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    "This is but a prison for the gifted ones among us."

    What if everything told about supernatural gifts in the media was true? What if it was only so broadcasted through comics, series’ and movies to make you think it is everything but the truth when the real truth of the matter was that even your best friend could have a secret power? And when it’s not kept so hidden, those gifted people are whisked off to solitude from the rest of humanity— a place just for their kind; Lake Grimstone.
    Pulled out of the world they used to call their own, these humans are sent to Lake Grimstone on their sixteenth birthday. The government, once learning about their enhanced genetics pulls them out of the real world and confines them in one they have created. But what happens when things go horribly wrong and certain kids that were sick and tired of Lake Grimstone decides to break out?
    Chaos erupts and everything starts to go to hell rather quickly. The kids ranging from the highly trained ones that can control their gifts to the new ones, the 'fresh meat' that weren't trained enough to keep a strong handle on their powers all trying to break out and be free. That's not the only thing they have to worry about either. Like in all the good superhero stories, there has to be a villain right? Well there is.
    A man who spent all of his childhood and teen years in Lake Grimstone wants revenge. What better revenge then to set all the locked up kids on the ones who locked them up in the first place? Let them all escape, chose their own side... His side, or with the people who tried to enslave them, or maybe in between? Those just looking to be free, and be treated equal? There is chaos on all three sides, who knows who will come out the winner? Who knows if there will even be a winner!



    I am looking for someone to play dominant. Maybe the occasional versatile for other characters, but I usually play the submissive. ^.^

    I would like 1-3 paragraphs at least.

    Multiple characters will be in this, some on each side that will be introduced. You have to be okay with playing multiple characters! More characters are always fun! However, we will be discussing our main characters together through pm's and work out the details together!

    Third person please! ^.^

    5) I'd like to roleplay this in the libertine forums please in a thread. :) It's just easier for me.

    6) I would prefer realistic pictures to anime for this. ^.^

    7) Comment below or pm if interested! I would really love to do this!
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  2. Still looking! ^.^
  3. Anyone? :bouncy:
  4. I'm keen, pm me?
  5. Are you still looking for this RP?
  6. Yes! Pm me! :)
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  7. Would it bother you if I use this plot for another RP since I think it would be perfect for a regular group RP
  8. (If you are going to make this into a GRP can you send me the link? Would definitely join)
  9. I'll just wait for the owner's permission. I would hate to do it without their permission.
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