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  1. Hello, people who will read this.

    My name is WhoopDau, my reason for the name was because it's kind of like the sound I usually make when excited. Noises vary. I'm socially inept, shy, and quite introverted in real life. This has lead to many embarrassing moments in my life, some of which I laugh at today. But because of this, it motivated me on improving said social skills, which is why I'm here now. I also just find writing and roleplaying enjoyable and relaxing.

    I'm not that new to the roleplaying business, but I also won't say that I'm an expert at it either. Being completely honest, I have no confidence in my grammar at all, and would very much appreciate it if you were to correct me.
    Thanks in advance to anyone in the future. I don't think my spelling's that bad. But if I do misspell something, then it's probably autocorrect. Or just my mistake, after all, I'm human...I think.

    As for preferences, I am not particularly picky when it comes to the genre, as long as I find it interesting. Though I do hesitate before roleplaying in horror. When it comes to characters, I would pick the gender according to wether the genders are equal or not. I like to choose the minority of the two. But if equal, than I choose whatever I feel like during that day. I don't really play as heterosexuals or homosexuals, I find it easier to play as someone who doesn't care what's under their partner's pants. For personalities, I don't really keep track.

    Hope this wasn't too lengthy! Whoop derr~<3
  2. Hi there Dau! :3 Welcome to the site!
  3. Thanks for the welcome. I appreciate it very much!
  4. Welcome to your new, twisted family! <3!
  5. hello.. welcome ! ^^ im new here my self too..
  6. I love you people already, thanks for the welcomes!
  7. Welcome to the madness xD enjoy your stay here