slashed across the militia fighter's stomach four times in quick succession, spilling his guts in the most literal way after which Otto shoved the militia head up and into the wall before he ripped open his throat with the knife.
    The young Otto left the corpse as he raised his rifle again and started to move again looking for his target. "My target was a local tribal leader who had not been so happy with his daughter falling in love with a Westerner or at least that's what I found out." He spoke as the scene changed again, fires churned outside the room he and Tyler found themselves in. In front of them was the focus though. A middle eastern man in his mid-50s was hung upside down with a rope from his feet, and a bloodier Otto circled him and spun him around revealing the many cuts and burns on the old man's body. "I spent five hours making him feel my pain, his screams got too much for me at one point so I ripped out his tongue." He motioned with his hand to a table holding little bits of flesh along with the tongue. "Eyes, ears, fingers, toes, balls and lips all things I took from him with my blade but that was not my vengeance; no that comes next." The younger Otto plunged his karambit into the old man's stomach and split him like a pig right up to the esophagus but the man still held life so the younger Otto plunged his hand into the innards of the man searching for something. The suddenness of the harsh act caused Tyler to jump again, whispering under her breath in shock a simple "Jesus...". A look crossed the younger man's face as he pulled back hard ripping the old man's heart from his chest before he started to shove it down its owner's throat, causing him to gasp for air and wriggle around, spilling his intestines and blood onto the floor before his struggles stopped with his heart half way into his mouth. The young Otto stood, a vacant look on his eyes as he went outside and sat among the fires. "Rage is a powerful tool, Tyler. Feel mine and use it as your own but be careful. Rage leads to power but it also leaves you empty and hollow, I have nothing now but a hole in my heart. Now feel my rage in full but also the feeling of my broken heart." Otto spoke quietly as it put his hands on each side of her head, letting her feel it all just as if it was her own - both the rage and the emptiness in his heart.
  11. Luigi.

    This dude is completely scared most of the time, but when the chips are down he does what needs to be done and doesn't afeard of anything.

    out of just those two you listed, though, Link.
  12. Donkey Kong, of course. Those jerks keep stealing his nanners. Talk about pricks.
  13. Dude, Mario just wants to get laid.

    Link's a kid with a hero complex. No contest.